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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, April 26, 2013

Definition: Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7f)

Restoring Our Human Genetics View

Human genetics are mostly viewed as relating to physical traits we inherit. There is much more to genetic code than this. Human genetics also includes other basic areas by which we develop (emotionally, mentally, spiritually). In addition to the physical, each of these aspects has an inherited genetic component.

What Are Genetics?

The ecosystem is an ever-changing, flexible system. Human genetics are an ever-changing, flexible system. This is no surprise since the ecosystem and humans are siblings.

When one thing changes in the ecosystem, other things are able to adjust (short-term) and adapt (long-term) in order to maintain equilibrium. This is possible due to natural laws and orders.

As part of the ecosystem, humans must have this same ability to change. Human genetics are our natural laws and orders that allow us to adjust and adapt to physical changes in the ecosystem. For humans, we call this ongoing balancing act, “homeostasis.”

Human genetics are the instructions for our cells to carry out their functions. Without genetics, cells would not know what to do and therefore could not carry out a single function. We would be unable to breathe, think, move, live or exist. None of the basic elements would form molecules or compounds. H2O would not exist. Earth would not exist. Life would be over before it started.

Genetic instructions initiate and control the functions and behavior of cells. Genetics are the driving force behind why living beings are the way they are. Genetics are the reason living beings do the things they do.

The focus, so far, has been on the genetic instructions that control our physical responses. Yet, we can now begin to sense, our other responses must also be controlled by an internal set of instructions.

It is true. Our mental responses, emotional responses and spiritual responses are all dictated by a set of genetic instructions. We don't think just because we have a physical brain. We think because we have mental instructions to go along with our brain's physical instructions. The same is true for our emotions and spirits.

Since the ecosystem is always being influenced by all it encounters, all living beings are always being influenced. Now we can begin to consider how our entire genetics (bodies, minds, feelings and spirits) have been shaped over time and what has, and still is, influencing these changes. Going forward, this broader definition of human genetics is used.

Influencing & Shaping Genetics

Human genetics are shaped before conception, during fetus development and after being born. During each of these three stages, our parents/caregivers can influence our genetics. During each of these stages, anyone can influence our genetics by affecting our parents/caregivers. During each of these stages, the ecosystem can influence our genetics. After we are born, humans can shape their own individual personal genetic instructions. After we are born, all of us can influence the genetics of other living beings.

We know we can change the fundamental temperament of animals by how we treat them.
We know we can internalize something and become different.
We know what stress does.
It is evident that mental illness also has a physical and emotional component.
We can say, do and teach things that changes how others view themselves, think about themselves, feel about themselves, treat themselves and allow themselves to be treated. We can also do all of these things to ourselves.

Although any single thing can influence human genetics, nutritional status is one of the most significant factors that determines whether these influences cause us to adjust or adapt for better or worse.

Influences & Responses When Status Is Malnutrition

The genetic response to unhealthy influences is too weak to resist, instead organisms adjust and adapt to become host to influences that make them weaker and weaker. When the infection doesn't kill, and only impairs, then humans continue living with the imbalance until it seems normal, especially generation after generation.

The genetic response to healthy influences is too weak for critical thinking and comparative analysis. There is only enough energy for skepticism because this does not require the amount of energy it takes to stop momentum in one direction and then build momentum in another direction. The mind and emotions are the main gatekeepers to this resistance but they can be reclaimed by jointly using physical and spiritual nutrition. This is necessary for detoxification from the drug of choice – distraction.

Influences & Responses When Status Is Nutrition

The genetic response to unhealthy influences is strong enough to use the intelligence of intuition and wisdom as complementary tools of discernment along with human-acquired intelligence.

The genetic response to healthy influences is recognition, adjusting, adapting and strengthening. The natural world, history and self-study becomes the multivitamin of choice.

Sudden Changes & Gradual Changes

As frequently said, whatever affects one of our four basic inseparable aspects also affects the other three. This is why they're inseparable. This is also why living beings who experience sudden, repeated or gradual changes in nutritional status – good or bad - will be changed for better or worse because their genetic instructions will be changed. This is why those who experience sudden, repeated or gradual influences physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually – good or bad - will be changed for better or worse.

These changes in our genetics remain in us and in our descendents until a greater opposing and sustained force shifts the direction.

This greater opposing force can be sudden, repeated or gradual. In other words, a sudden negative influence does not have to be met with a sudden positive influence. It can be corrected with the accumulated effects of repeated or gradual influences. Just know it is not intended for humans to “shift on the fly.” We must slow down.

Where Are These “Other” Genetics Located?

Our mental, emotional and spiritual genetics are located in the same place as our physical genetics – throughout the body in every cell. They are intertwined and layered with our physical DNA. Where else could they be? We are alive throughout on every level because our DNA is alive throughout on every level. Each cell has a mind, memory, emotion, spirit and physical traits.

Conclusion 1/2: Societal Considerations

Since societies are merely a reflection of its individuals, societies are guided by human genetics, not by man-made laws and constitutions. This is why many people break the law and do what their minds, emotions, bodies and spirits tell them to do, not what the law says even though sometimes genetic instructions match legal instructions.

Human genetics are instructions for living. Instead of wasting time focusing on laws, if change is desired, individuals must focus on changing their genetics and encouraging this in others.

Societies are ecosystems. If balance/harmony/peace do not exist, it is because equilibrium does not exist. Something is out of whack and flawed within the people themselves. As disequilibrium persists, the society's viability diminishes because human genetics that remain out of sync with natural world genetics become less and less able to adjust or adapt to natural world changes. Nothing humans create can change this.

Conclusion 2/2: Individual Considerations

Human genetics are instructions for living. They affect health/knowledge of self/self-esteem. Whether we are in control, out of control, in touch or out of touch is all due to the genetics that control us. Yet, all humans need and want balancing. It is an innate desire of living beings. However, once our instructions get too messed up, we seek balance in unbalancing ways because our instructions have been hijacked by infection. The infection is using us to feed itself.

The good news is that the flexible nature of human genetics allows us to change our genetic instructions. Our genetics can be rewritten with nutrition. Our genetics are ready and willing to respond to nutrition. This allows us to repair and restore our instructions. Even if we don't know what to do, where to start, what to think or how to feel about certain aspects of life & existence, we should be able to improve our physical nutrition and spiritual nutrition. As we do, the grip of mind and emotion will be loosened. Then we will be able to think more clearly and have a more balanced emotional response.

Then our entire being will be able to work together for our greater good – evolving.

As said before, the greatest force that shifts our direction is us.

In order to be properly functioning living beings we must have properly functioning instructions and nutrition to keep them that way. Because our genetic instructions play over and over again, all of our responses physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually are predictable because instructions are repeatable. Significant and sustained change (in this life) is initiated by similar change (in these genetic instructions). We must proceed courageously in spirit because change may involve flipping our genetic script so we can stop tripping on it.

To get to this point, we must change some of the things we allow to influence us. We must begin something different if we are ever going to end up with something different. This can be accomplished with big changes, small changes, sudden changes, gradual changes or in any combination. Once we begin utilizing the resource of human genetics to change our lives, Individual Time becomes our only limitation.
”It's the worldview we're listening to that's keeping us sick. Break that habit and anything genetic is more manageable, and, in many cases, healable and preventable. On the flip side, start new habits and things genetic are more powerful, and, in many cases, multipliable and unstoppable.

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