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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Great Year Timeline: Constellations, Ages & Co-Rule
Unity Consciousness #884


The following timeline contains a list of Great Year constellations and Ages covering a period of over 30,000 years. This chronology lists circumpolar and zodiac constellations for previous and future Great Years. This list is an additional schema to assist in understanding why climate change affects all dimensions of existence all the time. See "Schemas & Reading | Tools For Learnderstanding"

Timeline Notes:

1. BCE (Before Common Era or BC); CE (Common Era or AD)

2. North Solstice is the North Pole circumpolar constellations which total 7.
East Equinox is the Spring Vernal Equinox constellations of the Zodiac which total 12.

3. Dates: (a) Great Years are based on 25,920 years. The number of years per Age is obtained by dividing total number of years in a Great Year by the number of constellations.
(b) Beginning and ending dates for each Age: Since Aquarian Age is estimated to arrive between 2039 and 2041, a beginning date of 2040 for Aquaria is used. 2,160 years periods are added and subtracted. For Kepheus, a beginning date of 2051 is used since Kepheus is estimated to arrive 11 years after Aquaria. 3,703 year periods are added and subtracted. (See UC#371 and Dr. Charles Finch - The Wheel of Heaven: The Astronomical Chronology of the Nile Valley PT 1 of 12 and Great Mother of the Waters - Rise of the Cosmic Feminine)

4. The co-rule dates are transition periods when both Ages are exerting influence.
North Solstice Co-rule: 25,920/7 = 3,703. 3,703/7 = 529 years which is the likely transition period on both sides of the official beginning and ending dates. Total transition period of co-rule is 1,058 years. Both Ages are exerting influence but not equally.

5. East Equinox Co-rule: 25,920/12 = 2160 then 2,160/12 = 180 years which is the likely the transition period on both sides of the official beginning and ending dates. Total transition period of co-rule is 360 years. Both Ages are exerting influence but not equally.

6. 1st & 2nd Truth Co-rule: 25,920/2 = 12,920/6 = 2,160/6=360 years which is the likely transition period on both sides of the official beginning and ending dates. Total transition period of co-rule is 720 years. Both Truths are exerting influence but not equally.

7. Names in parenthesis are different identities for the same aspect of the Great Mother Creator. All Ages and identities are aspects of this Great Mother of the Waters who is rising as Aquaria, Aquarius and Kepheus and also descending as the Jackal and Pisces.

           First Truth           Second Truth
Year     North Solstice Great Year Age   East Equinox Great Year Age
17400 BCE   Cygnus             Sagittarius officially ends (Twins, Archer)
17400 BCE   Cygnus             Scorpio officially begins
17220 BCE   Cygnus             Scorpio & Sagittarius end co-rule
16993 BCE   Cygnus & Lyra begin co-rule    Scorpio
16464 BCE   Cygnus officially ends       Scorpio
16464 BCE   Lyra officially begins        Scorpio
15935 BCE   Lyra & Cygnus end co-rule     Scorpio
15420 BCE   Lyra               Scorpio & Maat begin co-rule
15240 BCE   Lyra               Scorpio officially ends
15240 BCE   Lyra               Maat officially begins (Libra, Scales)
15060 BCE   Lyra               Maat & Scorpio end co-rule
15060 BCE   Narmer def. Scorpion, unites 2 lands Maat (unite two truths in balance)
13290 BCE   Lyra & Herakles begin co-rule    Maat
13260 BCE   Lyra (Great Mother) & Herakles   Maat begins co-rule with Virgo
13080 BCE   Lyra & Herakles (Mena forms Khemet) Maat (Daughter, Twin Sister) officially ends
13080 BCE   Lyra & Herakles (Sut as lunar bull)  Virgo officially begins
12900 BCE   Lyra & Herakles          Virgo ends co-rule Maat
12761 BCE   Lyra (Tortoise) officially ends     Virgo (Hare)
12761 BCE   Herakles officially begins       Virgo
12232 BCE   Herakles & Lyra end co-rule     Virgo
11280 BCE   Herakles              1st & 2nd Truth begin co-rule
11200 BCE   Herakles (Sut as homo sapiens)    Virgo begins co-rule with Leo
10920 BCE   Herakles (elementals, Sut, Taht)    Virgo & 1st Truth officially end
10920 BCE   Herakles (Shu)            Leo & 2nd Truth officially begin
10740 BCE   Herakles (Father)          Leo ends co-rule with Virgo
10560 BCE    Herakles              2nd & 1st Truth end co-rule
9585 BCE    Herakles & Great Mother begin co-rule Leo (Horus, the golden egg)
9058 BCE    Herakles officially ends        Leo(Sphinx built earlier in this Age)
9058 BCE    Great Mother officially begins     Leo(Sphinx built by 3rd Dynasty Khufu)
8940 BCE    Great Mother & Herakles       Leo begins co-rule with Khepera (Cancer)
8760 BCE    Great Mother & Herakles       Leo officially ends
8760 BCE    Great Mother & Herakles       Khepera officially begins
8580 BCE    Great Mother & Herakles       Khepera ends co-rule with Leo
8529 BCE    Great Mother & Herakles end co-rule  Khepera
7000 BCE    Sahara stopped being fertile, abundant Tall blacks migrated from Nile Valley
6780 BCE    Great Mother Kepha (Ursa Major)     Khepera begins co-rule with Gemini (twins)
6600 BCE    Great Mother (Hippopotamus)     Khepera officially ends
6600 BCE    Great Mother (Great Bear)      Gemini officially begins
6420 BCE    Great Mother (Khebma)       Gemini ends co-rule with Khepera
5884 BCE    Great Mother & Draco begin co-rule   Gemini (Twins)
5355 BCE    Great Mother officially ends      Gemini (Two Truths)
5355 BCE    Draco officially begins        Gemini (Maat)
4826 BCE    Draco & Great Mother end co-rule   Gemini
4620 BCE    Draco (Crocodile, Sut)         Gemini begins co-rule with Taurus (Auriga)
4440 BCE    Draco (Fire Breathing Dragon)     Gemini officially ends
4440 BCE    Draco (Serpent)           Taurus (Ta-urt) officially begins
4260 BCE    Draco                Taurus ends co-rule with Gemini
3100 BCE    Draco                Denderah Temple first built in Khemet
2460 BCE    Draco                Taurus begins co-rule with Aries
2280 BCE    Draco                Taurus officially ends
2280 BCE    Draco                Aries officially begins (solar bull)
2181 BCE    Draco & Jackal* begin co-rule    Aries & Taurus
2100 BCE    Draco & Jackal (Wepwawet)      Aries ends co-rule with Taurus
1652 BCE    Draco officially ends          Aries
1652 BCE    Jackal officially begins         Aries
1123 BCE    Jackal & Draco end co-rule       Aries
948 BCE    Olmec Africans inhabit Gulf of Mexico   Ancestors of Toltecs, Aztecs, Mayans
404 BCE    Tutsi and Twa withdraw from Khemt   Move south to avoid invasions
300 BCE    Wepwawet (Cynosura, Jackal) (Ursa Minor) Aries begins co-rule with Pisces
120 BCE    Jackal (Polaris pole star)          Aries officially ends
120 BCE    Jackal                Pisces officially begins
60 CE     Jackal                Pisces ends co-rule with Aries
1400 CE     “White” people did not yet exist;     Invented by European colonialism
1491 CE     90 to 112 million lived in Americas    before Cristobal Colon set sail
1522 CE    Jackal & Kepheus* begin co-rule   Pisces(Eta Piscium/Alpherg/Kullat Nunu pole)
1522 CE    Deluge** begins           Pisces (water as metaphor)
1611 CE     King James Version of Christian Bible Translated into English
1680 CE    Jackal, Kepheus, Deluge       2nd & 1st Truth begin co-rule
1700 CE     Thriving civilizations in Black Africa  Until Europeans destroyed them
1775 CE    (04-19) British colonies break promise Call it American Revolution
1783 CE    (09-03) British colonies defeat parents Call it American Independence
1846 CE     (05-22) Frederick Douglass      Anti-Slavery Speech In London        
1860 CE    Jackal, Kepheus, Deluge       Pisces begins co-rule with Aquaria
1861 CE    (04-12) American Civil War Begins   Pisces co-rule with Aquaria
1863 CE    (01-01) Partial Shapeshift Enslavement By Lincoln Executive Order
1865 CE    (01-31) Partial Shapeshift Enslavement Except For Crimes 13th Amendment
1865 CE    (05-09) American Civil War Ends    Pisces co-rule with Aquaria
1880 CE    Magnetic Pole Shift begins***     Pisces & Aquaria
1914 CE    (07-28) Asia World Wide War 1     Ended 1918 (11-11)
1921 CE    (05-31) Whites make up reason to kill Blacks and stop Black Wall Street
.          &emsp economic progress. White gang violence massacre called a riot.
1930 CE    (11-02) Haile Selassie I coronated   225th Emperor of Ethiopia
1930 CE    Research with Dogon people began   “The Pale Fox” published in 1945
1939 CE    (09-01) Asia World Wide War 2     Ended 1945 (09-01)
1945 CE    (08-06/09) West Asia kills 200,000+  Bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki, E. Asia
1972 CE    (02-26) Deluge Flood Disaster     Buffalo Creek, WV (Khemet)
1974 CE    (09-13) Haile Selassie I forced out   225th Emperor of Ethiopia
1986 CE    (04-26) Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster  Ukraine, Europe
1994 CE    (04-07) Tutsi Genocide by Hutu begins Rwanda, Africa
1994 CE    (07-15) Tutsi Genocide by Hutu ends  Fueled by France and others.
1995 CE    (10-16) Million Man March       Louis Farrakhan, Washington DC
1997 CE    (10-27) Million Woman March     Chionesu & Coney, Phila., PA
2001 CE    (09-11) Twin Towers Disaster     Staged to justify war and laws
2008 CE    (11-04) Barack Obama Selected    44th President of America
2012 CE    (02-26) Trayvon Martin Murdered    By George Zimmerman, Florida
2016 CE    (11-07) Donald Trump Selected    45th President of America
2020 CE    Deluge reverses spiritually      Pisces & Aquaria
2040 CE    Jackal, Kepheus, Deluge, Magnetic   Pisces & 2nd Truth officially end
2040 CE    Jackal, Kepheus, Deluge, Magnetic   Aquaria & 1st Truth officially begin
2040 CE    Deluge reaches equilibrium      Aquaria & Pisces
2051 CE    Jackal officially ends         Aquaria & Pisces
2051 CE    Kepheus officially begins       Aquaria & Pisces
2051 CE    Deluge reverses physically      Aquaria & Pisces
2200 CE    Magnetic Pole Shift ends       Aquaria & Pisces
2220 CE    Kepheus, Jackal, Deluge       Aquaria ends co-rule with Pisces

2400 CE    Kepheus, Jackal, Deluge        1st & 2nd Truth end co-rule
2580 CE    Kepheus & Jackal end co-rule      Aquaria
2580 CE    Deluge ends             Aquaria (beta Aquarii/Sadalsuud pole star)
4020 CE    Kepheus (Alderamin/Alpha Cephei pole star)  Aquaria begins co-rule with Capricorn
4200 CE    Kepheus               Aquaria officially ends
4200 CE    Kepheus               Capricorn officially begins
4380 CE    Kepheus               Capricorn ends co-rule with Aquaria
5225 CE    Kepheus & Cygnus begin co-rule     Capricorn
5754 CE    Kepheus officially ends         Capricorn
5754 CE    Cygnus officially begins         Capricorn
6180 CE    Cygnus & Kepheus           Capricorn & Sagittarius begin co-rule
6283 CE    Cygnus & Kepheus end co-rule      Capricorn & Sagittarius
6360 CE    Cygnus (Swan, hen, kite)         Capricorn officially ends
6360 CE    Cygnus                Sagittarius (twins) officially begins
6540 CE    Cygnus                Sagittarius ends co-rule with Capricorn
8340 CE    Cygnus                Sagittarius & Scorpio begin co-rule
8520 CE    Cygnus                Sagittarius officially ends
8520 CE    Cygnus                Scorpio officially begins
8700 CE    Cygnus                Scorpio & Sagittarius end co-rule
8928 CE    Cygnus & Lyra begin co-rule       Scorpio
9457 CE    Cygnus officially ends          Scorpio
9457 CE    Lyra officially begins            Scorpio
9986 CE    Lyra & Cygnus end co-rule        Scorpio
10500 CE    Lyra                  Scorpio & Libra begin co-rule
10680 CE    Lyra                  Scorpio officially ends
10680 CE    Lyra                  Libra officially begins
10860 CE    Lyra                  Libra & Scorpio end co-rule
12631 CE    Lyra & Herakles begin co-rule       Libra
12660 CE    Lyra & Herakles             Libra & Virgo begin co-rule
12840 CE    Lyra & Herakles             Libra officially ends
12840 CE    Lyra & Herakles             Virgo officially begins
13020 CE    Lyra & Herakles             Virgo & Libra end co-rule
13160 CE    Lyra officially ends            Virgo
13160 CE    Herakles officially begins          Virgo
13689 CE    Herakles & Lyra end co-rule        Virgo
14640 CE    Herakles                1st & 2nd Truth begin co-rule
14820 CE    Herakles                Virgo & Leo begin co-rule
15000 CE    Herakles                Virgo & 1st Truth officially end
15000 CE    Herakles                Leo & 2nd Truth officially begin
15360 CE    Herakles                2nd & 1st Truth end co-rule

*Great Mother is Boates, Osiris, Ploughman under the Second Truth.
*Jackal is wolf, dog, Sut, Ursa Minor, Little Bear, Lesser Bear.
**To be taken metaphorically and not necessarily in the form of water as we know it. Deluge changes when Kepheus arrives as protector
**Estimated transition is 180 years based on 160 period that Magnetic field has been changing. This is close to the 180 transition of the Equinox Ages. Total transition is 360 years. See, and and

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