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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Definition, Extension & Expansion Of Evolution's Process
Unity Consciousness #566


Although a spiritual war describes the bigger picture of what is going on in Earth and universe, a spiritual war is not the biggest universal picture.

The biggest universal picture is: that what is taking place in Earth and universe is an evolutionary process. Within this big picture evolutionary process is the seeking of understanding, the spiritual war and much more.

Understanding is what moves creation forward along the evolutionary path back towards unity consciousness, thus completion, thus transcending. This process is summarized by the Ancient Ancestors in several ways such as “know yourself,” “becoming Atum-Khepera,” “a2 + b2 = c2,” and “the counting system of 0 to 1 to 9 to 10 and then beginning again.”

First of all, in order for someone or something to evolve, that creature must enhance its “being” by becoming a better being. In order to become better, there must be a need incentive to become better. Need incentive is both self-generated through self-motivation and automatically generated by a free-will infused, karma influenced, changing universe.
Secondly, in order to become a better being, there must be better understanding of what beingness is about. This means there must be understanding of self. This understanding of self must be combined with the need incentive. These two must then use basic need resources (the 64 basic needs that are spiritual) in order to transform the imbalance into balance.* This enhances the being. As this occurs, the need incentive is automatically simultaneously transformed into another form. This then requires more understanding. In this manner, the process continues and repeats. As we grow in knowledge of self, not only is need incentive transformed, it is transformed into a truer and truer form just as the enhancing evolving being is transformed back into its truer and truer self. As the being continuously grows to know self, the being continues becoming better by becoming more complete. Understanding completes. This is the basic evolutionary process. This is evolution, higher level satisfaction, the highest salvation and what Hapi-ness is.

In the previous message, we are reminded adversity occurs due to a lack of understanding of self and from a lack of understanding others also have regarding themselves. All forms of adversity described in the previous message are the same as the adversity described in this message. It is the same adversity that is the built-in automatic need incentive in the universe. It requires us to do better and evolve into a higher vibratory form, otherwise not do better and de-evolve (devolve) into a lower vibratory form. There is no staying put.

We must be careful and certain to understand: no evolutionary process occurs on an island or as an island or as a single process for a single individual aspect of creation. All evolutionary processes affect each other, thus, it is still possible to do better and experience the effects of other less-evolved portions of self and/or less-evolved portions of others. This is the basic ecosystem, interrelated, interconnected, universal karma, cause and effect context of big picture and little picture events taking place for all of us.

In the heavens above, the evolutionary process began. Based on what we've just learned, we now know that if the evolutionary process began in the heavens, then the search for understanding of self and the automatic generation of need incentive must have also began in the heavens. They go together, come together, travel together, stay together and evolve together.
In the heavens above, need incentive came about in the form of Ogo/Yurugu. Ogo/Yurugu exemplifies what happens when power is used before and after information but before knowledge. A spiritual war is what happens. Impatience and false-notion-based pride turns the combination of power and lack of understanding into a collision which creates the haphazard rather than the harmonious. This is experienced throughout creation in many ways. Some call this good versus evil or God versus the Devil or lower versus higher or ego versus conscience or physical/carnal/material/worldly versus spiritual, or oddly as terrorism versus democracy/universal values. What the need incentive boils down to is spirit versus spirit. Not two spirits but two aspects of the one spirit, two sides of self or two dimensions on the same side. All these comparisons of pairs describe the same need incentive. It tells us more understanding of self is needed and necessary to evolve individually and collectively in order to transform and transcend what is taking place.
Since there will always be spirit, there will always be need incentive. For us this means, there will always be the need incentive to improve understanding of some aspect of self. This is another way to understand how evolution is ensured.

It is necessary to keep being reminded of context. Fundamental to understanding evolution is understanding the context that the Creator is in the midst of an evolutionary process.
This evolutionary process is taking place in the heavens above and everywhere Creation exists. For example, the evolutionary process is taking place inside water, sun, earth, air, plants and us. The evolutionary process of the Creator is playing itself out inside us and through us and from us. We affect how the process goes. Understanding gained by Creation extends and expands to the Creator. The Creator's understanding extends and expands to Creation and even moreso to the Initiate.
We are all part of the evolutionary process of the Creator because we are all part of the Creator. This makes us all part of one evolutionary universal process. Though this process is out of sync, all creation is still linked.
At this point, we must resist the tendency to tune out what we have not been tuned into. Evolution has always been taking place, thus, so has understanding. Current systems of education established by societies do not even begin to address evolution as it should be – which is from the perspective of the Ancestors through whom we all evolved and through whom evolved universities and the knowledge that goes with it. This is optimally, in theory and in practice, the African Utamawazo. Because we have been taught from a suboptimal approach, we hate our Ancient Grandparents, thus our own genetics and we distrust ourselves. We are so afraid of thinking deeper than the Giri So level, we do not ask enough questions from multiple sides and angles in order to properly provide what is necessary to carry out a more thorough thought process. We no longer exhaustively ask, ”Why?” or “Why not?” We are slip-sliding away down a de-evolutionary slope to the pre-K Giri So level where darkness has aged, encased in milky white ice. As a result, with our DNA coated, emotions bloated, minds ego-loaded and self-demoted, when we encounter something we haven't been taught by the treacherous tribes, we tend to rush headwrong to conclusion because the new information is making our ideologies hurt so much, we can't think straight. We reach for conclusions without reaching for answers to enough questions so our thought process will have enough understanding to work with. We continue on without analyzing the answers we are given or the inconsistency of each conclusion as it relates to our other conclusions. Questions and analysis are essential to evolution, thus they are essential to understanding. Is life and existence all about evolving? Is the Creator evolving? Are we part of the same evolutionary process as the Creator? How can there be wholeness of the personal without wholeness of the universal? How can there be oneness of self without oneness of all else? How can understanding of self as a being of creation be enhanced without understanding the Creator in every part of our being and in every part of all beings? How can the individual bring all things to bear for the betterment of self without the collective and how can the collective do so without the individual? Isn't the collective and the individual more than human?

The Creator is both collective and individual, One and Many. Creation is both Many and One, individual and collective.

Another way to extend, expand and repeat this is: Creation is, a stage, in the evolutionary process, of the Creator. Creation is a personal development stage in the life of the Creator.
Humans and all creation are for the purpose of helping the Creator evolve. This is our destiny: to return understanding to the Creator for the betterment of Self and evolution of Self. Evolution is the path and the way of the return journey home to oneness. In other words, eternal life “in paradise” is not about not sinning, it is about evolving by continuously increasing understanding of self, thus understanding of all else. In this manner, through understanding and evolution comes repentance, self-correction, less sinning, self-forgiveness and self-redemption of character and conscience, thus spirit soul is elevated by being vibrated higher on virtue. Just like everything else in the universe, what saves us, is within self. We are mirror image metaphors of our Maker.

It is inconsistent if we think humans can, should and do evolve, and yet, the Creator has no need to evolve. It is not possible for an aspect of creation to evolve and the Creator, from whom all came and in whom all things are contained, not also evolve. Everything is connected, everything is affected. This includes the Creator. The whole must at least evolve to the degree that the part comprises and affects the whole.

As above, so below. So below, as above. As within so without. So without as within. As above so within. So below as without.

*Imbalance is the same as inequality. Inequality exists among understanding of self, need incentive and basic need resources. These three triangular forces combine to affect the formulation of reality. This is expressed in the run to rise ratio used in the evolution of the per-neter (pyramid) long before Pythagoras plagiarized the formula from Kemet, Imhotep and the Kushites/Cushites. The run to rise ratio expresses the movement of One to Many and Many to One. The run to rise ratio, like all math is one of many evolutionary languages. When we think about evolution we must go beyond post-modern thought currently taught and realize Earth, universe and self are all evolutionary places built and based on math. Through math, such as the run to rise ratio, comes another way to express the ability of Creation to rise to its apex with the run to rise equation. It expresses the instability of reality when an aspect of creation uses a formula of inequality to construct things. Their structures and institutions are fundamentally, thus fatally, flawed and worthy of being condemned because height (basic need resources), length (need incentive) and angle (understanding of self) are not optimal (balanced). These societies and their structures, run, rise, fall and ruin quickly because their slope does not connect their position to the horizon nor the light of the world. These societies are at odds with primordial re-enforcers, who, through their evolutionary motions, allways disprove inequality as a lasting viable ideology as this stage of this Great Year comes nearer to completion. From this we know, that along with completion, comes evolutionary climate change on all levels necessary to solve the equation which turns inequality into balance and reestablishes rights of creation. Evolution is right now.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Adversity Review: For The Resolute Seeking Resolution
Unity Consciousness #565


Adversity, hardship, difficulty, temptation, problem, stress, toxin, struggle, sickness, burden, misfortune, accident, karma, effect, cause, accident, unknown, battle, war, obstacle, challenge, cheating, deception, miseducation, stealing, lies, greed, enslavement, malnutrition, birth defects, memory loss, evil discrimination, evil manipulation, single gender rule and paying for what should be free. Adversity is known by these names and more, most of which are on the negative side of the twin power relationship.

Transforming Awareness Of What Attacks Into What Assists

The Creator understands learning and growth requires allowing and encouraging children to work through difficulty and adversity in order to learn how to never quit, retreat or sacrifice the abundance that lies within the process of overcoming challenges. Each time adversity is faced and overcame, the benefit of another reference point is gained that explains the process to how you can do it again when faced with challenges in other forms. Love is not stepping in and always “saving the day” to shelter us from hardships and always making up for our failings individually and collectively. Why The Creator Does Not Intervene Immediately (Part C), UC #416

Without difficulty there is no need to get better. African Proverbs & Quotes To Improve Understanding UC #370

Challenge, more simply put, is imbalance caused by incomplete understanding - knowledge of self. This imbalance is lack of understanding genetic potential. Understanding can be brought back into balance by gaining, repairing and restoring understanding. ( Why Challenges Occur, UC #326)

Humans have difficulty knowing the truth because we only look on levels where truth has been slowed – where truth is believed to be known but not known to be shown. Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre | Greek Proverb, Always Something New Africa Brings, UC #64

At the base of all misfortune, however small, in someone’s life is a disorder in the human universe. Fallacies & Truths Regarding Misfortune & Ancestors

Optimal Theory builds upon the best of the tradition of wisdom and deep thought from classical African civilization through the challenges and triumphs of the Maafa of non-immigrant Africans in the Americas it contains the lessons of humanity rising to heights and falling to lows and enduring through a variety of struggles. Universal Worldview Of Optimal Theory | Detailed Definition, UC #211

Understanding of the One is separated into Many. One understanding is separated into Many understandings. This is why Unity Consciousness is the challenge for the Creator and for Creation. Unity Consciousness Is The Challenge, UC #328

“The resolution of evil is achieved when humans recognize their mistakes and reset the universal harmony.” Stupid Behavior | Doing Something About It, Cleaning Up Mistakes, Adopting A Universe

Our body's systems and whatever we have consumed, either get along or engage in battle to the degree they are not complementary. Simple Nutrition Notes | Eat From The Field, Innerperspective Interconnected

The higher spiritual self and the lower spiritual self are in contention of the being they are both within. This is what is taking place in each person. Lack of nutrition, which includes knowledge of self, swings the balance towards the lower self. 64 Basic Needs That Are Spiritual | UC #43

In general, competition as a game is used to prepare people to accept battling for everything in life is just how it's supposed to be. As a result, people use their abilities to be the best battlers they can be. Battling is only part of it, health, which is completion, is the greater context. 11 Ugly Truths About Competition For Life, UC #322

The sun is gearing up along with many other armies outside of Earth to do battle against the infectious diseases on Earth. If you have any thoughts of humans preventing climate change, you are in a bubble that is disregarding the Creator's intention that all creation lives freely. Freedom Bubbles Always Burst, UC #99

Since we all have to struggle in one way or another, we might as well struggle in a fashion that will put an end to the struggle. First we must properly identify the nature of the struggle. Self-Education In The Struggle For Healthy Justice, UC #204

Monday, December 21, 2015

Originals, Original Variations & Copies
Unity Consciousness #564


An original is the origin, beginning, first and creator.
An original variation is just what it says: a variation of something original, yet the variation is original and is created by the creator of the original.
A copy is created by someone who or something that is not the creator of that upon which the copy is based or derived. A copy is an attempt to duplicate original variations.

The best an original variation can do is to be persistent then patient.
The worst an original variation can do is to be impatient then persistent.

The best a copy can do is translate and represent the mirror image.
The worst a copy can do is interpret and present a distorted image.

The best a copy can do is acknowledge the original.
The worst a copy can do is to claim originality.

What parts of you are original, original variation and copy?
What parts of this life, existence and ideologies are original, original variation and copy?

Monday, December 14, 2015

The ABC's & 123's To Know How Do You Defeat An Ideology
Unity Consciousness #563


A person, couple, family or nation operates based on multiple ideologies. How did those ideologies come into existence? The process that brings understanding to that question is the same process to know how you defeat an ideology.

Most ideologies a person has, comes from another person through that other person's translation or interpretation. Some ideologies come from each person's genetic workings of spirit, body, emotion and mind. Nowadays, this way of knowing has been mostly set aside by human imbalanced reliance on each other for ideologies. In general, this is not a bad thing, we are supposed to rely on each other; however, this outward reliance must be combined with the inward reliance double-checking genetic processes of spirit, body, emotion and mind. In other words, each person's reliance on another must always be compared to the original source of all ideologies – our spirits, bodies, emotions and minds translating knowledge from universal spirits, bodies, emotions and minds.

Now we can appreciate the originally obvious: the acceptance or rejection of ideologies is not pre-established within a person at birth. (See ”Right By Default”)

The acceptance or rejection of an ideology has far less to do with the ideology than it does with the contextual view and character conscience of the person. Briefly, on the point of contextual view, as a person matures, the person must compare the context from which s(he) is being taught to the context that matches the natural universal self. Simultaneously, as each person matures, the person is supposed to move away from simply swallowing each thing handed down, across or inherited for consumption and move more towards selecting what is consumed and ensuring it is thoroughly chewed before swallowing (taking it deeply within so it can take up residence and become a part of the living cellular network). This requires knowing what you are capable of which requires knowing who you are. It requires an understanding of the foundational fundamental key metaphorical way of knowing process of know yourself.

Most post-modern societies of today (misnamed civilizations rather than civil-lie-nations) do not have a know yourself process. In fact, these societies purposely interfere with such a process because knowledge of self does not allow for a static status quo that merely shape-shifts. As a result, the connective tissue link to the primary mechanism for knowing what ideology is the way things are supposed to be, is missing, thus, the person, couple, family or nation is unable to connect issues (ideologies) properly – only in a continuing interpretative way rather than translative way.

We know this when societies decry wolves are in the thickets while shrinking to accommodate the lower universal rather than expanding to accommodate the higher universal. The goal is to defend the way things are rather than how they are supposed to be.

A. If you want to defeat an ideology, understand the thought process of how you have come to accept or reject ideologies within yourself.

B. If you want to defeat an ideology you must compare, contrast and analyze the context of yourself and do the same for the person, couple, family or nation and the ideologies they accept or reject. In other words, you must find out where you came from and then compare that to where others are coming from. If it is not the same place, ideologies you accept or reject will be misplaced and self will efface to even further self-disgrace.
You must look at the character conscience of yourself and others.

Another way to say the same thing is this: An ideology can only be defeated by an ideology that is of a higher spiritual nature. If any other approach is taken, three things will always happen:
1. The ideology that replaces that one currently in vogue will only be of a temporary nature.
2. The ideology that replaces the one currently in vogue will be self-destructive. This destruction will be greater than the destruction caused by the one currently in vogue.
3. If the ideology that was replaced was of a higher nature than the one that replaced it, the former will return. The higher nature is the stronger force. It can't be held back forever no more than water can be held back forever behind human-made dams. To attempt to do so only builds up ever-increasing walls of ideologies unable to withstand the pressure of power of something as fundamental as (c)osmosis. This buildup of primary power against secondary power leads to inevitable structural and societal failures. All ancient and not-so-ancient empires, prior to those in existence today, are proof positive of this natural law that always replaces disorder. Consider this, if order can be established out of chaos or a Big Bang and nothingness, how much easier is it to restore order to a once or twice ordered disorder? Do we not understand practice makes perfect for the Creator also? How can we, who accept the ideology of a Creator spirit, also believe the spiritual physical realities of the as above so below that extended that Creator spirit throughout the universe and down to earth, only applies to the extent of our human-created religious ideologies?

As a further example, all three of the 1-2-3 above, we have found to be true in terms of gender discrimination. Review it for yourself. We are also going to find these three things to be fully true in terms of racism. We will also find these three things to be true about all other ideologies that are of a suboptimal lower-self source such as various religions, political perspectives and how humans are supposed to interact with all other aspects of nature.

C. Ideologies are defeated as the person, couple, family, nation, world and universe are completed. This, the Creator knows which is why the essential know yourself process of human beingness is being restored. This process includes upheaval, cleansing, restoring and fulfillment. The revolution that has existed for hundreds of years, continues. The evolution that has existed for thousands of years, continues. To impede is not to succeed. That which has impeded will be succeeded.

For the unsuspecting, trusting seeker of salvation, not yet an initiate of learning:
When you trade one jacked up context for another, you are simply deciding which poison you can swallow without vomiting. Stomach retching, now so common, becomes normalized and insanely acceptable as long as nothing that shouldn't be within, ever comes out in a manner that allows you to connect cause and effect.

Killing leaders and killing every person who possess an ideology does nothing but kill people. It does not defeat an ideology.

Hitlerism that existed before Hitler still lives after Hitler under the name of racism and other lower-self discriminations just as surely as slavery still exists under a multitude of names, especially in places promoted as the free world.

A sure sign of not being free is to be told you are free, yet understanding is imprisoned by ideologies. Even the ideology of what freedom really is, is imprisoned, truncated and redacted. It is one thing to be told you are free and to believe it and it is an entirely different thing be told the information that makes one free and to know it. It is one thing to be free and another to be subjected to thousands of human ideology-based laws per municipality and to simultaneously be under the jurisdiction of several municipalities (local, county, state, federal). A nation of laws indeed. Freedom, no.

Now to return to the Giri So physical in order, to return to the So Dayi spiritual:
Ideologies are not born out of the physical, they are born out of the spiritual. As long as spiritual conditions are awry, so also will ideologies be out of rhythm with the highest universal powers farthest away and closest to you. As long as spirits are off, the physical will be off and humans will go off. Many will behave as a group in a continuing systemized institutionalized way and others will behave as individuals in a continuing systemized institutionalized way. In other words, do not be deceived by the few who are pointed out for you to focus on. Systemized institutionalized ideologies are always the impetus behind behaviors that last more than a minute.** These ideologies are what the person wants, what the couple wants, what the family wants and what the nation wants.

If the statement is true: In earth as it is in heaven, and it is, then it is also true that the imbalance in earth can only be rectified by being tied to and verified against the spiritual nature of the higher self above. This is the square and scales of Maat.

Trust not the town criers. Rejoin all your sensing into one so neither one leads you astray.

It is faulty fatal flaw logic to think that more “intelligence” as in more “information,” is the answer and appropriate response to address incompatible ideologies, unless intelligence means higher self intelligence.***

As said several times before and above, “How do you defeat an ideology?” is a long-standing universal question with a short in coming universal solution. The fact that this question is now being asked is a sign that the same thing must also be getting asked in the heavens above by the lower self whose season is coming to a desperate close and the lower self by which it is being deposed is merely a segue to the originals of ideologies.

**If we believe that most people do not hold the same beliefs as those who are out of alignment with the universal then a few things must also be true:
1. The majority of “decent” people are unwilling to exert their will in the society. The definition of majority is the most people who adhere to a particular ideology, thus each person can be in the majority for some ideologies and in the minority for other ideologies.
2. The minority maintains control by being willing to physically kill members of the majority and harm them in other ways. The minority is afraid of the majority.
3. The majority is afraid of the minority, thus the “decency” of the majority, which is of a supposedly universal nature, is overruled by the indecency of self-preservation and slow degradation and the also costly expense of passing on worsening conditions to others by allowing the minority to remain while time, resource abilities within self and resource abilities outside of self are still available to do something about it.

Even at its strongest, fear is a weak force and now, it is also a fading force against decent people – those who are in the universal majority.

***For every person, truth is, we balk at the incompatibility of ideologies between ourselves and another person but we gloss over, hide, deny and justify the incompatible ideologies within self even to the point of using plausible deniability for self against self.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 9
Blues To Blacks & Blues To Ballyhooed To Boohooed Skies
When Chicken Little Cries Crisis
Unity Consciousness #562


Since signs keep repeating and are being miscommunicated, it is worthwhile to also keep repeating context.
1. The sky is not falling.
2. Neter nature karma-type nomenclature is simply doing what it does.
3. If Chicken Little understood cause and effect there would be no cause for an alarming effect.
4. If Chicken Little had knowledge of self, his position perspective would change and he would know where to stand.
5. The only truth to Chicken Little's version of the story is that something did hit him on the head.
6. It wasn't the first or last time something fell from tree height. The sky did not fall before and the sky did not fall after.
7. Understanding why nuts fall from trees is not head-scratchingly difficult. It is science.
8. Chicken Little was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the right place at the right time.
9. The sky is changing.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Creative Stuff On The Inside Refrigerator Door Metaphors
Unity Consciousness #561


One of the most overlooked opportunities to spark and stimulate creativity is the stuff on the inside refrigerator door.
This is usually an assortment of condiments encased in plastic and glass that hangs around longer than anything else. With just a little bit of rethinking, we can set these items and ourselves free. We will then be able to get a lot more out of the process of looking for something to eat and keep more condiments from passing into the afterlife.

Anytime we find ourselves staring into the refrigerator for several seconds, searching for that something that just isn't there, an opportunity exists to create something else out of something else. This opportunity only lasts as long as our ability to resist the temptation habit of running to the store or ordering delivery food. Using the resources we have available is, of course, what being creative is.

Introduce the classic mixture of ketchup and mustard to a baked or microwaved sweet potato. Fry some cornmeal to go with those few ounces of syrup. Who has not made a meaty spaghetti sauce and jelly sandwich? A boiled egg cut in half and then some juice from pickles or pepper rings poured over the yolk is worth a try.

Whether or not we end up liking the combinations we come up with, at least the stuff on the inside refrigerator door gets used up a little faster and we get some practice using our inherent creative abilities.

It is extremely difficult to “go wrong” or “mess up” by combining foods we already know we like. Most of the time when things don't turn out as we'd like, the problem is not a matter of what we combine. It is usually a matter of balance. An ingredient is used too much or too little. An ingredient is cooked too long, too briefly or at unfavorable temperatures.

Combining bits and pieces of what is, to create what isn't, is the creative process. This is the same creative process that brings all things into existence and maintains their existence.

Deconstructing Combining Metaphors

Somewhere along the way to creativity, we've been taught mixing metaphors is a bad thing. This type of suboptimal Dark Age teaching limits knowledge of self. Mixing metaphors is a basic description of who we are.

Condiments are like wood scraps, pieces of cloth and containers of bolts, screws, washers and buttons. All of these items are simply awaiting our awareness of their part, their whole and their essence. As we unify consciousness, we are awakened to this awaiting awareness. We become more U-rhythmic with the deconstructing, mixing, metamorphosing, and reconstructing of metaphors constantly taking place. This is what creativity is. Creativity and the mixing of metaphors are soup, salad and stir-fry. Each is based on combining the same things expressed differently.

Creation is the mixture of metaphors. As an example, humans are also soups, salads and stir-frys of creation. We are a mixture of various atoms, molecules and elements – the same things expressed differently. Since we are the creative result of the Creator's creative process, we are all creative because everything we are made of is creative. Our neter nature is creative. This is science. This is why we are able to combine things in creative ways, even when it comes to the stuff on the inside refrigerator door.

Just to be clear, the Creator is a metaphor mixer. Every metaphor humans use or make is a mixed metaphor. Every thing the Creator creates is a mixed metaphor. Everything humans create is a mixed metaphor. There is no such thing as an unmixed metaphor. Because every single thing that exists is a combination of multiple things, each time we compare two things, we are comparing multiple things. We are mixing metaphors. Even when we consider a single thing by itself, we are contemplating a mixed metaphor. Every single thing is a micro and macro metaphor. This is why the metaphor, as above, so below, as within, so without, holds true. The very act of comparing self to self at any two points in time is comparing metaphors. Comparing the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional is comparing metaphors.

Metaphors are pre-mixed by the Creator.

A metaphor is the form that existed before Creation. A metaphor is a metaform, a metaformation, a metaformulation. This form is spirit. Everything is a form of spirit which is why everything is everything and everything is metaphor, including the creative stuff on the inside refrigerator door.

Canned Food | Home versus Commercially-Prepared, UC#137