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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Emergence To Emergency To Crisis Emergency: Definitions
Unity Consciousness #584


Definition Of Emergence

To emerge is to come out of just as to merge is to go into.
(Make no mistake with the first part of this definition.)
To emerge is also to merge.

Emergence is a coming out of and a going into.
For example, something emerges when it comes out of at least one of our senses and goes into the neural network and into awareness.
Something emerges when born, it comes out of one dimension and goes into another dimension.
Something emerges when it comes out of the learning process and into understanding.
Something still emerges whether or not we are aware of it because it has come out of one place (dimension) and into another.
Emergence is the coming out of energy into multiple or various forms.
Emergence is the effect caused by the transformation of energy.
Emergence occurs at every stage of our development process and at every stage of every process.
Creation emerged. Creation emerges. Creation is emergence.
Since emergence is part of a continuous process, emergence is the effect and then it becomes a contributing participatory cause of other effects.

More Examples Of Emergence

Truth, seed germination, leaves, flowers, fruit, the universal female mother Creator force, destiny, sun rise, problem out of solution, signs, conclusions, behaviors, thoughts, Ancestor memory, knowledge of self out of nutrition, culture, love out of knowledge of self, identity, self-esteem, understanding out of becoming...

True Definition Of Emergency

To our misfortune, we have been taught to think of emergency as something bad and tragic that happens and must be addressed immediately.

Emergency is the state or condition of emergence.
As we've learned from the definition and examples of emergence above, emergency is a good thing.** It sometimes must be addressed immediately, but always persistently, then patiently.

Emergency is simply the existence and sometimes awareness of what is taking place in the universe within and without. We must adapt and expand our thinking, thus behaviors, in response to continuously changing emergences.
Emergency is simply the conditions that exist as the result of emergence.
Emergencies are the result of emergence.
Emergencies are simply the plural form of emergence.

Now for a discussion of “emergency as a bad thing” which is the false definition. This discussion will connect the true definition with the false definition.

To be clear, the true definition of emergency will be referred to as “emergency.”
The false definition of emergency will be referred to as “crisis emergency.”

Crisis emergency is the result of the submergence of emergence.

Submergence is caused when awareness, understanding and/or human response is subpar because it is below where it should be according to our intended level of development and/or is informed by a suboptimal context. A lack of awareness, understanding and/or appropriate response causes us to be out of sync with natural laws, rights and rhythms. This turns a good thing (emergency) into a bad thing (crisis emergency).

The difference between emergency and crisis emergency is awareness, understanding and/or appropriate response.
All emergences are emergency but not all emergencies are crisis emergencies.

For example, the emergences of climate change have created emergency. This emergency is part of the cleansing process for Earth. Climate change is good. Climate change is simply letting us know in advance that changes are taking place and we need to adjust our thinking and behavior.
However, those unaware of climate change taking place or lacking in understanding of what climate change means and/or who do not adapt their behavior, for them, climate change will be experienced as crisis emergency (a bad thing) rather than as emergency (a good thing).

Now for a brief moment of review:
Emergency is the state or condition of emergence.
Crisis emergency is the state or condition of emergence that has been ignored, resisted and/or denied due to a lack of awareness and understanding. As a result, humans fail to respond appropriately and are unprepared.

Apply critical thinking to any crisis emergency and this will be found to true.
The Buffalo Creek Disaster was a crisis emergency due to emergency being ignored, resisted and denied.
The emergency was the available understanding of the properties and power of water and other materials.
The crisis emergency was the ignoring of this understanding and building the damn dam improperly so it was unable to function in sync with natural laws and Rights of Creation. The crisis emergency was not caused by the monitoring of the dam and it was not caused by days of rain.
The bursting of the damn, the flood and the destruction of life were not the initial crisis emergency. These things were the effects of the crisis emergency.***
In other words, crisis emergency is not the last thing that happens that is called a crisis emergency. The crisis emergency occurs before the final events of destruction. We know this to be true in most plane crashes for example.
In other words, crisis emergency always occurs before crisis emergency.
Crisis emergency is never a single event and always has after effects or aftershocks. (Certainly Earth did not sicken itself).
This is not a mystery because the same is true of emergency, which has been said earlier.
Everything is connected, interrelated and continuous, thus so are the effects of our energies-the things we do and don't do in our thinking and in our actions.

Definition By Analyzing Examples

Regarding the following crisis emergencies, ask, “What are some of the causes?” Ask, “Were there any signs which emerged to indicate these crisis emergencies would occur if behaviors were not changed?”
Crisis emergencies such as: healthcare, financial, water, confidence, conscience, debt, identity, food (nutrition), environmental, connection, awareness, understanding, economic, education, law, politics, entertainment, sex, labor, religion, war, self, energy, critical thinking, spiritual, etc.

At this point, we can now understand how the “examples of emergence” listed a few sections above, have now become examples of crisis emergencies throughout societies and/or have contributed to crisis emergencies.

Definition By Exploring Synonyms

Disaster and catastrophe are the same thing as crisis emergency.
Consider any disaster, catastrophe or natural disaster and you will find emergences humans were unaware of, did not understand and/or failed to appropriately respond to.

When humans try to place the blame of crisis emergencies on the Creator by calling them “an act of God or nature,” this is a complete shirking of responsibility and shifting of the blame for our own inadequacies and failure to learn and self-improve. This is totally due to a void between human development and awareness, understanding and response to natural occurrences. This void can be filled in by improving awareness and understanding. The void is crossed by changing behavior.

Crisis emergency is not caused by acts of God or nature but rather by human error in awareness, understanding and/or action.

Here's another reason why only categorizing some events as natural disasters makes nonsense.
Everything is an act of God and and everything is an act of nature because everything is God and everything is nature.

Truth is, if humans were in rhythm with the ecosystem, humans could avoid or minimize the impact of emergency before it became crisis emergency. Humans would be mature enough to change with the ever-changing universe. However, when humans forge ahead thinking they can overcome and outsmart emergences and nullify their effects without being in sync, awareness-wise, understanding-wise, or behavior-wise, the effects will be: emergency will impact humans as crisis emergency.

Crisis emergency usually begins with context and is compounded from there up and there on.
A false-notion-based sense of security always breeds feelings of invulnerability and sometimes invincibility. Both contexts divert thought processes, thus behaviors, towards more and more ongoing catastrophes. For example, homelessness, genderism, racism, uglyism...
Correct context and avoid lots of crisis emergency.
Emergences are natural occurrences and humans are natural beings. The two must remain in sync just as surely as all components of the ecosystem, and any system, must remain in sync, if the system and it's components are to function properly. Humans are part of the ecosystem. What we are aware of and understand is this: when one part of the system is out of sync, it puts added pressure and stress on other parts of the system, thus hastening and guaranteeing the breakdown of the system unless caught in time and solved. Climate change is part of the solution to fix the ecosystem. Humans have been given enough time to solve all the problems on our own. Humans will not be able to survive in this new emerging ecosystem unless they have adapted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It won't be enough to simply prepare for the physical effects of climate change because climate change is much more than a physical thing. Spiritual, emotional and mental things are emerging.
Humans must resolve this and other context conundrums in order to reduce crisis emergencies.
The price of not being aware, not understanding and/or not responding appropriately is huge and so is its reverberating effects on universal karma.
This is why we got to know yourself. This is why awareness and understanding must be continuously refined and updated so that automatically, actions will follow.
This is also why the continuous banter about climate change by those who are dedicated to incompleteness, is useless to rely on or expect any change in behavior will occur even as the certainty of climate change occurring verifies itself daily. The strong faith of the Creator tells me something more will emerge from this.

”No Accidents, No Miracles | Definitions By Example.”
Universal Karma | Unity Consciousness #161
G-8/G-20, Groupthink, Morality Crisis
Violence, Volcanoes & Blaming God
See, Understanding African Family Values, An African Proverb, Part 3, Unity Consciousness #80

** See manipulation, discrimination, higher self and optimal worldview for similar thoughts.
***In response to the both the emergency and the crisis emergency before the damn dam burst, there were some who used awareness, understanding and appropriate response to both the emergency and crisis emergency. As a result, a much more extensive crisis emergency was avoided for many people, among whom I am one. By using awareness, understanding and appropriate response, some humans took it upon themselves to monitor the dam themselves and not rely upon the dam owners and these humans called ahead and notified people downstream, giving them just enough time to get out of some of harm's way.
The lesson can't be repeated enough because the mistake is still occurring: Stop relying on so-called authorities to tell you what to do or not do, what to think or not think and what's what and what is not. Stop it and stop a lot of crisis emergencies from happening. Emerge out of darkness and into the lightness of your blackness and higher spiritual female nature.

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