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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Expanded Definition Of Zero & Multiplying By Zero
The Same As Infinity & Universal Reckoning
Unity Consciousness #893


It is somewhat redundant to say universal reckoning. Reckoning that is not universal, is always partially universal, satisfying only one of Two Truths. This automatically limits the use of creative genetic potential genius. The ultimate quest of humans is to mature in understandings and return that improvement to the universal from which we came. The scattered approach of the most recent Age has strayed off course due to seeking the fullness of an ending source without being connected to the fullness of the beginning source.

Zero Expanded Definition, A Continuation

This expanded definition is a continuation of the definition in messages beginning with UC#887, also knowable by keying in on Zero.
Zero is the beginning, origin and seed of Creation - the foundation, the base from which growth takes place.
Zero is the beginning totality and the ending totality.
Zero is infinity that expands itself into all numbers that we also call infinity.
To say “Zero to infinity” is to also say “infinity to infinity.”
If the Creator is the beginning and the Creator is infinite and the Creator is the Alpha & Omega and the After & Before, then also infinity must be the beginning of all things and infinity must be the ending of all things.
0 to 0.

Nothing versus NO-thing

“Nothing,” as used nowadays, means to not exist, nonexistence and disappearance.

NO-thing, means NO-thing exists. NO does not mean none. NO means none and all. NO is the beginning of all things out of which everything comes and the ending of all things into which all things return.
NO-thing is the Creator. The Creator is the beginning. The Creator is Zero.
Therefore, Zero is always something. Zero is never nothing but always NO-thing.
Some things do cease to exist in their current form, but their fundamental, primitive, primordial components always exist.

Multiplying By Zero Does Not Equal Zero, As In Nothing Exists

If it really is true that Zero means nothing exists, then it is not possible to multiply something that exists by something that does not exist such that the result is for that which existed to no longer exist.

For instance, how can 1 x 0 = 0? Does 1 tree x 0 = 0? What happened to the tree? The tree existed before multiplying by Zero so why does it become Zero and disappear?

If you exist, how does multiplying yourself by 0 make you turn into 0 and go out of existence?
Multiplying by Zero does not equal Zero, as in nothing exists.

Now we reverse the equation and start with Zero.
How can 0 x 1 = 0 make any sense? Start with nothing and multiply it by something and end up with nothing, even though part of the equation is something. Huh?
Nothing x something = nothing? This cannot be. It is an indication of partial logic which indicates something is being left out of the thought process equation.

Taking The Spirit Of The Matter Back To The Beginning

If matter cannot be created or destroyed, then how is it possible to multiply something that exists and turn it into nonexistence and then call this nonexistence, Zero?
Likewise, if energy (spirit) cannot be created or destroyed, then how does spirit multiplied by Zero equal the “nothing exists” kind of Zero?

What seems most likely is matter and energy can't go out of the Universe because the Universe is the Creator and the Creator is the totality of existence such that all things exist within the Body of The Living Organism Creator.
Therefore, matter and energy can be transformed but not turned into nothingness. Truth is, matter and energy can become more visible and less visible but cannot disappear into nonexistence, but it can return to its pre-existing state. The unseen, hidden and invisible exist and exert influence just as much as, and possibly even more than, the seen, revealed and visible.
The existence of something is not limited to the range of utilized human perception. This we already know based on what other creations are able to perceive that humans cannot and by what we are able to perceive with tools, devices, machines and other forms of technology.
We also know this based on the differences of perception among humans. The lack of perception by one human does not necessarily disallow the perception by another human and the perception by one human does not necessarily allow the perception by another human.

So it is also with our perception of Zero.

Zero Holds The Full Range Of Perception

All things came out of Zero and are contained in Zero and return to Zero.
Zero is a container of value, a place holder of value and a summation of value.
Without Zero, counting would go from 1 to 9 and that's it.
How could we go any further?
The only way would be to repeat 1 to 9. Even so, there would not be any way to accumulate numbers and total them beyond 9. We could have 9 groups of 9 but would not have a number to represent that total. That total would not be based on 81 because 81 is based on 0 (8 x 10 + 1)

When Zero is the beginning of reckoning, everything changes.
The limited becomes limitless, un-limited, on-limited, NO-limited.
Reckoning by numbers expands to reckoning by numbers as a numerical set of metaphors by which we can understand all things always in all ways, forms and dimensions.
When 0 is at the beginning of reckoning, 0 is reckonized as the emanator of value that it is.
0 is reckonized as the container of all values.
We kinda understand this in terms of money when we wish for as many Zeroes as possible after the number.

Zero Is A Master Metaphor

Zero as circle, elliptical and egg is a master metaphor.
Since the concept of Zero has been extremely skewed under the influencing Star Constellation Ages of Second Truth and the agents of this weaker aspect of Spirit, we will continue to make extra logical use of metaphor which contains the whole Truth (First Truth & Second Truth).
When we multiply any number by 0, we are multiplying that number by a Zero which is so much larger than any other number, that the result of multiplying by Zero is simply stated in terms of Zero since Zero becomes the largest portion of the result (product, sum, solution).

For instance, when multiplying a blueberry by a watermelon, the product is best stated in terms of the watermelon because the alteration of the watermelon's flavor is not easily detectable which then makes the blueberry seem to disappear into nothingness even though it is in the watermelon.
Blueberry x watermelon = watermelon, is the same thing as saying:
1 x 0 = 0.
This is exactly what happens when we multiply any number by Zero. Zero is so immense that all other numbers are minuscule by comparison and are absorbed into Zero. The simplest way to describe the product of multiplication by Zero is to call it Zero.

Any Number Multiplied By Zero Equals Zero Requires Expansion Before Contraction

It is not optimal to say any number multiplied by Zero equals Zero and leave it at that, unless we have also understood what Zero is and means to a fuller extent. Currently we only understand the nothingness aspect of Zero and even that is misunderstood. Within this message and recent messages we have been expanding our understandings of Zero.

Let's try one last example and make it personal.
We have previously determined that Zero is the beginning and the Infinite; therefore, 0 is the Creator.
Let us further assign “You” as the 1, the something that exists.
So we start with the equation of 1 x 0 = 0 and then we make substitutions.
1 x 0 = 0 means 1 x Creator = 0.
1 x Creator = 0 means 1 x Creator = Creator.
1 x Creator = Creator means You x Creator = Creator.
You are the blueberry, the Creator is the watermelon.

1 x 0 = 0 because 1 becomes absorbed into 0. 1 does not cease to exist. 1 continues to exist in a different form and/or awareness.

Any number and anything multiplied by Zero is the same as multiplying by the Creator, the totality of all that is, something so huge that the product of multiplying by Zero is always 0.
Double-checking using the largest number: The product of infinity times infinity is infinity but it is also Zero since infinity is Zero.

Finding Everything That Disappears Into Nothingness & That Comes Out Of Nowhere

We have now come to realize, nothingness is NO-thingness. We also understand Nowhere is NO-where.
NO-thingness and NO-where are equal to the Creator, thus Zero.
So now we know what happened to the tree that was multiplied by Zero.
The tree, just like the blueberry and just like you, when multiplied by Zero, becomes absorbed into the product of Zero, the Creator, the Universe. The universe is the dominant identity of everything in the first place and the last place. Zero is a symbol metaphor of the Universe. Zero is not an empty number.
Zero is the Universal Solution of all Equations.
The Universe is the First Truth and Second Truth, the black and white, the strong and weak, the good and evil, the Moon and Sun and all other twin pairings of the twin power relationship.
All contained in Zero.

Zero Is A Mathematic Double Tactic

Zero represents duplication/reduction, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division expansion/contraction, extension/retraction, complexity/simplicity and more.

Once 0 duplicated self into 00, this Universe became possible.
Thus, multiplication by Zero simultaneously moves us in two directions which are the Two Truths of Double Zero. As a result of this motion, we move from beginning to end and from end to beginning. This motion takes place in the continuous circle cycle of life. We move around the circle in perspective just like stars changing position. This allows us to achieve the 360 to 365+ degrees of knowledge by viewing the Universe from different angles. It allows us to see ourselves coming forth as procession and going back as precession like the starchild each creation is.

In the Universe, Zero is repeated in everything. When multiply something or ourselves by Zero, identity becomes transformed into the larger collective identity of Zero. Consciousness becomes reduced to essence and expanded to potential. This simultaneous occurrence is the effect of Zeroness.
The process of becoming Zeroness with the Creator is a step beyond Oneness.

Our continuous spiritual journey is a journey back to Oneness of consciousness and then Zeroness, the final step and first step of self and all else. We must go through the stages. Stages brought us here and stages will lead us back.

Since Zero is both the smallest and largest number and every number in between, Zero allows small numbers to not forget their potential and large numbers to not forget their essence and all numbers to not forget their family basis. In other words, Zero allows individuals to remember and connect to the enormity of the potential in them, not as a slogan or nice saying to believe in and think positively about, but as reality that already exists because the individual exists. Likewise, Zero allows collectives, such as humans, to remember and connect to the enormity of the essence in them thus to each other and every aspect of creation.

Zero in the beginning is the total. Zero in the end is the sum.
Our reckoning of things must continue until we reach the sum total of Zero.

When we multiply by Zero, we are not only applying the logic of communalness, collectiveness, harmony, unity, Oneness, and Zeroness, we are also encompassing their opposite complements.
This is why, during shorter periods of time, it is necessary to maintain the perspective of the Zero beginning and the Zero ending so as not to view the much shorter short-term with a weightiness inconsistent with its place within Zero.

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