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Friday, April 26, 2013

Is DNA Alive? Genetically Speaking -Yes!

Yes, DNA is alive. Here's why

“Human genetics are the instructions for our cells to carry out their functions. Without genetics, cells would not know what to do and therefore could not carry out a single function. We would be unable to breathe, think, move, live or exist. None of the basic elements would form molecules or compounds. H2O would not exist. Earth would not exist. Life would be over before it started.” (1)

Our DNA is alive because we are alive. We already know nutrients are alive and must be alive in order to be of total benefit to our cells. The nutrient, water is most certainly alive since it is one of the basics for life. Oxygen, an element, is most certainly alive.

DNA must be alive

In order for DNA to control our life functions, DNA must be alive. Life can only be initiated and maintained by that which is living. DNA is alive because it is conceived in water, developed in water, born in water and carries out its functions in water. Water is the genesis and sustainer of life.

(1) For a fuller explanation see, Definition: Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7f)

Reference: Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. 707.


  1. DNA is a molecular machine. It is the most sophisticated machine to have evolved during the machine epoch. The machine epoch comprises the greatest bulk of evolutionary time.

  2. Thanks, the link you provided is most informative.

    It is incomplete to define life merely in human terms, i.e., water must be present. That DNA is alive is a spiritually conscious perspective and not merely a human intellectual perspective. Briefly, a spiritually conscious perspective considers the life force that is present in all things from the Creator. That life force is spirit. All matter contains spirit, therefore DNA contains matter, contains life force and is alive.

    From a mind-centered approach, are "initiation machines" alive. Where is the genesis of life? What gives life, life? Certainly it is not merely a conglomerate of machines that build themselves into an organism.


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