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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Simple & Expanded Explanation | RNA Genetic Material
Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1000


(Part 2 of 3)

RNA has been fundamentally explained in Part 1 of 3.

Although portions of Part 1 are repeated below, it is not possible to properly understand Part 2 without reviewing Part 1.

RNA is ribonucleic acid. RNA is composed of three nucleic compounds called nucleotides:
1. Ribose nucleotide (nucleic sugar)
2. Nitrogen nucleotide (nucleic base)
3. Acid phosphate nucleotide (nucleic acid)

RNA comes first, then dRNA (DNA) comes second because dRNA is a form of RNA.
RNA is primary to dRNA. RNA is primitive to dRNA. RNA is the parent of dRNA.

Types Of RNA

There are many types of RNA. It is not the purpose of this message to discuss them in detail. We already know dRNA is one of the types of RNA.
For now it is enough to realize RNA has many functions to perform, thus when performing these different tasks, RNA has been given many names. Even so, at the beginning and end of the day and all along the way of whatever process is taking place, RNA is still RNA, even when misnamed as DNA.

Where Is Genetic Material Located?

RNA is located throughout the cell. RNA is not limited to the nucleus, nucleolus, the nucleoid in the mitochondria, cytoplasm and ribosome. RNA also exists in other organelles.

dRNA is a little more restricted in its location in the cell. dRNA is located in the nucleus of the cell and nucleoid of mitochondria. These two locations are the tandem control centers of the cell.

It is the nature of RNA that links humans to all other life forms in the Universe.
It is the multiple locations of RNA within cells that illustrates the metaphorical link of humans to all other life forms such as plants, bacteria and amoeba.

Expanding, Unpacking, Unzipping

RNA is the kinetic form of genetic material. RNA is genetic potential in motion, active.
dRNA (DNA) is the potential form of genetic material. dRNA is genetic potential at rest, passive, dormant, asleep. This does not mean doing nothing. It means sleep mode. Being in a very reduced level of activity which includes some areas of dormancy.

Now, because the only difference between RNA and dRNA is less oxygen, we are beginning to understand why.

When oxygen is present, chemical reactions can take place to convert and utilize the energy of the ribose sugar nucleotide.
However, when oxygen is not present, no chemical reaction can take place, thus:
dRNA is more stable than RNA, thus,
dRNA serves as a holding place and way to preserve the instructions of RNA.
dRNA is a template and place of quality control for RNA.
dRNA is a part of the system of checks and balances.
dRNA is part of the redundant backup system to protect genetic material.

RNA must make many changes to itself and go out into the the rest of the cell. RNA is more vulnerable under those circumstances.

Because dRNA is more protected, it takes a lot of missteps in order to cause dRNA to malfunction and remain as a malfunction for an extended period of time without self-correction taking place.

Yet, there are stem cells in each person and in plants and other life forms that can help repair our genetic material.
We already know our dRNA is over 99.9% identical with known life forms.


As a reminder, DNA is dRNA because it comes from RNA.
Likewise, RNA must come from somewhere. It must have a beginning unless humans are the beginning.

RNA comes from NA, thus RNA is actually rNA.

NA is NAture. This is expanded in Part 3.

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