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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Intelligent Athleticism & Unintelligent Calisthenics Of Racism
Unity Consciousness #952


In the face of all evidence to the contrary, it is false and foolish to assume accolades heaped upon black athletes, also extends to black athletes as people and also extends to some kinda changing heart of these same sports fans such that they are not haters of blacks in general. In other words, most sports fans love black athletes but still hate them as black people. Don't get it untwisted.
Likewise then, it is foolish for black athletes to put their “love” for sports and teams and cities, before their love for their own blackness of self.

False Dichotomies

As a result of the split personality of sports fans, sports industry and sports media, black athletes are praised for being athletic while white athletes are praised for being intelligent.

As a result, white coaches are touted as the reason for a team's success.
In the sport of American football, the reason for winning is also due to the white quarterback and not due to the rest of the players who are mostly black folks.

If it is true that the winning teams coached by Greg Popovich, Phil Jackson and Bill Belichick, etc. are due to the greatness of these coaches, then is it also true that Tyronn Lue must be even greater since he was the reason the Cleveland Cavaliers won a championship in just six months, after a white coach failed to figure out how to win.
Secondly, black Lebron James' making good on returning a championship is a greater achievement than the much more praised, yet unfulfilled “run the table” statement of white Aaron Rodgers.

In the rare instances when media does allude to a black person's intelligence, they say it as if the black athlete's intelligence is the exception, rather than the rule for black athletes and black people.

Sports Excellence Requires Mental Intelligence

Sports excellence requires much more than strength, speed or physical ability of the body. It requires the physical ability of the brain and high functionality of the brain to correlate and process multiple constantly changing variables in real-time in an environment of uncertainty. Multiple pieces of information must be processed in fractions of seconds. Continuous learning must take place over many years to achieve sports greatness.

No one achieves athletic greatness without conquering mind, emotions, spirit and body simultaneously. To the degree to which one of these areas is lacking is the degree to which potential greatness is not achieved.
In other words, if it is true that black athletes are unintelligent, imagine how much greater they could be if they got rid of miseducation and strengthened emotions and spirit-soul, thus using the total self rather than the partial self.
In other words, black athletes are great, even in a weakened fragmented state.

Therefore, now you should be able to understand why 365/24/7 efforts, weapons and tools are used to try to prevent black people from “getting it together.”

First Truth

Athleticism and intelligence are inseparable.

To the degree an athlete achieves is the degree to which:
1. The athlete is optimizing mind, body, emotion and spirit-soul.
2. And/or others in the sport are not.

Therefore, the hater mentality against the intelligence of black folks is a self-indictment against those who achieve less that black athletes – those underachievers are under-utilizing their intelligence.

Yet, the media, which pretends to be a highly educated intelligent bunch of folks, always finds a way to keep alive the dichotomy of intelligence versus athleticism.

As said earlier, athletic excellence is the manifestation of intelligence.
So also is the ability to sing, dance, play instruments and do many other things that haters like to say is due to physicalness but not due to intelligence. That's foolishness coming from those who have to daily face the reality of having hurt feelings for not being able to achieve as much. As a result they claim intelligence is not the reason, only physical ability.

In other words, the whole foolishness that blacks are not intelligent is for the purpose of boosting the fragile self-esteem of white folks.

Remember: The European worldview is that humans are supreme and that white humans are supreme and that the thinking ability of white humans is supreme. Everyone else is less than human and is an animal and is for the purpose of serving white humans. Everyone else and all other creations are useful for their physical abilities but do not think, have no feelings and no spirit-soul, thus are not deserving of any form of equal consideration. This is why Europeans and similar suboptimal worldview holders are always trying to distinguish between intelligence and athleticism.

Media Props

I love the mass media because they are a good gauge for the mindset of the masses.
Listen closely to the media and you will hear them mention, as evidence of intelligence, the school and or “majors” studied by white athletes but rarely is the same mentioned in regards to black athletes.

Newsflash: A college education and highly functional thinking ARE NOT positively correlated. It is an inverse relationship. College is another place to pay a higher price to be certified as a prisoner of war.

Cutting To The Chase

The less your thinking functions based on human beingness, the less intelligent you are.

Intelligence is not based on being the greatest in a sport and neither is it based on winning.

Play To Win

Do not get this message twisted. Black folks do not need white folks to change. It is a good thing when the enemy continues to function stuck on stupid. The moment black folks start using the process of becoming a good athlete and the mindset of being a competitor against an opponent and apply that to the rest of life, then the game changes quickly. We only need to improve a little bit and we will succeed. We don't need to be totally unified to beat these people.

In other words, the reason black folks achieve more in sports than in other areas is because creative genetic potential genius is being applied to sports.
Once we begin redirecting resources to playing the game of life the way we play sports and play spades and bid whist, things will turn around.

All athletes, regardless of their accomplishments in their respective sports, are talented in multiple ways outside of their sport. This is true because they are just like us, endowed with the same creative genetic potential genius from the same gene pool of Creation.

Black athletes are just as intelligent as African Black Egyptian Kemite Nagas who are still great wonders of “super-intelligence” who excelled in all areas of human activity, reminding us of who we more fully are.

Repetition Harms & Helps

In other words, it is a false argument to say: black athletes are great due to physicalness rather than mentalness.
It is a true argument to say: due to mentalness, black athletes are great.

Because sports have our eyes, sports also have our ears. We must remain aware we are being programmed on two levels by what we see and what we hear.
The language used by people that tries to subtract intelligence out of black athletic achievements is an attempt to try to get you to not feel good about yourself in a wholeness, healing, restoring sort of way so you won't then take that power and turn the rest of life around.

Note To Those Inebriated On The Sports & Entertainment After-Kick

Just because other groups of people clap for us, want our autographs and give us all the trappings of fame, success and ability in sports and entertainment, it still doesn't mean our Black Lives Matter more than any other black person on the planet.
We are considered entertainers for their enjoyment. These people also clap for circus animals and for whales and dolphins at Seaworld.
This is why black sports and entertainment personalities are quickly “brought to task” for being anything that resembles being human or anything that demands human beingness.
Do not get it twisted that sports and entertainment acceptance reduces racism in any way. It does not one single bit.
In fact it does the opposite. Sports and entertainment acceptance is their way of saying you will succeed in areas that pleases us but does not fundamentally change a damn thing for you or for your people. And you black people will be grateful to us for the opportunity to be divided and conquered. Say it loud! I'm getting paid and I'm proud! - to be a professional, an award winner, an MVP, a champion, an All-Star and in the Hall of Fame. Yes, yes y'all, that's success y'all for the rest of y'all to focus on and to hell with the Ancestral call.

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