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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Card Addressed To Self

Woman embracing herself showing self-love

Love is the Original Virgin Essence.
It was signed, sealed and addressed to you from the very beginning. Upon conception, this love was sent (c-mailed, if you will) and married within your earthly form. Love is the same power that quickens you and the universe. Rather than wish for a love to “Be Mine,” know you already have omnipotence within. It is more than a sweet sensation. It is a completing saturation.

You were not created because someone had nothing better to do. Before any human had thought, someone was thinking of you. You were created because someone believed you were worthy to receive a spirit formed from original love. This spirit is what allows you to pursue your talents with passion. First importantly, it allows you to love yourself physically, intellectually, and even romantically. Yes indeed!

Better than a Valentine's Day card is the expression and appreciation of the love that has always been first, full and forever. Embrace your spirit and receive its loving messages and mentoring. When you long for love, this is the one you unknowingly but truly need. This is the feeling at the core of your being aching to release its abundance. This inner love will do what nothing else or no one else can do for you. When this love is the greeting to every day, you will always “Be Yours.”

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Killing Me Softly, Killing Me Sweetly

Food Fight #19 – Another Approved Weapon of Mass Destruction

Before now I had not heard the biochemical warfare connection to aspartame.

In other words, aspartame was considered strong and deadly enough and physically impairing enough to be used as a toxin against the human body. It made the Pentagon's biochemical weapons list. The attractiveness of kill-all-living-things biochemical weapons is their ability to be spread through an essential medium such as air, water or food.

This sounds like aspartame and a long list of other substances resulting from our advanced society. Yet we, the citizens of civilized cultures, are so savvy, we place more value on health care benefits than caring about the benefits of our food. We fight for rights to freedoms but not the right to free-of-toxin food. From one to six times every day, we voluntarily open our mouths and swallow pieces of toxins because they taste good.

Definition of Chemical Warfare.

Equal, NutraSweet, Sugar Twin, Spoonful, Canderel, E951, AminoSweet, Natrataste, Equal-Measure and possibly several other names exist for aspartame.

Such sweet-sounding names with a little-by-fatal aftertaste. "In 1991 the National Institutes of Health, a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services, published a bibliography, *Adverse Effects of Aspartame*, listing not less than 167 reasons to avoid it."(2) Be vewy vewy careful when you have a taste for something sweet. Months ago I wrote about the carelessness that led to killing me softly, now this has been killing me sweetly.

Are you still a true believer in the FDA and others you believe are out there looking out for your safety? Why isn't there an uprising in the medical community, those who take an oath to save lives? Because most are simply students of the system, plus it's not their responsibility to save us before the fact.

1. Read the FDA's original DISapproval of aspartame. .
2. NutraPoison Part I . (The study by the National Institute of Health essentially discredits the FDA – government outing government. It once again exposes the fundamental nature of government which is, the same lack of coordination that led to the failure to thwart “9/11,” also impairs the government's ability to always coordinate its coverups. This inability showed up 10 years prior to 9/11/2001 and is certain to be ever-rampant and pervasive today.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drop It Like It's Not - Right!

“What was the most popular name in the US for baby boys in 2009?” As I recall, this was the final question on Million Dollar Money Drop a few days ago. The choices were “Michael,” “Jacob” and “Ethan.”

The contestants were mostly certain it was “Michael” but I, the knowing one, was more certain than them. They and I reasoned 2009 was the year Michael Jackson died and the world loves Michael. I also figured I know a lot of Mike's and rarely ever hear the other two names. Jacob sounds Jewish to me and not everyone is Jewish. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, breast and forehead as I tried to send this instant message loudly through the TV.

The correct answer was “Jacob.” It turns out Jacob has been number one for the past ten years.

Here's the reality. It is possible to be certain you are absolutely right and that there's no way you could be wrong and be completely mistaken. Luckily this was just a game show. I wondered how often this could and does happen to me and others about things that really matter. I must be more careful, diligent, vigilant, aware, receptive, introspective and more open.

After coming to terms with how I convinced myself to be wrong, (luckily there were no witnesses) I reviewed how I ended up on the righteous road to self deception.

1. Yes I know a lot of Mike's but evidently I don't know everyone in the US and evidently not any of those born in the past ten years.
2. Not hearing something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
3. Jacob is more Christian than it is Jewish and Christianity has a long history of influencing baby names.

With these additional considerations in the mix, objectivity rises and the wrong answer becomes less of a certainty, less of a possibility. When it comes to real life, this makes it less likely to fall flat and hard when the richness of life is at stake.

Do you want to be right from the start or finally get it right? If you choose the former, you only give yourself one chance and even when it's time to move or change position, refusal to do so is as a stubborn mule – the bewitching of oneself into believing that resisting and holding fast to the spot is progress. I prefer to finally get it right no matter how many times I must change position.

When it comes to thinking we know something, we should regularly consider, what if we're not right? What are the other possibilities? Sometimes that raging fiery feeling of certainty we get when we reiterate what we think we know might just be a warning burning sensation telling us to drop it like it's hot. Additional information is an opportunity. The same instinct that minimizes physical harm by telling us to let go of something hot must also be allowed to save us from a longheld belief. We must reflexively and swiftly, drop it like it's not – right.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Fight #18 - A Cellvolution!

Food Fight #18

It takes more than a resolution to have a healthy and prosperous New Year. We need to fight for our lives. This year, make a cellvolution!

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