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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Octavia | Origin, Meanings, Definitions, Pronunciations
Unity Consciousness #1026



Otava is the Great Bear in the Finnic version of the Egyptian language. Otava is the same as the Egyptian original first mother, archetype, ankhtype and goddess of the Seven Stars, the keeper of fire, Kar-tek the spark-holder, the Technology & Science. The whole World [Universe] is her seat[throne]. She is the Only One who represents the total unity (Nun or Nature) who divides to become Two. Thus she is both the number Zero, the Egg & letters ZA, and the number One, the Circle & letter “O.” Her duplicate identical twin clone, her daughter sister cell, is number 1 and 2.

Name Variations Within Africa: Ap, Af, Tef (Typhon), Tep, Tepht, Teb, or Tabi [Tavi], Tiamat, Rrit, the African Eve, Ife or Iye, Kat-Mut, Hat-hor (Hathor), Het-heru, Katesh, Octave, Zabe Osaba and Otabe in Koro, Only One, Nun, Circle-maker.

Name Variations Within Africa: Lady of the Seven Stars, Seven Never-Setting Stars, Seven Glorious Ones, Seven Great Spirits, Seven Constellations, Seven Hills, Seven Bears, Seven Cows, Seven-stepped Mountain of the World, Seven Wicked Spirits, Keeper of Fire, Kar-tek, Spark-holder, Sevekh.

African Name Variations Worldwide: Otava, Great Bear, Octavius, Octavian, Octavus, Mother of the Gods, Urt, Art. Lri and Kotavi in India, Tavthe in Babylon (Chaldea), Rhea in Greece, RI in Akkad; Kêd in Britain; Kivutar, Koob in Australia, Tavintinsuyu in Peru, Tavus, Tavis, Tav, Tabitha, Tayvi, Tavy, Tay, Day, Davy, Dyvi, Dove in Northeastern Asia (Europia/Europe), Science, Technology, Nature, Zero. (NG2 6/14, 15/22) and (BB 450/462) and (NG1 190/208, 319/337) and (AE2 716/180)


The Number 10 is—Zabe Osaba and Otabe in Koro. The plural of plurals is 9. Ten is total of the first ten (0 thru 9). Ten represents the reunification of the 0 and 1 the first and second forms and truths of the Only One. Ten is the summary, unity, ending and beginning. (NG1 218/236)

The Number 8 is Ses-sen which reads 6 + 2. The highest representation of 8 was the Octave (AKH-tve) or (akh-TAH-vay), symbolized by the middle finger on the masculine right hand (the left hand forms first (5), then on the right hand starting with the thumb, then the index finger and then the middle finger). Eight is the musical octave scale represented by the monkey and ape. (NG1 44/62, 221/239, 286/304)

Octavia means "the eighth" in Latin. Octavia is derived from Octavius, from octavus "eighth" from octo (eight).
In number, Octavia means, eight, eighth, ten and tenth. Thus we have the octagon/octangle with 8 sides and October the tenth month. Eight is the son and ten is the mother. Eight is the son (6) plus the virgin great mother (1) plus the great mother who is also the virgin grandmother (1). Eight is a unity, duality, trinity, singularity, plurality, totality, double membrane enclosure (womb/nucleus/cell). Same can be said of ten.

Each of the numbers 0 thru 10 represent all the powers of the gods gathered into one supreme god. In a word, all the powers of the gods are the Elohim (a form of the Egyptian Ali or Ari), a companionship of workers and creators. “In the beginning Elohim (the elemental powers plus both great mothers) created the heaven and the earth.” (AE1 422-4/432-4)

More fully stated, Octavia represents all numbers from 0 to 10, thus also all numbers after 10. This must be so if Octavia is representative of the whole and the total unity, thus she is any part and any combination.


The Egyptian Tiamat and Babylonian Tavthe are the same name by interchange of m and v. Tavthe is the place is the abyss (source), the hole of the dragon. Tavthe personified is the Mother of the Gods. Tiamat personified is the Mother of seven wicked spirits and also is Sevekh, the crocodile dragon of the deep. (NG1 319/337)


The Inca of Peru named their large collection of tribes and nations, the Tavintinsuyu (Four Quarters of the World). Thus Tavi is again associated with total and whole. (NG1 407/425)

Tavy/Tavi As Water

Ap or Af (Eg.) means the first, as a liquid, an essence of life, or essential life. This supplies another elemental water-name. With the article “The” prefixed, this is Tepi or Tefi, the Welsh Dyvi, English Tavy, and Dove, the first, primordial, ancestral source. (BB 182/194)

Tavus As Water

Ap or Af, as first in the form of liquid, with the Egyptian T prefixed, furnishes all the primaries of water found in the words “Tobor” and “Dobar” (the well), the Kymric Dwr (Dfr) meaning water, and found in the river names, Tef, Tav, Dyvi, and other similar names. The T and D, retaining at times the twofoldness of character. Thus, if the first landing [of Africans] was in Wales, one of the rivers named the first would be the Dyvi. The Tay, formerly TAVUS, is a first river, on account of its size. (BB 183/195)


Octavia (AKH-tay-vee-uh) or (akh-TAH-vee-ah)
Octavia means First Great Mother and Grandmother and First Great Virgin Mother. Octavia is the Only One of which no other preexisted. She is the first Mother who divided herself into Two Mothers. She is the throne and the power of the throne. Power and thrones exist elsewhere because she allows it for a cycle and disallows it for a cycle. She divided into Two Truths and multiple truths and then also reunites Truths in her numbers 10 and 8. She is the mother of elements and stars. She is Virgin source and womb of Nature and the liquid essence of life as Water. Sometimes during suboptimal stages, she is portrayed in a diminished state as an evil Mother of the Wicked Ones instead of good Mother of the Glorious Ones. This is necessary in keeping with the Two Truths.

We are able to gain understanding of the word Octavia through the Finnish, Latin and Roman languages which also eventually trace back to Egypt which is a version of Inner African languages.

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