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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, December 11, 2016

1st & 2nd Truth Co-rule Add'l Info & Dynamic Balance
Unity Consciousness #886


See UC#884, Great Year Timeline: Constellations, Ages & Co-Rule.
This is expansion extension of Timeline Note #6.

Each truth rules one-half Great Year because a circle is one-half ascending and one half descending. A circle cycle of Sun is one-half Night and one-half Light, all things being equal.
Experience alone is sufficient to help us understand, all things are rarely equal. Universal balance is mostly a dynamic balance rather than a simple balance of 50-50. Dynamic balance is proportional, relational, conditional, fixed, variable, rigid, flexible, periodic, continuous, temporary, eternal.

Since amount of Night and Light changes across Earth's landscape, we also have a metaphor symbol basis to reckon understandings by.

Sun does not rise and set at same time for entire Earth. It is not Summer everywhere at same time. Likewise then, not all locations, or people in same location, will experience same amount of 1st & 2nd Truth at same time. Ain't that the truth. There is a spiritual energy wave cascade and flow to processes that move us through Day, Year, Age, Stage, Truth. As this happens and after this happens, prevailing Truth manifests itself physically.

Referring to the timeline, Initiate pauses, ponders and wonders why (questions why) there is 1st and 2nd Truth above all and 1st and 2nd Truth within all.

Even though all things are rarely equal, as in 50-50, and some things never are and never intended to be, yet and still, all things are always part of the equality of totality.
There is no need for equality in oneness because there is only One and nothing else to equate to.
Equality (balance), in any sense, is only necessary when there is separation AND disconnection.
Within Universe that is Body of Creator, immense number of galaxies, solar systems, Earths and humans, is enough to require a balance that is equal to the task. Dynamic balance is such a balance.
Dynamic balance is same thing as “each according to their need.” The concept of need incentive moves us back to the beginning as to why this type of balance is necessary. Challenge makes it so because solution demands same of challenge.
Solution is ONE because that's where we came from.
Amazingly and beautifully, no matter how many moving parts there are in this Universe and no matter their condition, order and arrangement, solution remains unchanged because all items within a set (Universe), no matter how divided can only add up to 1 set of items.
Thus, since all things add back up to One, balance (equality) does not exist at top level of awareness and unity of consciousness.
If you were in control of all things inside and outside yourself and you were the One who designed everything and you were eternal, then balance equality is a non-issue. Whatever is taking place, no matter how long, is all within you and is part of your bigger awareness of what's going on inside you. At overall lowest highest level and longest duration, all things are always in balance equality.
This means imbalance inequality does not exist.
Therefore, neither does balance equality exist at lowest highest awareness, longest duration level because each one needs the other in order to be defined.

However, since we humans are not the One and since we have not lived during entire time of Universe, we do have a sense there is such a thing as balance equality.
To us, yes, things are imbalanced here on Earth and have been for thousands of years; however, at lowest highest level for One who has lived longest, things are in balance.
So now we summarize because we realize imbalance is a function of:
1. perceiving only part of cycle and not entire cycle.
2. perceiving only part of purpose and not entire purpose of Creation, this Universe.
3. trying to function without first two contexts being correct.

New Day, New Age

We are becoming increasingly aware climate has always been changing and always will.
We are beginning to re-achieve awareness of spiritual energy waves always changing and causing spirit-souls to change, ideologies to change, genetic potential to change and circumstances to change for all creations. No not one is immune from change and can continue to act with impunity outside range of prevailing change.

For Example

During previous overall change, Egyptians and others, made some arrangements to assist future generations through these recent few thousand years, then Egyptians got out of the way. Alexander of Macedonia was beneficiary of arriving on the cusp of change. It was not his prowess. As surely as change ushered out Atenism in Egypt, same wave of change also ushered Macedonia and Rome in and also ushered in Age of white European Protestant males who were land owners and who agreed with the status quo in America. This European Age brought forth the proliferation of European colonization infestation decimation of information, land, people, ecosystem and resources. England had no chance against America, because the tumor England supported and sent to America, had to have its day in the worst way. Europeans are manifest destiny temporarily. The same charges are levied against all wannabe societies who have been nothing but destructive despite their technology.
Modern day societies in all countries on this planet will be ushered out of power and out of their present form of all their institutions. This is certain. All things must reverse and revert to the first who will change all things into their evolved form, even if it means demolishing and starting over. This is exactly what happened when last worst became first worst, with one exception. The last worst replaced everything that was working with everything that was broken.
The European male is the antithesis to the African female. He is the last of the last and She is the first of the first. (the latter days of Khemet, beginning with Leo, were evidence of the first of the last, under increasing African male rule, which is why the much ballyhooed Hatshepsut had to pretend to be male).
From Alexander to America is about 2,350 years. This is a little longer than an Age of 2,160 years but once we account for the transition period, we come up to 2,340 years. Time is almost up for the Age of Affliction and now comes the Age of Correction & Healing. Aquaria is pubescent, gifted and black who will rule through water. Right behind her comes her son Kepheus who has her back. Those who have been marginalized in societies and who are adherents to the First Truth, will rule the Day during the Ages of Aquaria and Kepheus. Together, they represent synthesis, the final stage for this iteration of Creation. Likewise then, families will be re-established in healthy form. The patterns and cycles established in the historical records below and above, within and without are being announced by the oracle. Executors are setting forth these proclamations as pillars for a new foundation. The cycle will complete itself as the Old Golden One emerges out of and fades into the Old Black One.

Just so you won't be confused when it happens, Earth is about to get some serious physical doses of Khemotherapy and then a flushing out of the System to remove toxins.
People are going to “drop like flies” in the same manner birds and fish have been dying by the hundreds and thousands and many other lifeforms including humans have been suffering the accumulations of the same fate. This is in keeping with certain people already dwindling like kindling in many ways. If dinosaurs disappeared via some mass extinction, a meteor is a poor explanation since little to nothing else became extinct. What is more likely is the dinosaurs were targeted via a significant change in one of the Primordials of Water, Air, Fire, Earth, that honed in on the dinosaurs genetics. Dinosaurs were the most powerful at the time but could not survive when their time was up. So it will be also for the infected collective across all bandwidths of color.

As said many times, the best we can do is:
1. Get as far away as possible from determined to be sick people.
2. Do not take any of their ideologies with you.
3. Align with the coming change or get out of the way.

If we don't do all three, there is an increased likelihood of perishing right along with them.
If so, the good news is our beliefs will then finally be set free from being held captive in a state of immaturity.

From Equality To Aquality

As we move away from locally to universally and from partially to completely and from second to first then we will also move from equality to totality to aquality.

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