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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Black African People Know Our Rights By Law
Unity Consciousness #816


Over and over again I hear us say, “I know my rights!”
Clearly we do not.
Which rights are we talking about?
Clearly we are usually talking about rights in an ever-mutating society made for the express purpose to breed demons by the millions so they can colonize the planet like a supersickness virus until life is no more.

This has not changed for the better since thousand of years ago. There has only been temporary appearances of relapse (“progress”) while the virus shape-shifted to snatch it all back. Demons must constantly attack. The walking restless dead must feed on anything that looks healthy. A demon is a virus that must destroy rights.
How is it then, we keep faithfully investing energy into, “I know my rights!?”
What we actually know is we believe we have rights.**

Call It Demonville If You Will

For thousands of years, demons have already told us in every way possible: “you have no rights we demons are obligated to honor.”

These demons are currently in military control of most of the planet.
They are not in control due to high intelligence.
As a result of everything said thus far, demons will continue to do whatever demons want to do.

The only way to prevail is to stop dealing with demons as if they are human beings.
They are not. They are humans of unbecoming and of their own undoing. They are Destroyer Deceiver spirits of destruction of self and all else.
When do such spirits have the time to think about somebody else's rights when there's murder and mayhem to keep them happy about being sick?
Their self-worth is based on net worth. Their happiness is outside of self - by doing things to other lifeforms. We are dealing with people who are extremely unhappy and out of touch with functioning within an Ecosystem of harmonious life. Demon logic and demon spirit is so unhappy, demons can only feel good if someone else is more tortured. Thus, demons are always on patrol trying to suck life out of what is more alive, even while being afraid of the power within that life, they need it in order to feel superior to our rights.*

Since demons are spirits in the form of humans, we must also deal with them as spirits by becoming more spiritually aware ourselves.
Since we are first and foremost, spirits, we must use understandings of spirit while simultaneously using understandings of body, mind and emotion in order to: deal with demons on the second hand and deal with ourselves on the first hand.

The Ancestors already told us we can't deal with demons as if they had the moral capacity to be angels. All we have to do is run a background check in our logic to see if their criminal history warrants our wishful thinking.

We must stop appealing to demons on the basis of humanity.
Is there something new to say?
There is only something old to do.
Our main responsibility is our continuous choice of which spirit - higher or lower (optimal logic or suboptimal logic) - we are going to combine with our free will so we can make the most of our creative genetic potential genius. This is our first right.

I repeat. We must learn more about the spiritual aspect of self, via the African Utamawazo, while simultaneously learning more about and dealing with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of self as it relates to all else. We have this right no matter what demons do. This is our second right.

As we come to KNOW these two rights, we will become more aware that the purpose of demons is to not only dishonor our rights, but to also challenge us, since we are drawn from first blood, to reach our highest, widest and deepest heights.
Due to our birthrights and collective core potentials within us and due to the longevity of our rulership of the world, we also have the responsibility to restore civilization back to life. As a parent people, we are the only ones who can bring peace to the planet as Ancestor Frances Cress-Welsing teaches.

Black African People, by virtue of our first right, we have the right to use our free will differently. Once we choose the higher spiritual physical path, our relationships with self and others will begin to inform us as to the necessary adjustments. This basic process is how we defeat demons on the inside and take Devils down outside.

Message In Review

As long as some of us continue to think, rights exist through those who do wrong, we need to keep asking: “Why would anyone honor, respect or allow us to enjoy rights they think we are unworthy of and undeserving of in the first place, because we are fundamentally pathetic? Why would we then, turn around, and while looking up from the ground, ask those same people to back up off us, who knocked us down? Why would we ask people who think that way about us, to “do the right thing?” Based on what? Their logic or our logic? “Here you go demon, take this logic from worthless we and put it into your superior intelligence so we can tell y'all how to think civilly?” How in the Heaven and Hell does that work? Through osmosis? Diffusion doesn't get past occlusion. It takes a stronger force than the one we're using to break through damned refusing.****
So based on the weak approach we're still using, how do we get them to somehow think the way we want them to? Demons are already thinking and doing the right things in their minds. In order for Black African People to have rights, demons think they would have to give up some or all of their demon rights. Why would demons do that? Why would demons give up something they think they deserve and give it to those who they think don't deserve them? Huh? Tell me your reasoning on how that makes sense for us to continue to base our logic on getting those kinds of rights?

What makes us think there is room for rights somewhere while being harmed as egg and sperm and while in the womb and every step of the way to the tomb and also be desecrated and exhumed and put on display in museums? If we do, then we will keep on acting out versions of the same tragedy by following the public protest process. This is like gambling with our Creator-given rights while trying to win human rights in Demonville's Legal System Casinos where the dice are loaded.
Do we not yet realize the best protest is the kind the enemy doesn't know anything about until it is so deeply rooted in the fundamentals of change, that the only thing the enemy can do is come begging to us.

By law, the main, most important fight taking place constantly is the fight between the higher spirit of good and the lower spirit of evil.
This fight is generational as demons well know.
It is time we know that what it takes to win is to be simultaneously collectively individually communally responsible to the two rights we have.

To The Fearful, But Who Also Love Their Black African Self In Their People

There is no group of Demon Destroyer Deceivers who have any power to stop we from exercising and enjoying our two true real rights.

As WE become the same as ME, we overcome Manifest Destiny with Manifest Essence.

Demons are false giants in our Promised Lands. Know this!
Demons ain't got no real power when it comes to spirits who take it higher!
The majority of power demons have is the power we give them because the only information we are using about rights is based on constant demon education.

Also Know: The Law Of All Is Not The Same As Legal Rights.***

*By asking demons to honor our rights, we are asking demons to stop sucking the life out of us. We are asking demons to stop doing the very thing that keeps them feeling alive. What are the chances a vampire will respond favorably to an appeal of science? It angers demons when they are asked to be something they want to be but can't be - undead.

**We keep getting confused. Yes there are Rights Of Creation for self and all else, but those rights do not come from or through or with the cooperation of the spirit of demons. We will die trying to get rights through demons. We must Sankofa like we've never Sankofa'ed before, comprehensively and with urgency and go back and get more fundamental understandings about this life all the way back to the Early Formation of Creation so we can then know our rights by law. This is a spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, practical, hands-on process getting our hands dirty and purified in soils and seeds. Isn't this basically what we need?

***Legal rights and other rules, in the world of demons, are created for the purpose of:
a) making sure people and other creations are treated unequally.
b) making sure demons can sleep at night.
c) making fools.

****It would be wiser to try to put our logic into water and trick demons into drinking it, rather than keep speaking our logic to demons and hope they accept it. Why? Because the first approach shows we understand more of the fundamental nature of the problem solution, whereas the second, current approach shows we still don't get our own logic.
Really don't. What Negro goes to the KKK with bullhorn and signs and chants, “Treat me right, starting today, and everything will be okay.!?”

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