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Sunday, September 21, 2014

African Health History | Fundamental & Comprehensive
Cellular Level To Entire Self

(Part 1 of 3)

Fundamental Health Is Cellular Health

Historically, as Africans, we have been more in tune with the workings of our bodies. It is only in certain societies a Dark Age exists causing us to lose consciousness of a fundamental fact. Physical health comes from the health of cells. Health succeeds or fails in cells. We must begin at the cellular level if we intend to understand our bodies and health fundamentally.

Our bodies, organs and systems are all made of living cells. Each cell must get what it needs in order to function properly. Each cell must also avoid or get rid of what it doesn't need.

Beyond The Cellular To The Intracellular

Now we must go one step further and go inside cells. This is the intracellular level. We know each cell has a nucleus and in each nucleus are genetic instructions called DNA. We might not be aware DNA also needs nutrition. DNA is composed of the elements we are supposed to eat.

Clearly, cells are one of our many resources. Cell going through their processes and functions means cells are working. Our cells are working for us. Shouldn't we give our cells what they need to do the job? All we have to do is give cells the materials and they know how to do everything else.

Constant Divine Assistance

Cells function due to the power and ability of the Creator. Cells working inside us and for us is the Creator working inside us and for us. Everything cells do is actually the Creator creating and recreating inside us.

Comprehensive Health Must Address The Entire Self

Health is more than just physical health. In fact, health cannot exist without the health of all four inseparable aspects of self - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Although these parts are stated separately to remind us of their existence and need for attention, they are inseparable. Whatever affects one of the four aspects of self, affects the other three. This must be true since they are part of a system which means integration and interaction.

I contend, when cells malfunction during our adult lives and that malfunction persists until a noticeable disorder exists, we are to blame. We have not given the entire self the attention it needs to maintain health. Somewhere in our thinking, choices and daily practices, we have neglected the tandems of fundamental/comprehensive, micro/macro and small picture/big picture.

Until we go to the cellular, intracellular and then to the entire self we won't be able to get to the bottom of things where the cure lies. Neither will be able to get to the top of things where the cure into harmony ties.

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