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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Heathen & Pagan Misused & Abused By Religions | Definitions
Unity Consciousness #895


Definition of Heathen

A heathen is a person who lives in a heath.
A heath is desolate, barren, unproductive wasteland that is undesirable, infertile and unfit for cultivating crops or livestock.
To call someone a heathen is merely a geographical reference of a type of terrain or soil. It does not describe the type of person or their beliefs.
A heathen is not a person who is good or bad until humans associate and attach that meaning to people from a certain area or type of land.
Since there are areas of undesirable land on nearly every continent, including various types of deserts, all people living on those lands are heathens.

Back in the day, as a result of living in a heath, the person was generally poorer than those who did not.
A heathen then became associated with being poor. In the years since this second meaning of heathen was attached, many other meanings became associated with heathen. Basically any behavior or belief considered negative, uneducated, unsophisticated, uncivilized or despised was called heathen. Heathen became completely associated with a type of person rather than a type of land. Of course, one of the more common negative misuses of heathen was someone who did not practice the same religion, especially used by Jews and Christians to designate non-believers in their stolen religion.

Definition Of Pagan

A pagan is a peasant, poor person, someone who begs. Praying and begging mean the same thing and come from the same Egyptian words, Baka, Beka, Bekking.
A pagan is also a servant, labourer, worker, employee.(BB 305/317)

The use of the words heathen and pagan are misused and abused by religions just as also are the words goy, goyim and gentile.

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