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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Life's Trial-Error-Correction Education Process Treasure Map
Unity Consciousness #798


(Part 2 of 9)

No matter the setting in which we learn (formal education/informal education), all learning is providing data and instructions to our genetics and all data and instructions are teaching genetics what to do when called upon to provide a response and all teaching of genetics is training of genetics and all training of genetics is programming of genetics and all programming is education and all education is a form of knowledge of self and all knowledge of self is either healthy or unhealthy and the combination of healthy and unhealthy knowledge of self is socialization and all socialization is living life.

In its big picture totality and small picture details, Life is a trial-error-correction education process.*

This means education is a process of self-discovery.
Education is not merely a process of learning something about something else. It is about understanding that transcends the form of something else and reaches to understanding the nature of something else within self.
Those who live in developed countries of consciousness, quickly come to realize the formal education of societies we are continuously numbed with, dumbed with and inundated with, does not facilitate or support self-discovery in terms of wholeness of self. It narrowly supports self-discovery of the lower-self. It supports thinking that unknowingly succumbs and surrenders to the lower-self suboptimal way of trying to pass the test of this stage of life. We are trying to move to the next grade level after this life by using the least and weakest portion of greatness.

Education is also a self-recovery process.
This we are able to understand when we become aware of life as a continuous spiritual journey – a journey in which we are trying to come full circle and return home to our One origin through our Many origins. Thus, in trying to find the way back home, we need a map. By recovering understanding of self, we reconstruct the map that guides our return journey home. Thus knowledge of self is the map which shows us the way. The landmarks on the map are all else. The map key is self in relation to all else.
Thus the map of the way is through the all else within self. By plotting understandings on a grid within self, we will begin to understand the nature of the way. As we do, these understandings will also begin to reveal the material ways our spirit-soul motions are supposed to take shape in this physical form of life.
Thus the map of the way is the same as the Creator's trueprint/blueprint as it is displayed via images throughout the Universe, Earth and Ecosystem. We also have the same map within us. We just need to realize it's there so we can learn how to read this treasured map.
This then means, if we contain a trueprint and blueprint of the way, then we are also a holy book filled with sacred scriptures written in genetic code/mdw ntr/medu netcher.
This also means we are our own way to salvation. The nature of life as a trial-error-correction education process is the nature of the way to salvation because life is the test that is passed by maturing in understandings of self. Thus, knowledge of self moves us into alignment with salvation. The main portion of data and instructions to guide our logic to salvation is not in a human-created book. Those books are important as part of the necessary trial-error-correction process of the much larger way each of us must follow – outside the box of the books of religions.

The formal education of societies (which includes religion) teaches us to think we can pass the test of life (live life correctly***) without ever opening up the book and reading the book upon which the test is based. That book is self and the test is based on self. Within self is One book consisting of Many volumes that are grade level appropriate. In other words, there is a holy book inside us that explains what we need to do to move to the next level of understanding – regardless of how far away or close we are to where we need to be.

Initiates will come into greater understandings that the way overall consists of many smaller ways and directions we must travel in order to make the necessary connections to make it back home to oneness of understanding. (It is not possible to make it all the way home, over, in and through many types of “soil” using one way to get us there and one process. We must change and make connections using different modes of transportation.)
As we move further along this journey, that which we call education, helps us restore memory of self, re-member self. Education becomes self-discovery of the self we are recovering.
Thus life and education is a self-discovery, self-recovery, self-discovery process.
These are not separate stages of living, rather they are different levels of living that are taking place simultaneously and circularly.

*This comes as no surprise and confirms the realness of the need incentive of the Creator as recently summarized when exploring the early formation of Creation.

**Since life is an education process, it is also a trial-error- correction process. Thus, so also is the process of mapping and finding the way. Most of us are stuck in the error of our ways, thus stuck in the error of the way because we think we're just supposed to get it right with the first conclusion and decision we make and then stick with it for life. We don't understand life and finding the way includes many things we will trial, many things we will error and many things we must correct. In order to correct, we must know better to do better. This then means we must always be about the business of gaining understandings so we can keep checking the decisions we've made and are going to make.
Consider the process of the formal education we've already experienced. We receive information, we attempt to integrate it into logic, gain experience through practice and then are tested to verify understanding. Moving forward depends on assessing progress and making adjustments to understandings, conclusions and decisions (answers).
Thus what is true of the simultaneous circular nature of education is also true of self-discovery and self-recovery and is also true of trial-error-correction. Finding the way home is no different. Go ahead, take steps out there into life, follow a train of thought/path of logic/set of beliefs/a culture club, test it against several of the many Metaphor Answer Pages provided by the Designer of Life's Test, get more understandings, make adjustments.

***Most of us realize the foolishness of trying to travel somewhere on a long, unfamiliar journey, getting lost and refusing to stop, ask for directions or read the map so we can change course and turn around if necessary. We make fun of people who act this way. We see them as pitiful pathetic for being so stubbornly stupid. Yet, we live life with the foolish notion we are actually going to be able to make “correct” decisions every step of the way – especially when it comes to major decisions.
The nature of life is that we must make mistakes and are supposed to make mistakes and incorrect decisions. If we did not, there would be no point in going through this stage of life. It is not possible to learn what we already know. If we were capable of going through this life and make all major decisions correctly, the first, second or third time, we would have been double-promoted to the next level. Since we are here, that means there are subject areas within self in which we will absolutely try to execute logic, make logic errors and then need to complete the process by making corrections to broken logic. That's all. The process of life is not for the purpose of feeling permanently all ashamed and sickly crazed about whatever has taken place. The biggest problem we run into is the formal education of societies we've been fed to believe. It feeds the ego which is the lower-self. The ego doesn't want us to change direction because it takes power away from the lower-self within us and within the world.

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