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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Worshiping Honoring Animals, Humans, Planets, Primordials
Unity Consciousness #885


As fog lifts, smoke screens wedged in logic are clearly seen. Breath of life is stronger than before and winds of change, once howling for attention, are whispering at door. More contradictions present themselves for inspection and recertification through metaphor. This is direct result of retaking birthright of way by First Truth. Stage of Age we live in sets stage for sensing abilities. Climate change encompasses everything.
Many people are following virus logic because virus has corrupted information coming from nucleus and has created a shadow nucleus of information instead – a matrix within a matrix. Shadow nucleus takes nuclear information and corrupts data to match corrupt nature of virus. As a result, many people in societies have unfavorable view of worshiping honoring animals, yet have favorable view of worshiping honoring humans, planets, Primordials.

Starting Off With Examples

There are many Primordials. Four are Water, Air, Fire, Earth.

Don't many people worship honor Sun and view this behavior favorably?
Don't many flock to oceans, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs?
Isn't Air as breath of life, precious, divine, worthy to be praised as spirit of Creator flowing through nostrils and lungs?
How can we not hold solid Earth in low high regard and then also not be standing on shaky grounds?

How many people swear by their Zodiac sign?
Zodiac signs are based on animals; therefore, then, so must be your Creator.

We wear animal costumes on various occasions. Our sports teams are named after animals. All of us worship honor abilities of birds and wish we could fly. We call ourselves early birds and claim to catch worms but we dare not draw a picture of ourselves as birds. We worship honor natural abilities of many creations. We even mix three creations when we secretly wish we could swim underwater and not get wet - something which is not far-fetched because Sun is already doing same thing. Sun is doing this in worship honor of mother water that gives childbirth to flame. To give much respect to Sun is to give worship honor to Mother through Child.
We give wings to love and worship notion of love as being divine. We crave and seek it all times.
We wear artificial devices on and in our bodies and consider it a good thing worthy of praise.
We worship flags and images of all manner of things, yet, there's something wrong with putting human and animal or human and plants or human and celestial bodies together?
We absolutely worship honor gold, diamonds, etc. We use these items as symbols of other things.

American money is filled with African symbolism and we absolutely worship honor American money and what it represents, therefore we worship and honor symbolism that is country and symbolism country uses; therefore, we worship honor African symbolism while claiming to do nothing of the sort.

Upon further inspection, comes more clarity.
Humans compare themselves mostly to non-humans. There are more non-human points of comparison than human. Non-human preceded human and thus are parent dimension to us, their extension. Thus we must turn to other species for instruction and guidance on how to worship honor Supreme Parent. These species operate, not based on human ideology, thus their behavior provides more clarity as to how live in accordance with destiny.

Human holy book scriptures, do same thing by relying on non-human natural world com-parables in order to teach us.
So then, why can't we worship honor same teachers in order to reach out to divine essence through same means by which we are being taught nature of divine? Tell me why? On the right hand we can learn about divine essence through plants, animals and Primordials but on the left hand, don't you dare represent divine essence as such. Represent the divine through stories and words, but don't represent the divine in pictures. Internal conflict. Close this message to proceed and continue to believe.

We wear skins of animals for clothing. If we clothe ourselves in animals skin and consider ourselves beautiful, what is real difference in drawing animal and human animal as one beautiful being?
We merge with animals in our dressing of ourselves and our speaking about ourselves, so then what is so different when we merge ourselves through artwork?

We take plants and turn them into clothing. We wear special clothing when honoring Supreme in hopes we will one day be with Supreme and know Supreme as surely as Supreme knows self.
What makes humans think we are an only child of God and can become divine or perhaps already are divine, and yet, nothing else in this Universe is a child of God, thus must not be represented as such? All else is foreign and alien, including our logic-fueled behavior.
What kinds of heavens and paradises are you going to that do not have animals and insects, yet has a tree and a river? Evidently it's a heaven with a little bit of nature and mostly humans. No thanks.

Your 5-in-1 Bible tells you whatever you do to least of God's creations, you do also unto God.
Therefore if you worship honor God's creations, you also worship honor God.

Humans don't have a problem worshiping honoring humans but get all out of order logically when it comes to anything else. God in form of man, great! God in form of other animals, are you crazy?!
God created everything else before humans.
What image did God use?
God used God's image-ination.
Everything created is created in image of God.
God looks like animals. You are proof.
God looks like trees. You are proof. You have limbs and roots.
God looks like Sun, Moon and Planets. Your cells are proof.
If you can be a shining star no matter who you are, then God must be a Superstar. God is star atop tree. If God's image is your image, then your image is God's image. Since this is true for all creation, then all images are interchangeable, in part and in whole. To understand, use the associative and commutative properties of math, then go back and multiply each of the Many by One. Understandings will be equally distributive, thus, no longer contradictive.
In other words, this process removes the contradictive from being a contraceptive to the figurative.
This re-solves thesis as to whether or not non-human creations are appropriately representative images to honor worship.

The spiritual journey is continuous and we have plenty of stamina. So let us again start over from waters if we still have not yet understood.
If we humans are mostly water and Earth is mostly water and we are made in image of God, then Earth must be made in image of God. Humans, Earth, God, Water are same.
This we already knew. If there is body and soul or matter and spirit as being two forms of same, then there is earth and water and much more.

Examples Continue

Many groups of people, in numerous traditions, holidays and festivals, incorporate animals, plants, Primordials and other non-human creations. Incorporating of these aspects and items is more than just using them. It is mixing, blending and blurring. It is erasing lines of boundary in acknowledgment of oneness of unity of all things large and small. It is unity of power. Whatever teaches you not to see yourself as one with all else and Creator, is attempting to keep you from reckonizing your power.

Many people believe evil exists in form of snake, serpent, dragon and half-human.
Many people believe God exists in form of lamb of God or lion of Judah, etc.
As long as we continue to view worshiping honoring of non-humans creations unfavorably, we cannot be free because we are caught up locked up chained to a link of offensive logic that fixes Creator in one form worthy of worship honor.

More water surges upward from larder of mother. We know there is no life without water, and we worship “living waters” as God but not living waters all around us and inside us.
If God is “living waters” then God is also “living Sun,” “living Earth,” “living Wind,' “living cow,” “living tree of Life,” “vine” and so on to infinity.

In recent years, I've heard many Africans make it a point or at least a side note, to state, “our Ancestors did not worship animals,” or “we did not/do not pray to our Ancestors.”
We split very thin fine hairs when we attempt to separate worship from honor.

Defining Difference Between Worship & Honor

To worship is to give lowest highest respect to something and consider it as sacred, untouchable and unassailable from defamation of its nature, essence, character and principles.

To honor is to give lowest highest respect to something and consider it as sacred, untouchable and unassailable from defamation of its nature, essence, character and principles.

We do not worship or honor anything less or equal. We only worship honor that which is greater, or seemingly so.

Here me now. When we honor humans or any other non-human creation, we are absolutely worshiping.
Only reason we give honor is because we are acknowledging greater aspect of human or non-human. It is that greater aspect that is common, essence, unifying, oneness, divine, Creator - at least that is level to which we are attempting to elevate objects of our worship honor.

Three main points of disconnect:
1. Type of thinking which limits range of motion of worshiping honoring.
To worship or honor something does not require you to follow any common or group method of doing so. As long as you worship or honor in your spirit-mind-emotions, then that will show through your body and behavior in some way. Whatever that way is, is also method by which you externally express what you already worship or honor internally.

All of us are doing this each and everyday, worshiping and honoring things in some sort of way.

2. Nowadays we do not understand our inter-relatedness and interconnecedness. We might speak of it but we don't understand it. If we did, we would have no problem worshiping and honoring Creator in non-human form because we would understand whatever is non-human is no less Divine in origin.

3. Religions are trying to be Egyptian without coming clean about the African origin in them. Trying to be Greek without the African basis to which earlier Greeks admit. Trying to be Jewish without the Druids. Trying to be apostles without the Gnostics. Trying to be Hebrew without the Kushite Chaldea they came through. Trying to be Buddhist with Hapi, papyrus or lotus as they first existed. Trying to be Hindu with the Khentu all up inside you.
Worship honor of Creator starts with human Mother and not Heavenly Mother. As humans, our mother and grandmother is Africa. So why shouldn't we continue to worship honor our Ancestors, our Ancestry, our Africa? It couldn't be simply because we are being conned by We worship honor others by carrying their names, by pledging allegiance to their flags, by practicing their hologram holidays named after humans and their version of God. We are mixing these things with our being even though they are detrimental yet we have nerve to have an unfavorable view of what our Ancestors did that allowed them to provide information to us that allow us to do what we do, even though we use it in a messed up way? It is no use asking who do you think you are. We do not “think” who we are, we “believe” who we are. Thus we don't really “know” because we have not followed requisite ongoing process. Thus it is not possible to understand without going through the process that moves us from believing to knowing. As long we keep on believing, we will keep on self-deceiving.
Currents of thought swirl in a titled whirlpool of thought, then release me.
Names of buildings, countries and streets are more evidences of how humans worship honor humans.
We worship honor temples, synagogues, churches, mosques, shines, altars, etc. We say Supreme visits and/or dwells in these buildings built by human hands. We say same for temple that is our bodies, yet we do not consider Supreme to live in temple of other creations such as trees?? If notion of what is a holy temple was supposed to be limited, it would be a tree and a mountain and not a human and not a building built by humans.

Evolving Door Of Primitive Thought

It is a contradiction of lowest and highest magnitude to adhere to religions that are African in essence yet also view that essence unfavorably when it is expressed in original African spiritual traditional forms– merging of human with non-human – Nile with Fallopian tube - Egypt with lotus flower blossom - pubescent Africa with its worldwide menstruation that seeded civilizations.

Clearly, religion has our minds jacked up on fragments due to feeding us stale spiritual crumbs which has caused us to remain perpetual children who suck their thumbs when satisfaction of nutrition doesn't come.
Religion does not civilize anybody. It causes opposite. Religion does not allow for 360 circle or 360+ elliptical.

Always test your logic. In what way has history proven religion as a civilizing ideology? Not history as written, read, reported or recorded, but history as experienced.

There has never been a period of better behaving people as result of their religion. Take a good look at yourself. Religion causes you to shape-shift and change from robbing Peter in order to rob Paul. For example Islam causes you to stop hating yourself because of white people and accept hating yourself as a black person born of Africa. This is so because Islam denies Mother Africa as Double Source that put humans and civilizations on course for a hell of a long time before Asia was populated and before Asia tasted civilization.

That's Humpty-Dumpty logic for sure. It contradicts with our more sensible understanding of comparing human birth to birth from eggs, even though no human has been hatched from an eggshell. Humans are mammals who give live births yet we mix characteristics of mammals with characteristics of non-mammals.
We do so because we understand meaning of metaphor is same even though representation is not. After all, that is what a metaphor is. We get that part.
So why can't we understand that to worship honor Creator in one form is to worship honor Creator in another form? Or to worship honor Creator in a mixed metaphor form is just as appropriate.
Hippopotamus and Whale are more true to First Truth of God than some human form. Cow-headed human is just as appropriate.
Harriet Tubman is the kind of savior, deliverer we need, if any, rather than Jesus, copycat Christ. Harriet Tubman will shoot you for not trying to get to freedom while followers of Jesus keep shooting you in a variety of racism ways, because they don't want you to have your freedom. You assist them by shooting yourself via the ideology through which you give praise.

Thus we keep moving through cycles of going out and going in evolving doors.

Bottom Line Back To Africa

Humanity is heading back to Africa because Ages are returning to First Truth. Trump and pre-Trump America, are one of many societies who are speed bumps of this Age, glitches in matrix and anomalies to harmony. He and they serve as wannabes and pavers preparers of the way to Light of Day which is Night's second incarnation Display.

Awareness that worship honor of essence of Supreme Being is achievable through a relatively small number of symbols merged and used simultaneously, is evidence of evolved thought. Animals and other creations used in the worship, honor, praise and representation of the Creator are symbols to help us achieve understandings of the metaphor and the connections to who we are and how we should be living.

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