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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Internet Neutrality Sucked Dry By The Vampire – Capitalism Dysfunctionalism

The Empire Vampire

We have already been shown how capitalism and a supporting cast of institutions make inhabitants dependents.

Here's the latest proof. Don't be deceived however. There are numerous vampire bites daily.

The Empire Vampire Sucks Again

Due to a ruling by the US Circuit Court of Appeals in DC, telecom companies are free to dictate every aspect of what you can and cannot see, hear or do over the internet.

Instruct the FCC to reclassify broadband internet as a telecommunications service, so that it comes under existing laws that preserve a measure of internet neutrality and freedom, and prevent Verizon, AT&T and Comcast from treating the internet like their company town or plantation and us as serfs.

This Is An Emergency

The previous section contains excerpts of an article from The Black Agenda Report. This article also states this is an emergency. Clearly, it is.

Go to and sign the petition.

Email the President and Vice President If you'd like, simply copy the two paragraphs in the previous section and use in the body of your email. When finished with the first email, hit the back button to send to the next person.

Email your U. S. Senators

Email your U. S. Representatives

How long until all citizens are on total lockdown? How long until all individuals recognize their power, that it's all of us against a few of them and there's no time for any other discriminations?

Taken as a whole, U. S. citizens are classic crabs in a barrel, fighting each other for scraps instead of those who created these barrel-like, narrow, confining conditions. Yet we keep voting for people with the same character flaws so self-enslavement must be what we the people want – including the middle class and upper class crabs - in order to form a more dysfunctional union.


1/17/14 - Solving the Net Neutrality Problem Is Actually Simple

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