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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Problem With Black People
Weaker Truth Reveals Stronger Truth About All People
Unity Consciousness #892


(Part 2 of 5)

The same potential, that mutated into white skin, is still evident in African Black genetics. It just manifests as a different type of mutation in black people.

The Problem With Black People

The number of black people still in love with anti-African and anti-human beingness ideologies, such as religion, proves just how far from optimal an aspect of African Black genetics can be pushed, and yet, the organism still survives despite malnourishment, malfunction and de-evolution.

A lack of understanding the changing spiritual climate is enough, by itself, to put any human in jeopardy.
Imagine lacking spiritual awareness and then for a few thousand years, beginning in Egypt, being imprisoned by others who are physically weaker.

Spiritual disorientation is the primary cause of the issues black people face. The ongoing Maafa and the extent to which it has occurred is a side effect of our spiritual defect and ancestral memory disconnect.

Black people have the greatest, deepest sense that the spiritual is real. This is why we readily attach to religion and hold on for dear life, contradictionless, seeking happiness. We crave the spiritual to save us, because we know the spirit-soul is the greater part of the whole. However, due to the severing of the umbilical cord from the birthplace of historical and ancestral memory, we don't know what spirituality really looks like, so we choose weaker forms, called religions, thus all else continues to suffer.

The mental, emotional and spiritual follows and the mental, emotional and spiritual suffers. Our spiritual cancer causes mental cancer, emotional cancer, physical cancer and behavioral cancer.
Black people should expect what is taking place to continue, yet we somehow think our connection to religion will somehow make it different in a better way for us.
There is no evidence to support that kind of thinking, yet we keep spiritual hope alive via religion given to us by those with ice cold hearts and ice cold hands. We expect to get First Truth results from Second Truth practices.

Yet, despite the craziness, here we are, still here, worse for the wear but inherently stronger, even though yet to use that strength in the optimal way because our religion is steadfastly in the way.

Survival through religion comes with significant cost. Additional dysfunction is generated in the mental, emotional and physical and becomes generational. This applies to the group overall.
Malfunction in any area of self affects all areas of self. Malfunction in any area has the potential of causing additional genetic malfunctions in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. And it does.
In other words, all it takes is one area of weakness or vulnerability and the entire organism is in jeopardy. Areas once strong do not remain that way for long if weakness is not self-corrected. The books, “Things Fall Apart,” and “Two Thousand Seasons” describe this tragedy beautifully. They describe the fundamental principles and process of how anything, no matter what it is, falls apart.

For the sake of the religious, black people do not operate as a group because the religion demeans their blackness and/or their Africanness and teaches them to view everyone under a religious designation or as God's children while being under attack by groups who don't give a damn about the religious affiliation of black people. White Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus kill Black Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.

The religions black people follow teaches them to set aside, deny and accept blackness as a curse while all other groups in their wars against black people consider all black people to be one and the same.

Via spiritual sickness in the form of religion, black people voluntarily maintain the maximum position of vulnerability and weakness of logic: hands up, don't shoot; bent over, not too hard; and on knees, may I have some of my stuff back please.

Because The Bible Tells Me So Is All Black People Know

Nobody believes the contradictions in bibles as much as black people do.
We refuse to admit religion is a weapon of war white people and others use to harm us.

Here's the even crazier part. Many Africans know the truth of their religions yet they continue to believe due to weakness in other parts of self. Black people know their religion is spiritual junk food, but have become so addicted, that their minds, emotions and bodies are not strong enough to help them kick the religious habit.
So we black people just go on sticking with religion as a sick form of stability due to familiarity.

A little bit of study will tell black people that the birthplace of humans is not in Asia, rather it is in Africa.
It will become clear that “Adam & Eve” were black people.
It will become clear that God is female first and male second.
It will become clear that religion has a whole lot of information out of order; therefore following such logic must result in black lives in constant disorder.

Black people who stick with religions got some self-hate going on to some degree.
Black people ain't trying to function as a collective on a black African basis but we keep on trying to be part of some national collective that is anti-African in practice. The nationals in the countries where we live don't give a damn about your nationality.
We keep on trying be a part of some political group, sports fan base, career group and all other types of collectives instead of Africans for Africa.
We are no longer black or proud.
A religious shroud.
Our spirit-souls have been given over to a religious ideology meant for those who are dead people walking. And we play the part as well as anybody could.

As long as black people won't let go of ideologies given to us to hold us back, so also must follow how we think and act. We must then act exactly like our enemies because we are using their information. We must harm ourselves while not doing anything to fight the real enemy.
Religion is a deep sickness when you take it to heart the way black people do.

Needless to say, black people have never stopped believing in the superiority of others over themselves. Black people are in agreement with this fundamental falsehood by virtue of being in possession of the ideologies of others and by rejecting African ideologies.

The ideologies of others beat black people down spiritually long before other groups come around and take shots at us mentally, emotionally and physically.
The ideologies of others do the same thing as religious missionaries. They set us up for the kill.

Spiritual disorientation absolutely is at the root of the problems black people are encountering.

As long as religion exists in our lives that does not have a deep African origin historical reference to counteract the negative effects of the religion, black people ain't ever going to be healthy and never going to be “right.”
It is not possible to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy when you are fundamentally spiritually sick due to corrupted genetic logic.

So now, what must be the solution?

Black people must learn to read.
We must find out who we really are and the whole truth about world history. Sources unlike those that miseducated you must be used. If you decide the primary use of free will be as a truthseeker or Initiate, you will reap greater benefits as you re-plow fields of perspective. Dormant seeds will be exposed to the light of day causing germinations in unexpected expected ways. Study must take place in all the different ways that study consists of. First and foremost to ensure the most optimal course, the student must understand all study is the study of self; therefore all information must connect the student to the originating source of self in human form and the originating source of spirit-soul. Simply put, in order to heal thyself, a context, worldview and definitions that are different than the ones that sickened you, must be used.

Clearly, if you want to hide something from black people, put it in a book and their religious training will keep them from doing any critical thinking.
Black people must align body-mind-emotion in order to heal the hurt and pain of the spiritual sickness.
Black people must get the full range of nutrition.
As long as black people continue to hold onto religion and claim they are not spiritually sick, they will also remain sick in the head, the body and the emotions.
Black people will continue to be in possession of the weirdest sickest intention of not only harming self just as others are also harming self, but also helping others harm self by adopting the ideologies of others intended to harm black people. This cannot be said enough until it is no longer needed to be said.

There is no getting around the truth of how harmful religion and other ideologies we love to claim, are to black people. Black people don't get this part because those ideologies teach black people to set aside the black collective, the main source of black protection and black power.

Others got power because they are functioning more as a collective, not completely. Black people don't got power because we are not functioning as a collective. Others don't love each other and are not unified except for the purpose of money and power. When it comes to us functioning as a collective we refuse to “fake it until we make it.”

As long as black people direct the primary use of free will to choose religion over African spiritual traditions, black people will also do many things, perhaps unawares, that invites others to deny black people every human right on the basis of their Africanness alone. When the main thing you need doesn't matter to you, then that thing will be used against you. And it is.
Until this is straightened out, black people will continue to act like well-behaved lunatics.
Simply put, because black people have twisted religion into a false sense of health, so also have they twisted all other identifiers into a false knowledge of self.

Note: As stated in Part 1, this entire series still applies to all other groups who consider themselves neither black or white. You just have to understand where in the human process you fit. Then you will have a more accurate context for the overall dynamics of the primary malfunctioning agents of your group that has you working against your human beingness.

Special Addendum

Wake up black people!
You are living in a world where you are the only group who think of “democracy” and “justice” and “rights” and “religion” as the primary considerations. To white people, whiteness is their primary religion. Same is true for other groups. Their ethic group or national identity or culture is more important than their holy book religions that you share with them. Megachurches and rainbow churches are a trick of the enemy by number and color. No other group of people will ever behave in the true sense of the words we believe in. Black people are purists in beliefs that are universal, but are neglectful in being purists in the process that allows belief to mature into knowledge of the universal as it applies to experience. We crazily put more faith in the theory of our beliefs than the actual results from thousands of years and what is still obviously the mindset of other groups. Do not be deceived by the few. Look at the collective and what they are doing to the black collective. If you are out for self, go to hell. Other groups are purists in non-universal beliefs. Wake up and recognize the world you are in so you can know the only way to change our situation is to change your thinking to the kind that reminds you, you can't be friends with those who hate blackness or Africanness. They are smiling faces who are experts in pretending. Ancestors and descendants are calling AND ancestors and descendants are screaming.>

2nd Special Addendum

White people do not know more than black people and neither does any other group. What they do know is that they are being deceitful and black people don't know it.
When it comes to any area in life, biology, carpentry, business, governance, language, math, engineering, family and so on, no other people on this planet know more than black people.
Black people are using a faulty thought process that leads to false conclusions.
It is false to connect the position of others to their exhibition of higher intelligence.
Truth is, the current position of others is due to their willingness to deceive you and work together to do so, and if necessary, to harm you by any means necessary.
In order for other groups to be up, blacks must be down. This is what they know and black people don't.
We kinda know, but refuse to trust the reality we know because we believe the expectation of ideologies we have never seen come true. We justify not listening to common sense for the weakest present tense of sustenance.

It is true what Ancestor John Henrik Clarke said: “You can change your position without changing your condition.”
Black people are going along with deceptive logic given to them by others that has them focusing on position: “look at how far you've come,” when our condition has not changed for the better. Black people can't get a better life until we get a better logic. Black people must think communally. Black people must think individually collectively and collectively individually. Blacks can only profit through collective benefit.
”If the European was religious or democratic for 24 hours in the true sense of these words, the European would be finished.”
The European cannot afford to practice religion or democracy as it is written and stated because it would not allow them to maintain money, power and control over the world. It would not allow them to lie, steal, kill and practice racism.
Nevertheless, black people could not be enslaved today if we did not embrace religion and waste enormous resources in participation. We are enslaved by choice. The moment we begin to let go of religion and seek understandings of Ancient traditional Africa in any and all ways, we begin to travel the road to freedom. We begin to restore the foundation of civilization for the entire human population. As our Ancestors have said, it was up to us in the first place as Parents of the Planet and it will be up to us in the last place to put the Human House back in order. Whether we understand it or not, our children (entire world) need us and are waiting on us to do what Parents are supposed to do. Even though they are acting out and working against us, they really want us to snatch them up and whip that ass and dare them to strike back. The world needs us to reestablish that authority. Like us, they are crazed, confused and acting out of fear and desperation willing to attach themselves to any sense of connection due to malnutrition, of which, miseducation is one part, of which, religion is a significant part.

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