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In 1971 Neely Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

World History's Higher Spiritual Calling Of Ancestors
Unity Consciousness #132


To avoid succumbing to sweet-sounding, sweet-tasting and sweet-feeling dangerous ideas and foolish false notions, we must continue studying. We must continue studying fundamentals, keys and foundations. All the while we must continue listening to prove faithfulness to the higher spiritual calling of ancestors.

How Long Must We Continue Studying & Listening?

It is now approximately 150 years since the Maafa shifted into its current multistage phase. Despite its desperate grip, it is continuously slipping and is near the very end. Its energy draining is waning. Clear evidence of this is the attempts to restore slavery to its fullness and without pretension. Fewer and fewer people are willingly following false notions so the return to slavery for all people is an attempt is to force us to go along. This has triggered the universal immune system into higher gear. The lower spirit has been conquered above and the metaphor is molding itself throughout all dimensions. We must continue studying and listening until the Maafa is completely no more, nowhere on no dimension.

Get A Grip On Genetics

We will slip off the low end with the lower spirit if we continue to hang on to lower spiritual logic. This is the logic that produces the misunderstanding that fosters dangerous ideas and foolish false notions. These ideas are believable because they are spiritual and we are spirits.

We must loosen our grip and let go one hand at at time. We must reach out within and reconnect to the higher spiritual calling of ancestors in our genetic database. This knowledge of self is a great source of wealth.

Destiny Is Calling Us To Greatness

Know that 150 years is not a long time. It is a fraction of a nanosecond of eternal time, if that much.

Know that the greatness of humanity was made manifest for tens of thousands of years, prior to the Maafa worldwide. Know that the greatness promoted by the perpetrators of this melting Maafa would receive the lowest of the failing grades of all time periods if humanity was graded on a curve.

It is because of this lowest point in world history, that an all-time higher point is to follow – a Grand Golden Age to overshadow the Darkest Dark Age. The ancestors coming through us in the form of children and grandchildren will experience this return to civilization, therefore evolution. It doesn't take long to recover once the right nutrient medicine is flowing through our ecosystems.

We have done more than survive. Through the process we have produced a stronger genetic humanity. Now is the time for feeding ourselves from the soil and spring of the origins of things. This knowledge will nourish our adaptability rather than allow these strengths to be used in the form of mutations.

We Are World History In The Making

The higher spiritual calling of the ancestors is a process most frequently and recently being referred to as the shift taking place in consciousness. This is the shift away from the lower spiritual calling to the higher spiritual calling. It is the shift of balance in the heavens being restored. The primordials are part of this progression. As they change, all else created after them and from them must change. Because climate is changing spiritually, climate is also changing physically, thus climate must also simultaneously change mentally which is consciously. In keeping with this restoration, the last shall become first is the prophecy to the metaphor of the world history of consciousness and colors in reverse.

Remember, the revolution of consciousness is not being televised or video viralized. The way of knowing is coming from that considered least among us – our genetics. Whether we listen to them or not, our genetics are answering, heeding and following the higher spiritual calling because our genetics are the ancestors themselves. Just as genetics are automatically carrying out instructions without our conscious approval, these genetics are also repairing and restoring memory which is in DNA. In this stage of the awakening, everyone is being guided back towards healthiness via knowledge of self, thus self-esteem. The main nine miseducation systems used worldwide are losing their effectiveness on those who are knowing better and doing better. The only way to remain sick and at the end of a fraying rope is to refuse to accept the revolution and revelations emerging within self which are the memories and knowledge of our pre-Maafa selves.

Two-Way Calling | Unity Consciousness #131


Two-Way Calling

by Ancestors through Usiku

Coming of age was delayed
Despite free assistance in every stage
I followed no higher calling many days
Thus dipped through the lower phase
I was lost using the same key as the saved
Logic still turns it either way
Determines behaviors I display
When consciousness is lowered or raised

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dangerous Ideas & Foolish False Notions
Unity Consciousness #130


False notions alter reality by creating matrixes within consciousness, I.e, small worlds, boxes, illusions, disconnections and out of phase cocoons.

To those who cling to false notions such as a 3D world, the validity of prehistory, to each his own, self-esteem without knowledge of self, a depigmented Jesus, a male only Creator, wholeness of holy books, human dominion and a non-African origin of humanity, the world must still be flat, earth must still be the center of the universe and the last will remain first.

For those people, it is a scary thing to even consider approaching the edge of such a flat world. They ain't trying to go nowhere near or hear anything that suggests expansion of comprehension.

Understanding cannot come full circle using flat, linear-only, logic. In keeping with the behavior of those who foolishly shut out light and huddle in darkness, this breeds the false need for protection from many dangers.

The only dangerous idea is a misunderstood idea.

Friday, February 13, 2015

It Is The Season Of Growth & Understanding
Unity Consciousness #129

Through one of its lessons, “The Spirit of Someday” repeats the law that it is not possible to stay in one place and grow.

When ready, fruit must be picked or it will fall or it will rot right where it is. Sometimes winds assist. Sometimes animals assist. Neither could do a thing unless the power to do so has been given by the same force that brings fruit to fullness of the current stage.

A Life Of Seasons

For every season there are things that don't grow, grow slowly and grow rapidly. Life is that way. Life can be viewed as a series of repeating seasons. What season is it? It is the season of growth and understanding.

A season is a stage. With every stage of growth comes increasing realizations, rights & responsibilities. Our default setting is to grow into knowledge of self until all else is understood.

What will we manipulate and how will we discriminate to help growth happen?

The Method Is In The Metaphor

Plants grow by ingesting and outgesting more nutrition than they use to stay alive. Under nutritious conditions, plants can't help but grow.

It takes purposeful interference for divine creations, who are designed to grow and change, to not grow. The universe is a nutritious place. If we interact with ecosystems on all levels, we will grow. The forces existing before us are with us.

May our seasons of no growth be as short as tropical winters.

The Spirit Of Someday
Unity Consciousness #128


The following is based on a 2008 essay found resting among pages of 0's and 1's.

As we're learning to trust, we write and create. These gifts fit perfectly since, like all gifts, they are custom-made by unity consciousness.

As we understand these abilities, we share and unite blessings. That is what talents are for. Someday we will pursue the “One Dream” that's on purpose, without the need for another full time resource waster. So far so good.

With writing and a multifaceted foundation, we will help others discover and develop their own “Someday.” They will learn to listen to their inner voice and unwrap their gifts. As more individuals take hold of their purposes and make a learning doing so, this world will begin a new evolution, complete with problem re-solution we so desperately need.

Through the power vested in the universal to assist, we will understand how to drink deeply from the fountain of resources. That's when we'll trade in the day job for the continuation of our life's work-in-progress – unity consciousness.

This will help more of us become conscious of opportunities resident in knowledge of self. The rest will take care of itself. The Spirit Of Truth is faithful.

We know this day is not so far away because someday comes from the efforts of everyday.

This someday came 8 months later when the tomb, once a womb, became a womb again through the metamorphosis of the cocoon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Comparing & Contrasting One Life To Another
Unity Consciousness #127

No two lives are alike. No two lives are intended to be.

Comparing one life to another on a few points to draw conclusions about fairness and equality is skimpy logic. No two children in their conception, birth and upbringing, even by the same parents in the same house, can have or should have the same experience. Many circumstances, controllable and uncontrollable, affect the entirety of each person's life. This is even true for identical twins.

Most of the time when we compare one life to another, we look at either the good or the bad, one side or the other, but rarely both. We also tend to look at a small snapshot of time rather than the entirety of the person's current life and the lives that continue through the person and the lives interacted with. There is much more to comparing one life to another than just looking at a list of areas to compare. Analysis must transcend Giri So assessment and become critically extensive.

Do you wish your life was like somebody else's? Look around you. Don't you know someone else wishes they could trade their life for yours? Especially the person who is no longer physically here? There are so many situations and circumstances that could be our experience but is not. We have any number of ailments, family situations, living in areas where bombs are daily occurrences, wages are less than $3 a day, basic needs are scarce, etc.

This article should not be misconstrued as an endorsement for unequal treatment and unequal consideration against individuals or groups.

Truth is, comparisons are supposed to happen to help us in constructive ways. Far too often we allow incomplete comparisons to affect us destructively. Since comparing one life to another is going to happen anyway, at a minimum, when comparing one person to another, contrast should also be used. Contrast by looking at things from different sides, angles, in general, specifically, overall and in detail. We should compare and contrast similarities and differences. We should seek to answer more questions about each area such as Why, When, How, etc. This does not mean we must make exhaustive comparisons. It means we must cast a larger net in order to compare all the major factors. There are several major factors often forgotten when making comparisons. One of these is historical influences.

Ultimately, well-grounded comparisons start with self compared to the natural world, the Creator, the Maatian philosophy, purposes and other healthier comparisons.

If, for the moment, we allow ourselves to consider groups as individuals, Africans must not compare themselves to Europeans or other groups without understanding the impact of our Utamawazos. For example, an African following a European Utamawazo who compares self to Europeans following an European Utamawazo will be woefully offtrack when making comparisons, if the nature of the African Utamawazo and European Utamawazo are not properly understood.

We are again reminded:
“To expect Europeans living in an Ice Age culture, to operate as if they lived in a tropical country would be not dealing with reality. To expect the lifestyle of a man in the Ice Age to have the same moral values compared to a man coming from the sun climate would be opposite to reality.”

No two lives are alike. This is even true for two: hydrogen atoms, grains of wheat, blades of grass, ants, bees or flowers on the same plant. To keep it as simple as possible, we'd all be much better off if we compared our own personal individual starting point to where we are now. What have we done with what we had to work with from the beginning and every step of the way? Compare self to self - at the beginning and various points along the way to life right now. How do these stages compare?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transcending Places That Hold Us
Along With Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
Unity Consciousness #126

What Holds Us?

Is it a lack of knowledge?
Do we trust western-styled beliefs rather than the principles from the birthplace of humans and civilization?

Does lack of other nutrition hold us?

Does our failure to Sankofa hold us?

Does fear hold us?
Does this fear come from uncertainty due to lack of nutrition and presence of toxins that cause further attrition?

Is it human creations that hold us?
Does information about the Most High come from a primary source (written by God, not from God through humans)? A primary source is creation devoid of human manipulation, i.e., the natural world.
Or does information about the Most High come from a secondary source (written by humans who claim it came from God) - holy books?
Do we allow our definition of what is holy (determined by humans) to override our sense of what is universal (determined by God)? Do we study, observe, interact with and merge understanding of the natural world without and within? The natural world is The Word. The Word of God written in all languages everyone can understand spiritually, literally and metaphorically is the natural world.

Transcending Contradictions

The greatest contradictions start at the root of reasoning – our spiritual foundation.

If we acknowledge a Higher Power, why should we allow human law to be the highest authority? We must transcend the law of humans that is out of agreement with universal laws.

Then we transcend the law. We get back to humanity.

Transcending False Notions & Self-Esteem

There are many false notions, here are just a few:

1. Life ain't fair. Until we have transcended focusing on this Earthly life and have extended our knowing to the lives before and after this one, knowing what is fair will remain elusive.
2. Does our main identity hold us - job, car, house, money, romantic love, family, friends, children, memberships, etc. Our earthly identity is a small portion of our total identity because the physical is a small part of our identity. It is temporary. We are mostly spiritual and universal in nature and eternal.

Transcending Circumstances

If we feel our conception, birth and upbringing was not and is not on point, instead of blaming parents, we should work towards the perfection we expect of others. If we consider our circumstances, but yet, do not consider the conception, birth and upbringing of our parents, we are guilty of a double standard. Double standards always hold the holder of double standards.

”You have transcended, it's very important to transcend the places that hold us.”
- - Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Transcending With Open-Mindedness & Thought Process

We must check out information before throwing it out. Digest it by absorbing it into the subconscious long-term information processor. If it is junk food, it won't kill us. If it is nutrition, it will help cure us. The reward for seeking truth is greater than the risk. The risk of ignoring or passing by what might be an unknown or hard-to-swallow truth is also greater than the reward for ignoring. There is little benefit to closed-mindedness and an insufficient thought process. They hold us in low places.

Transcending Logic Of The Lower Spiritual Self

Once we seek truth, which implies sincerity, which implies honesty, we will see it and be unable to turn from it.

It is a contradiction to claim to seek truth, but do so dishonestly. This dishonesty becomes evident when facts are ignored. Lying to ourselves becomes evident when we seek nothing more than to confirm our biases and what we already believe no matter the falseness of the long held notions. This is why those who ignore their African human origins and all truths/facts about Mama Africa and all world history, will remain held by the lower self.

”I ask you to consider the evidence. Don't turn away from the truth. Don't turn away from your conscience.”
See related articles.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Misunderstanding Defileth Woman & Man
Unity Consciousness #125


This is in keeping with Conception, Birth & Upbringing.

Decisions Based On Misunderstanding Defile

The Ancients told us, it is not what goes into a person that defiles the person; rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles the person.

For example, the ability to make a child is a pure thing.

What parents did or didn't do CANNOT defile the divine presence and genetics in a child. If anything, the child, the divine being that comes out of the parents, adds a degree of purity to the parent's lives. Childbirth under any circumstances is a purifying event in the universe.

Conception, Birth & Upbringing
Unity Consciousness #124

Many are entombed just outside the womb.

Perception Of Conception

No matter how a person is conceived, the result is the same. The coming together of egg and sperm happens the same no matter the circumstances of conception.

No one can choose their parents or whether their conception happened when their parents had sex, “made love,” had forced sex or were married. The parts about parents a child cannot control, which is pretty much everything, does not change the child into something less than a child, a full person and a human being.

Control Yourself, Leave The Rest Alone

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I should;
And wisdom to know the difference.

At a minimum, every person is responsible for self-control, self-study, decisions made and self-correction.

Control Who You Are By Knowing Who You Are

Every person is a child of Creation born with purposes and promises. Who we are is not determined by human standards. We are divine beings. Life does not come “from” parents. Life comes from the Creator and “through” parents. Our main parent is the Supreme Being of the universe.

Appreciate Life Itself

If parents did nothing else except help the Creator get us here, it is more than we can do for self. We must be appreciative of this in order to be appreciate the preciousness of this life on Earth. Even if our parents are not unified after we are born, we must not allow that to overshadow the most important unity they did achieve – union of egg and sperm that brought us into being.

Substance Is Greater Than Circumstance

Truth is, everyone is born of imperfect circumstances. Everyone has multiple things to deal with and overcome from start to finish of this lifetime. There are no exceptions. No person has ever been dealt “the perfect hand.”

Even so, nothing is placed before us or upon us that the ability to overcome it has not also been placed around us and within us. We must go through the journey and complete the tests if we are to be our best.

Circumstances outside a person are not greater than substance within a person. If anything, a person is stronger due to their circumstances, not weaker. The very presence of the circumstances themselves prepares the person to be able to handle the circumstances. Nyame is faithful.

Whatever comes through or survives any set of circumstances is only able to do so by making the necessary adjustments. We must use the ability to adjust to help ourselves and not use our uniquely tuned abilities, that are specialized to fit our circumstances, in self-defeating, self-destructive ways. We must turn perception around, energy around and life around.

Stop Wishing Things Were Different And Make Them Different

A person who thinks they would be better off today if their conception, birth and upbringing were different is mistaken. What we control is what makes the biggest difference. Everyone has this same ability and opportunity. Even though we might have a different set of circumstances, as long as we control what we should, we determine the way our lives go.

A person who does not control what they should, squanders resources because what it means to be wealthy and fortunate are misunderstood. A person who controls what they should, lives fully rather than foolishly.

Conception, birth and upbringing only become obstacles when we misunderstand their purposes and our purposes.
As we grow in knowledge of self, we re-conceive ourselves and are born again in understandings. With consciousness now rising, we are able to rise out of circumstances and overcome encasing ourselves in a tomb outside the womb.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Redefining Cocoons, Wombs & Tombs
Unity Consciousness #123


A cocoon is where transformation and change take place. Whatever contains something else is a cocoon.

Cocoons Within Cocoons

The universe is a cocoon for creation. The galaxy is a cocoon for Earth. Universe, galaxy and Earth are cocoons for spirit. So are plant and animal bodies within Earth. Cells are cocoons as well as brains. Atoms and nuclei are cocoons. Water, air and sun are cocoons. Families, villages and relationships of all types are cocoons. Wherever learning takes place is a cocoon. Contexts such as worldview, definitions and culture are cocoons. Beliefs, understanding and emotions are cocoons. Every stage of life is a cocoon. Every moment is a cocoon.

Womb And Tomb

A cocoon is where change takes place, which is what also happens in a womb and in a tomb.

A cocoon is a tomb to that which has been and a womb to that which will be. The process of metamorphosis not only changes the contents inside the cocoon but the process also changes the cocoon itself to allow it to simultaneously function as two things – tomb/womb.

Tomb and womb are one and the same because each one is both the end/beginning of another process of metamorphosis. The tomb is the end of one life and the beginning of another. The womb is the beginning of one life and the end of another. This makes tombs, wombs and cocoons the same thing.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Metamorphosis: Transformation & Change Into
Everything Is Everything
Unity Consciousness #122

Broadening The Definition By Narrowing It Down

Metamorphosis is transformation. Transformation is transferring, transitioning, moving, changing from one form to another form. Metamorphosis is not just large changes. It is also small changes. Metamorphosis is not just physical changes but also spiritual, mental and emotional. Metamorphosis is not limited to what the basic senses and understandings are able to perceive. There are many types, levels, speeds and processes of metamorphosis. When it comes down to it, metamorphosis is transformation is change is metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is the process of reconfiguring to express potential differently.

Creation is metamorphosis. Everything associated with life is metamorphosis. Every life, no matter what, goes through metamorphosis after metamorphosis.

The ecosystem is metamorphosis. Eternity is metamorphosis. The temporary is metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is everything is metamorphosis.

Considered another way, metamorphosis is change within change and transformation within transformation. Metamorphosis is everything everywhere eternally.

When a thought or action forms, metamorphosis is taking place. Any step of any process, whether obviously in motion or seemingly at rest, is metamorphosis. In different degrees at different times, metamorphosis is controllable, uncontrollable, voluntary and involuntary.

Writing, reading, analyzing, understanding are all types of metamorphosis. Any way we use abilities is metamorphosis.

Every moment is part of metamorphosis on multiple levels too numerous to count.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Equality Always Comes Through The Great Equalizer
Unity Consciousness #121


We transition through nature and are reborn into human form. We transition through nature and are reborn into formless form. This is often referred to as life and death; birth and death; body and spirit. All these words describe different parts of the same universal process. No matter what stage or form we are in or how we live, we exist as nature as does all creation. The Great Equalizer is nature.

Process & Knowledge

Equality is necessary to maintain the ecosystem. Since the ecosystem is about all creation and all processes, so is equality. The Great Equalizer is knowing the nature of equality through maintaining the ecosystem within self.


Spirit is in charge of equality. Through spirit comes all creation, all energy and all things. The Great Equalizer is spirit.

The Great Equalizer is not a gun. Equality will not come through children who use resources mainly as weapons. Equality is not a human design, decision, law, legality or morality. Equality comes through what is in all – spirit, process, knowledge and nature. As these things swing between high and low, sometimes fast sometimes slow, in the universal eternal, so does equality also.

Equality Always Exists

Equality always exists
The lower spiritual self resists
The higher spiritual self insists
Through many processes
We transform and transit
Puzzle pieces fit
Keys make mysteries click
Becoming as knowledge
We resolve conflicts
Equality is reestablished
To fulness

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Messages & Messengers| Ways of Knowing
Unity Consciousness #120

Before a need ever appears
The resource is already here

Multiple Messengers

There are multiple ways of knowing to receive understanding. This is in accordance with the abundance nature of the Creator. If understanding is what we need, the abilities and ways to get understanding are supplied abundantly just like all other needful things. It's up to us to put the need and the resource together. In the same way we can get the same nutrition from multiple foods, we can get the same understanding in multiple ways from multiple places.

Show me who you are in every way.
Help me receive your instructions and messengers.
With humility and thankfulness.

Multiple Messages

The spirit sends messages from our spirit, through anyone, any experience, nature, dreams, conversations, writings, music, television, sports and so on.
When understanding is needed
Meaning has already been put into messages
Listen to the messengers to receive it
The best understanding comes spiritually. Spiritual understanding develops through unity consciousness. This way of knowing allows us to decode messages that don't seem like messages otherwise. It allows us to decipher messages from within our spiral DNA and all the way to messages in the spiral DNA of Milky Way.

As said before, in order to receive the same meaning, we need the same context and definitions. In order to understand the messages of the Creator we must use higher spirit within, not the lower spirit within.

Messages from the Creator meant for us, we do not have to get them from another person, a holy book, holy prophets, a preacher or a “spiritualist” by any name. This blog is not the best place. It is to get us back to relying, recognizing and nutritioning the higher spiritual self.

Warning Messages

The closest opportunity is the subconscious mind. It sends messages into our conscious mind in the same way messages pop-up on computers but with greater frequency. The subconscious mind is spirit trying to provide understanding.

Even so, the Faithful One always warns and provides signs through multiple messengers with the same message stated differently. As said above, wherever we are mentally and spiritually, there are ways to get the messages we need.

It is one thing to not understand and another thing to not seek understanding or avoid it to protect understanding we already have.

There were so many messengers with warnings who proclaimed. Yet you hearkened to the weaker, the carnivorous creature. and not the sisters and brothers who offered nutrition in accordance with their duty as thy keeper to free you from Stockholm syndrome.

Consciousness Rising

The time span between message, messenger and manifestation of the message is shortening. As our studies progress, we will find information needed has been brought into existence more and more recently. In other words, the need and the resource are being born closer together. The learning curve is also shortening in order to fulfill what is needed to overcome the rising upheaval.

On each side of the event horizon
Everything needed is arriving
Understanding is synthesizing
Higher consciousness is rising
Though humans are destroying and dividing
Natural ones are restoring and multiplying
Equations are equalizing
Believe the truth can be found and have faith in the ability of the Higher Power to teach the truth.