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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gardening: Plants Minister By Example

The more time I spend amongst nature, the more merrier I become. This is all due to their life examples.

No matter which plant ministers, a common theme is that gardening is not a matter of expertise. Expertise has a tendency of getting in the way of progress. It is a supposed lack of expertise that fuels a fear of failure that keeps a lot of people from returning to being friends with nature. Gardening is simply placing plants and seeds where they have a chance to grow and trusting nature to do most, if not all, of the rest.

Life Example 1: Two sunflowers arose after sleeping in layers of soil since Fall 2008. Two things:

(a) Some seeds do emerge. Keep placing 'em on soil and amazing things will happen.

(b) The petals of one sunflower is all yellow as commonly thought. The petals on the other plant are mostly red with streaks and tips of yellow. This same variance has also occurred on the same plant. These seeds came from the same seed head, the same mother. This is the story of human diversity, esp. the varying trait of skin tones.

Life Example 2: A rose bush I considered dead and tried to completely remove three years ago has steadily come back strong. From just a pinky-sized, dried out looking, scrub of a stalk, it produced several crimson roses this Spring. It has the same irrepressible spirit as the peach tree. Patient willingness for inner growth during a transition period leads to the outward revealing of already present success. Strong roots prevail.

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