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Friday, April 28, 2017

Quarterback Smarterback
Unity Consciousness #992


A continuation of “Abolish MVP, Hall Of Fame & Contradictions, Unity Consciousness #988”.

What quarterback has ever won a game without the defense also winning the game?
In any sport, we acknowledge a player's success also depends on the right system and supporting cast.
Yet some folks continue to elevate the quarterback position in American football to be the single most critical piece and no other position comes close.

I contend that a good team with an average quarterback will have more success than an average team with a good quarterback. It's basic math that tells us this. A good team has more players performing at high levels who can make up for some of the quarterback's deficiencies. On the other hand, if the quarterback is the best player, the quarterback cannot make up for the deficiencies of several players. Multiple examples are clear such as the great catch by a Patriot receiver at the end of the game in the last Superbowl. There are thousands of examples. In basketball, we see it clearly when players miss free throws. It changes everything.
We sometimes acknowledge a coach's success is dependent on his players.
It has been proven that Kareem, Erving, Kobe, Lebron, Olajuwon and Michael could not win championships without several other players and a whole bunch of moving parts, including bench players. Remove one piece and the whole thing wobbles, teeters, falters and often falls apart and short.
We acknowledge all teams must have a core group of players.
Yet, we want to anoint Tom Brady as the hands down best quarterback because he was the quarterback of multiple Superbowl winning New England Patriot teams.

Let's put Tom Brady on the Cleveland Browns and change nothing else and then see how great a quarterback he is.

Why hasn't Tom Brady won every Superbowl and every game? Is he the reason for their winning and not the reason for their losing?

Any person who pays attention to any team sport knows every play and every position matters on and off the field.
When it comes to quarterbacks, we all know, that if not for great receivers, there would be no great quarterbacks and no great teams. We all know that if not for some pass catches and dropped balls or a good block or missed block or good offensive, defensive or special teams coordinators, equipment managers, trainers or field goal kickers, that the entire game changes and so does the narrative of teams and so does the narrative of quarterbacks.
Quarterbacks are not an island, especially not Tom Brady. He is the beneficiary of being in the right place, right time when everything worked out right.

In regards to the success and failures and greatness of individuals compared to the team, Russell Westbrook is 100% correct.

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