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Monday, November 24, 2014

Genetic Salvation For Children, Mothers & Fathers
Unity Consciousness #18

Each child is a unique combination of the complete ancestry of their parents.

Parents are simply a child's two most recent ancestors.

No Child is 50% Mother and 50% Father

Just like the child, the mother is also a unique combination of her ancestors, both male and female. This is also true for the father.

Each egg and each sperm contain unique combinations of DNA. Each egg the mother will ever produce are all different. The same is true for each sperm the father will ever produce.

If each egg and sperm were not different, children from the same parents would all look and be alike. Even children of multiple births are different. Also, children who are supposedly identical physically are only identical to the lazy eye. They are not identical genetically either.

What Percentage of Each Parent Makes Up The Child?

Even though half of genetics comes from each parent, that 50% is not half of just that parent. That 50% is half of that parent mixed in with and all their ancestors. The result is a 50% blend of all ancestors where each ancestor and each parent represents a tiny fraction of the 50%.

A tiny fraction of each parent is passed on to the child. Who each parent has become at the moment of sperm and egg production has been added to the genetics of the rest of the ancestors already in them.

Therefore, each child and each person is a tiny fraction of their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on all the way back to Africa to the neters to the Creator. All these fractions add up to equal 100% of the child.

Basic Example

Just because a child is a chemist and the mother is a chemist doesn't mean the child got all their ability from the mother. The child could have gotten some chemist ability from the father even though the father is not a chemist.

For instance, the father and his ancestors could have passed on 25% of the child's ability and the mother may have contributed 75%. Chemist ability was not strong enough to manifest in the father but it was enough to contribute significantly to the child.

Each Child Is 100% Creation

We know the total of each child's genetics must add up to 100% no matter the combination. Since all genetics are the result of creation, 100% creation is who each child is.

This is extremely good news! Being 100% creation is salvation.

Each person contains abilities yet to be expressed. If these abilities are possible in creation they are also possible in each child of Creation.

These abilities might not reveal themselves if the conditions to activate the abilities are insufficient or a child is unaware due to failure to heed parental advice to Know Yourself.

Another reason these abilities might not reveal themselves is if no situation arises to use them. Therefore, whatever situation children of Creation must face, already within DNA are the instructions (ancestors) waiting to combine and transform themselves through Kemistry to handle the situation. Nature is made of keys.

Each aspect of creation must have many options and backup plans in order to remain in sync with an ever-changing universal ecosystem – in sickness and in health.

This has been more fully explained in ”Definition: Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses.”

There's More To Salvation Than 100% Creation

Genetics, DNA, ancestors, parents, natural world, Universe and Creator are all words for the same thing. They are in unity in consciousness. Each word means children contain powers and characteristics that can combine and recombine until the right combinations are found that are needed.

Each person has the responsibility to take their unique combination of genetics and improve upon them. This improvement is done through knowledge of self which is unity consciousness which is Maat which is oneness which is completion which is salvation.

The Creator is experiencing the universe through each person in their unique way because each person is a unique combination of the Creator. How each child, mother and father live is sending feedback to the Creator. The Creator is using this information to make adjustments to the Universal genetics because the Creator is seeking the best combination that allows Creation to live as intended. Each person's interaction with creation enhances Maat (understanding) within the Creator.

So before there is need to put emphasis on what's going to happen in the next dimension, judgment day is happening every day in this way: “Did the child do better once the child knew better?” This will automatically answer what's going to happen next.

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