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Sunday, October 19, 2008

21 Scares: Poetry like Halloween

Perhaps it's just this poetry that's scary. It might be the scariest ever!

1. Poetry is for smart people, witches and warlocks.
2. The cover is beautiful but haunts me.
3. It melts in your spirit not in your mind.
4. Scares the bejeebies out of convention.
5. It contains batty ideas and romantic apparitions.
6. It creeps into secret discontentment.
7. It will suck the life right into ya.
8. Only includes mental pictures.
9. Discussing poetry is spooky.
10. No OPP stamp of approval.
11. Cursed by High Priestess, Nikki Giovanni.
12. Not hyped by a hypnotist with a cauldron.
13. The Great Pumpkin remains silent on poetry.
14. It encourages facing fear and the unknown.
15. Sensory overload may rattle your bones.
16. Sometimes it rhymes sometimes it doesn't.
17. There's no music just eclectic rhythm.
18. It's full of mirrors and bright lights.
19. It causes thinking, becoming, connecting.
20. Personal growth is too much work.
21. What's an Usiku?

Trick or Treat! and Happy Horrid Halloween!

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  1. Ornamental, uniquely dichotomous.... and scary yes! The creation of this one had to be, in thought and deed. Talk about lettin' your hair down. OPP??? That one I'm working on. By the way I bet Nikki knows what Usiku means but she doesn't know it yet. She will. How's that for scary?

  2. I'm glad you were able to understand and enjoy both sides of this one.

    More than anything, getting to know each word as it unfolds is beyond scary, it is frightfully delicious.


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