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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Logical Origin Of England & English-Language
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1084


(Part 3 of 4)

English-language is a branch of Sign-language. The existence of English-language is proof of its roots. The current condition and usage of English-language is proof of its disconnect.
Western Asia (Europe) has branded and marketed itself as the epitome of humanity in whiteness, in English, in government, in capitalism and the dollar, in education, in liberty and justice for all rich whites, in democracy, and so on. These items, faster than actually possible, becoming more Supreme than their origins,

Human origin is the result of process, sequence, growth, development and evolution. Same is true for language. There is one origin for humans and one origin for human languages. Both of these origins come from the same place.

No group of people or language, inside Africa or outside Africa, has a non-African origin.

Origin Of England & English

Around 10,000 BCE some Cro-Magnons (cold-bleached Africans) went northward and became Scandanavian and German. Then, some of the Germans varied their identity and called themselves Saxons. These Saxons went westward into England. In England, these Cro-Magnon-German-Saxons encountered African-Negroid-Kemite-Egyptians and African-Negroid Kemite-Egyptian-Phonecians during the 18th Egyptian Dynasty. During this time, before Christianity, an African vocabulary was transformed into what is now called ancient Saxon – the parent of English-language.
(Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, 19) and ”Black History Fact: The First Inhabitant of Europe was a Migrating Black Person”

In addition to many other meanings, the word “ankh” is also used to describe an ethnicity or geographic location in the Egyptian Texts. An “Ankh,” is a native of a district. The district itself would therefore be Ankh-land [land of the Ankhs].
England has been the Ankh-land ever since it was named Inis-Prydhain by the Kymry [black Africans]. Inis and Inch are identical with Ing, Eng, or Ankh, and the island is the Ankh-land, the Inch-land, Ynis-land, or England, because it was the island and the land of the Ings, which name was afterwards turned into Angleland.
[Now we can see how the Saxons, who arrived in Ankh-land or Angle-land became Angle-Saxons then Anglo-Saxons – they were half and half, never completely white but initially the Englanders were black before the Saxons arrived.]

What Is Perfect English?

Like a lot of civilizations started by black-skinned Africans, England has now come to claim a historical origin based on the surface features of its most recent inhabitants, but not on the fundamental genetics of Englanders or the clear blackness of its original inhabitants. This is true of civilizations worldwide who have slid into societal moldiness.

The evolution of language and other aspects of culture follows the same type of process as the physical development of a group of people – it takes a long time and must have an origin outside of itself – from other humans or from non-human Nature or both.

Various sources tell us English-language originated out of Roman, Greek, Latin, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic, Proto-Siniatic and several other wordplay shenanigans. This is what happens when everybody's trying to claim credit for something great and the main criminals are encouraging confusion.

If we search each of the 7 names above separately, for example, ”what is the Phoenician alphabet based on,” we will be led down many roads that never make it back to Africa.
It is impossible for all people to originate in Africa and for civilization to originate in Africa, and all religion to originate in Africa, and yet, the language of all people, not originate in Africa.
When we understand process, sequence, growth, development, evolution and metaphor, we do not always need to know all the details, dates, names, countries and events in order to understand what is what.*
The metaphor for human evolution holds true for the metaphors of civilization, culture, religion and language.
Deep African roots have spread worldwide and resurfaced as seemingly new trees. Those of us today born of these trees, have no choice but to think the tree is self-originating because we really don't understand the fundamental parts of world history, origins, genetics, Nature, metaphor, logic and their interdependent relationship. We somehow think we can all exist in all these cultures as people with all these separate origins and somehow that all makes sense, yet we think we should all just get along with each other.

Even if a language can be said to originate without African roots, tell me what is that language based on? What is the fundamental basis of meaning that forms the letters and characters of the language and gives the language its meaning? If you tell me anything other than Nature, then therein lies the problem. Is English, Roman, Greek, Latin, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic, Proto-Siniatic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Punjabi/Lahnda or any other language based on Nature? If so, what is the history of that development that caused you as a people to abandon your ancestral African language based on Nature and then develop your own language based on Nature?

The Process Of Origin Holds True For Everything

The process of origin holds true, even for everything Africans claim to be the originators of.
Although Africa is the place of human origin, no African can claim to be the originator of Africans and no African can claim to be the originator of anything human. Human genetics, culture, language and spirit-soul awareness originate in Nature and therefore existed before humans. Mother-Father Nature is the originator., thus neither humans nor Earth are the only offspring.

Process and metaphor are one in two who hold true.
Nature is ancient compared to humans who are young just as Africans are ancient compared to all others who are young. What shall the young produce that is not born out of senior soil?

The irony of European Oz-like wizardzy, is that speaking “good” English actually means speaking perfect Egyptian – Mdw Ntr; therefore, ain't nobody speaking perfect English, and if they were, they would know to call it Mdw Ntr.
In other words, English-language is very imperfect Sign-language, thus, as proven by cultures who use English-language, a very imperfect understanding and relationship exists between the nature of self and the nature of all else – yet English-language has trained us to call our disconnect, “highly civilized.”.

English-language is a recent simplified corrupted version of Mdw Ntr just as Judaism-Christianity-Islam is a recent simplified corrupted version of African mythology. All languages, religions and cultures outside of Africa are recent, relative to those inside Africa. This is so because all people outside of Africa are recent compared to the length of time people, language, religion and civilization have existed inside Africa. No matter how large a timeframe found to exist or claimed to exist for a group of people outside of Africa, it only enlarges the antiquity of that which preexisted inside Africa.

Revisiting one of the messages above: We must not allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the common tactic of inundation of information. We must focus on the fundamental aspects. This will prevent us from being tricked by all the talk surrounding Colin Kaepernick so we can remember the issue is still racism. The problem is not what Kaepernick did, but what the terrorist collective is still doing worldwide.
By focusing on fundamentals, we will know human origins, language origins, genetic composition and many things are still being repeatedly lied about to keep us dancing in the wrong direction to weak logic.

Practice the logical use of metaphor. Ask questions of the logic being encountered. Compare all logic to something else human and to something else non-human to see if there is consistency of the fundamental issue.

If we don't repair our thought processes, we will continue to make decisions based on sources and “experts,” Thus all we will be doing is choosing who we believe in. rather than understanding the information based on self and all else. This approach is a lack of understanding the strength of our genetic potential. Most of us know we have some kind of strength, but most of us don't know that strength applies to all aspects of self, even if right now, it is not currently being manifested. Get nutrition.

Follow the process listening lays forth. In the meantime, since we are being sent several messages by the racism collective, let's send several back, starting with boycotting the NFL for this entire season regardless of what they do. Boycotting is more powerful than voting or protesting. Secondly, stop supporting traitors, parrots, puppets and the fearful.

*Something does not have to be proven to the Nth degree, or proven the same way, in order to be proven sufficiently enough. We've proven the same things over and over under different topics. Then we've proven it again under the specific topic itself. For instance, the origin of language has been proven under the origin of humans, under the origin of civilization, under the origin of religion, under the origin of science and under the origin of mathematics. At this rate, it will take several more generations to try to straighten out and debunk all the lies, topic by topic as a whole and then individually. At some point we must become more efficient so as to “kill multiple birds with one stone” because right now we just need more people to just stop “drinking the spiked punch” and to start cleansing themselves of toxic European concepts as Dr. Sister Nana Marimba Ani has told us.
Come on now people! The necessity still exists to talk about the origin of English, yet we already know the capital of England in America (Washington D.C.) is based on Egypt (Kemet). If America is still being based on Africa, then you know so were many other societies such as England and Greece and Rome and Chaldea where Abraham of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim Bible came from.

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