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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Etana's Reggae Musical Transcending Lyrical | Poem
Unity Consciousness #796


Transcending This Life

by Ancestors through Usiku

Spiritual bodies close
Raising how we commune-icate
Rhythms still flow beautiful
Emerging into night
Custom roads to travel
Home is where you go
Now free from the physical
Our love's still holding tight

New essence you've become
No matter location
Reach out there is no separation
Life continuation

Creator has not left we
No not on our own
Healing love will keep we
Transform weak to strong
We contain full potential
Of spirit and soul
Starlight moonlight we follow
Your presence still is tangible

New essence you've become
No matter location
Reach out there is no separation
Life continuation

Different dimensions
Is problem solution
Understanding, transcending
Steps to perfection

Together we transition
Stages of completion
Vibrations maintain our connection
Ancestors here she comes

Inspiration from music and lyrics of “Reggae” by Etana

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