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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, February 14, 2016

African Diaspora Definition & Human Genome DNA Testing
Unity Consciousness #587


(1) All human genome DNA testing and all ancestry tests based on DNA should logically show all human types originated in Africa.
(2) All human genome DNA testing and all ancestry tests based on DNA should truthfully show every person's genetics and ancestry is foundationally African, not by a simple majority of genetics but by a 100% unanimous majority of genetics.
(3) All human genome DNA testing and all ancestry tests based on DNA, should show, based on all known evidence, every person's ancestry originated in Africa.
These three things are true for the whitest of the whites, the reddest of the reds, the yellowest of the yellows, the brownest of the browns and the whateverest of whatever color code you go by (mocha, toffee, honey, butterscotch, golden, salmon, ivory, cream, caramel, sable, colorless, etc.)

No person on the planet originated on the European peninsula portion of Asia.
No person on the planet originated anywhere else in Asia regardless of what your religion says.
No person on the planet originated on any island in the world or on any other continent other than Africa.

The root of every person's family tree is Africa. Every person on the planet is African.

One of the core contextual problems in the world is this very thing. Most people in most nations have been miseducated, thus mutated, to think and behave against their own family, thus against self. This thinking and behavior takes place based on the false notion that other people on the planet belong to a different family, nation, race, species, religion, bloodline, group or some other classification that makes them not part of the one and only same human family that has only one family tree with many branches. This is not complicated to understand. It is very hard though for people to come to grips with who have problems with conscience, thus character. As the basis of their ego slips away they hold on in desperation to the lie regardless of the mountain of evidence against the lie. These are the sickest of the sick – the terminally ill.

If you are a human, human being, homo sapiens or homo sapiens sapiens, you are living in a state of crisis emergency and self-esteem adversity if you think the roots of your ancestry have beginnings someplace other than Africa. and other DNA-based genealogy searches that lead people away from Africa are lower-self manipulators.

Due to context conundrums, humans have lost touch with family members while living in the same house or as next-door neighbors. Due to context conundrums, humans have lost touch with who they are as individuals because they have lost touch with themselves (who they are as part of the human family collective).
This is simply due to the universal karma combination of what has been taught and what has not been taught. (Be careful about prizing your education and belittling the lack thereof of others. Who is actually better off?)
The profusion of physical and cultural differences support the illusion and the multitude of family feuds. Come on now. Does the different look and behavior within your immediate family mean each person must belong to a different family? Does a profusion of physical and cultural differences of roses make these roses fundamentally different and born from different families and ancestry? The natural world is full of mirror image examples to compare our thinking to in order for us to “know” right from wrong. As you get more of this natural world context, you will get a better sense of yourself. You will begin to regain conscience-ness.

Any group name or national name people on Earth currently go by, does not change a darn thing about the genetic fact that your family is still an African family – blacker than black, blue-black in fact from the moment the first human seed cracked open.

Since Africa is our Earthly origin, Africa is the surname of all people. To help us remember this, every group name or national name should be hyphenated-African such as: European-African, Indian-African, Israeli-African, Japanese-African, Chinese-African, British-African, Irish-African, French-African, Inuit-African, Korean-African, Ukrainian-African, German-African, Thailand-African, Costa Rican-African, Swedish-African, Canadian-African, Russian-African, Australian-African, Philippine-African, Greek-African, Polynesian-African, Latino-African, Hispanic-African, Mayan-African, Native-African, Indigenous-African and American-African. All Americans are American-Africans. No American is African-American. America is not the root. Africa is the root of humanity and civilization. America is the disfigured branch and fruit.

Welcome back home to the real world where the largest and deepest part of your ancestry is African. Family reunions not centered around the essence of Africa are woefully deficient in the deepest part of who we are. What are we reuniting for?

All people are attached to Africa just the same as all landmasses were once attached to Africa. This one land mass is called the “Pangaea.” This one African land mass separated into all the land masses existing today. There is no such thing as different continents. There is such a thing as separate pieces of one Earth.
There is also a Pangaea of parentage for all people. All people come from the same parents but have become separated from this understanding as Africans have spread out and populated the entire planet. This parental Pangaea is the mirror image of the land mass Pangaea. There is no such thing as different people. There is such a thing as different children from one family.
Anywhere on the planet where there is a person, there is an African. This then means: everywhere in the world there are people, those people and those places are part of the African Diaspora; people-wise and land-wise.The African Diaspora not only applies to any person living outside of physical Africa, but it is also true for any person living outside of mental Africa, emotional Africa or spiritual Africa. Thus, there is also an African Diaspora within physical Africa. Thus, the entire planet is the African Diaspora as long as there is a single African separated from Africa in some way. Such is one of the lessons of the story of the prodigal son.

You are African. I am African. Time to come back home sister child, brother child - no matter how long you've been prodigal or for what reasons you became separated and your self became excommunicated, from communion with family. Come on home now. Begin to come home right now in context in your private place and the rest of your self, the best of your self, will lead you to that soul-seeking paradisical place, through the valley of Dark Ages and its shadow of Great Death.
The matrix can only envelope the mind in illusion. It can not envelope the spirit seeking its source.
(From ”Spirit Know Thy Self To Exit The Matrix”)

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