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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?

What Is Science?

The study of natural worlds, nature and the neters. All three are the same thing.

The neters are aspects (personalities) of the Creator that represent different parts of nature. The Creator is so immense it is impossible to know and understand the Creator just from a whole perspective. The neter aspects allow understanding in parts that are then synthesized into an understanding of the whole. Neter (nTr) is the basis for the word nature.

All parts of creation have different,yet inseparable, aspects. Humans have aspects such as mind, body, soul and spirit. Plants also have aspects, as do animals, water, fire, rocks, etc. We sometimes refer to these aspects as qualities, characteristics, traits, sides, facets, displays, manifestations and attributes. Once we use the key – as above, so below - truth is unlocked. We can extend this to the Creator because it is verified throughout nature.

Therefore, ultimately, science is the study of the Creator. How can this be? That's not what I've been taught. Of course not. Here's how. Nothing exists outside the Creator. All things were created by the Creator. All things come from the imagination of the Creator into the manifestations we see, sense, feel and experience. Everything we study inside this universe is the same as studying the Creator.

Another Aspect Of The Definition

Science is learning how natural worlds and ecosystems work. Science is used to learn how to live optimally within natural systems, i.e., harmoniously.

Science recognizes humans and nature are the same and inseparable. Guided by this integrated perspective, science seeks knowledge of self through knowledge of all else. Science studies human nature by not only studying human nature, but also Earth's nature and the Universe's nature. Earth and Universe are studied in the same way. All things must be studied in relation to something else, since, in order to obtain meaning, learning requires context to serve as a point of reference and comparison.

The study of science is always part of a unified system of study. This is necessary due to the Law of Harmony and ecosystems. Since life requires coexistence, symbiosis and synthesis, the understanding of life must come through the synthesis of all the sciences. Science must be open-minded.

Science is part of divine thought transferred to human beings. One purpose is to provide civilization-building and civilization-sustaining knowledge. Even so, the possession and use of scientific knowledge alone does not produce civilization. This is evident today. Scientific knowledge must be used under the guidance of knowledge of self to ensure the harmony of natural systems are not disturbed.

Through science we acquire knowledge of self. As we do, we recognize ourselves in the Universe. We also recognize our purposes and responsibilities to the Universe. This is not fluffy spiritual theory. The evils today stem from unresolved disturbances to the Universal ecosystem. Our behaviors make it better or worse. Knowledge of self that comes through the study of nature, allows us to direct our behaviors and resources in every day practical ways so we can do what we were sent here to do - heal the world and make it a better place like MJ said.

This is also the Creator's plan for us. We must commune with, study and respect the natural world in order to obtain the equality, balance, wholeness, contentment, harmony, justice, peace, health, fulfillment, Hapi-ness, love and unity we seek within ourselves and in the world. This is the entire Law and highest scientific principle.

Science is a tool.

Additional Aspects

Science is seen spirituality and spirituality is unseen science. per Brother Kamene.

Per Sister Ani: "Science is the organization of knowledge sacredly based and the application of knowledge that has been collectively acquired. It is systematic and useful. It is the synthesis of cosmic awareness. This leads to an intuitive grasp of the empirical, phenomena and the universal whole."

"Science is the science of spirit. Spirit and matter are joined. Spirit is energy, consistent and eternal. Matter is the form that energy takes and its physical form changes. Matter is the manifestation of spirit."

Modern Science Is Not Science For Many Reasons

1. Science has ancient origins and fullness in Africa, not in Greece.
2. Modern science ignores the definitions and approaches above.
3. Modern science studies nature to figure out how to overpower it and exploit it.
4. Each scientific discipline is undisciplined, therefore unscientific, since it does not integrate knowledge from all other sciences.
5. Modern science is closed-minded. It manipulates and hides evidence.
6. Modern science is used mostly as a weapon and money maker.
7. Modern science practices anti-God behavior.
8. Modern scientists tell bald-faced lies right to the Creator's face.

Where Are The Scientists?

Every human being's responsibility is to be a scientist. A scientist is anyone who observes and studies nature as part of the inseparable process of learning knowledge of self. All of us are supposed to be in pursuit of knowledge of self because that's what a human being means.

Science is part of the intimate relationship we are supposed to have with the natural world in order to develop self-awareness, thus self-esteem.

The Scientists Are Not Where They Do Not Maat

Per Sister Ani, "the process of learning is most important. The way we learn [processes and methods] affects us deeply. Learning has no meaning without a context for meaning. That context is knowledge of self. It is dangerous to learn anything without simultaneously learning knowledge of self." [This means learning not understood in relation to self has no foundation and no bearing and thus can attach us to anything. This out of context learning can put us on any type of course. It can absolutely be used against us with our full compliance and eagerness. This is evident by looking at just one example. We pay money to get learning yet have no idea how it affects who we really are. Most of it hurts like hell.]

"In modern scientific practices, a person can become a scientist and be a moral idiot. [There is no integrated study of self and thus, no moral bearing or sense of responsibility to the natural systems and components being studied. Also, they are studying the Creator and don't know it. Plus they don't know all the aspects of nature are aspects of the Creator and when you mess with plants, for example, you mess with God. The Universe is going to put the hurt back on you.]

Just Wondering

Isn't scientific peer-review a vacuum loop in an air-tight room?

The ill-formed information that comes out of this room is deemed credible for human consumption simply because it's edible, i.e., suitable for the gullible. In reality, it is as stifling as the environment it comes from. Thus, when what we need are things sun-cooked and freshly bred, we get things half-baked and polluted instead.

Wonder why it's a struggle to just survive? Growth and development is kept at the minimal level of focusing on surviving when information from unscientific “scientists” is what we consume in all areas of life to nourish the thinking that directs our behaviors?

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