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“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Expanded Definition | 42 Scientific Admissions of Blackness

See, ”Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?”

Expanded Definition: Blackness & Black

1) Blackness is the black matter of the universe. Black matter is improperly called dark matter.
2) Black matter is the womb of the universe and creation.
3) Black matter is the creative force and substance of preexistence.
4) The Creator must be blackness.
5) Blackness did not have to be created because the Creator did not have to be created.
6) Blackness is the natural state of the Uncreated One.
7) Blackness contains all colors.
8) Only through blackness can all human color variations come into existence. In the image of self, the Creator Of Blackness created people of blackness. The Creator bringing forth all things on the Universal level and people of blackness bringing forth all things on the human level.
9) Blackness generates light.
10) Blackness is the parent of light. Light comes out of blackness and blackness is inside light.
11) Blackness is the core of the Sun and core of the Earth.
12) Blackness fuels the light that generates life.
13) Just as blackness produces all colors, the sun produces all forms of light. How? Three reasons. First, the sun is made by blackness. Second, the sun is made from blackness. Third, the sun is fueled by blackness.
14) This provides a key: What blackness can do, its creations can also do, especially creations which are blackness in their core being. This explains the origin of the full spectrum of creation that emanates into civilization. Civilization is a continuation of the organizing principle of creation. This is why the organizing principle, civilization, came from the earthly womb of blackness – Africa.
15) As above, so below. Just as harmony must be restored by the Creator of blackness, so through blackness, must harmony be restored on Earth. For civility to return to Earth, humanity must be purified by blackness because blackness contains the original genetic factory settings for life and existence. Add this knowledge to the womb of blackness and know the African female will rise.
16) Blackness contains scattered light.
17) Each day is composed of two phases of blackness. Light is the mostly active phase. Night is the mostly resting and repair phase.
18) In other words, each 24-hour day consists of DayLight and DayNight.
19) Light seen during daylight is actually light-saturated blackness. The sun generates so much light, blackness cannot absorb it all. The sun's core of blackness produces light that saturates blackness. In other words, blackness transforms itself into a different form (light) in order to saturate itself. This transformation and saturation is what allows light to remain visible in the midst of ever-present and all-powerful blackness. For this same reason, artificial light cannot rest for a second, else be overtaken immediately.
20) Only blackness can outdo or undo blackness. To think otherwise is to not be able to tell time or be able to read the signs. To think otherwise is to trust the artificial over the natural and the temporary over the enduring. Have we not endured? All that remains is to return to natural.
21) Only that which emanates blackness can repair and restore the universal order. Peace on Earth will not come through destroyers. It is against their nature and ever-worsening track record. To believe otherwise is to expect recompense without remorse or repentance. To believe otherwise is to expect Yurugu and Satan and them to fix what they f*cked up when they have yet to let up and instead have ramped up evil.
22) Black matter contains unused genetic material of the Creator. Since the universe is expanding, so must the matter within the universe.
23) Since Matter is expanding, so is Spirit. Therefore, so are the powers and possibilities within creation.
24) Since the universe is mostly black matter and black matter is the creative substance, there is more creation to come from the universe. There is more creation to come from the blackness already within creation. This is true for all aspects of creation including humans aligned with their blackness, aligned with the Sun of Blackness and aligned with the Spirit of Blackness. These three – humans, sun and spirit - are an amplification and distribution system for what needs to be created, just as the original trinity is.
25) Blackness is reality.

Expanded Definition: Lightness & Light

1) Light is born of blackness.
2) Light is the release of blackness energy.
3) Light is visible heat.
4) Where light is generated, so is heat but not the other way around. In the same manner, where there is matter, so is spirit; and where there is male, so is female.
5) Light is the result of the creative process of blackness. The sun's black core generates heat and light energy. These chemical reactions are creative processes.
6) There is light in blackness which is why eyes can adapt in blackness to be able to see. If there was no light in blackness, no amount of eye change would allow eyes to adjust to blackness.

Expanded Definition: Darkness & Dark

1) Darkness is not the same thing as blackness.
2) Darkness is the absence of understanding, thus light.
3) Darkness is separation and disconnection from the creative force of the Universe.
4) In darkness, knowledge does not exist. Information out of context exists. Artificial light exists. Artificial light is unable to stand up to scrutiny under natural light. Thus, artificial light hides behind what is “official.” and distracts with the superficial. By this alone, most darkness is exposed.
5) Darkness is the matrix. Darkness is a lack of awareness the matrix exists. Darkness creates illusion and false notions. In this scenario, a person is blinded by the light – artificial light. This artificial light claims to be life-enhancing when in fact it is life-degrading. Artificial light is everywhere in modern societies.
6) Darkness can exist in part.
7) Darkness is loneliness.
8) Nighttime, is not darkness, it is blackness.
9) Those absent of sufficient blackness or whose blackness is not activated will call black matter dark matter because they know not self.
10) Darkness mainly describes a human condition due to lack of knowledge of self.
11) To come out of darkness requires being reabsorbed into blackness and then being reborn into light. The alternative is decomposition and reabsorption into black matter. Either way, all things return to blackness by harmonizing choice or harmonizing force.

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