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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Expansive Twin Power Relationship
Unity Consciousness #605


We've reached the point beyond, Reintroduction To The Spirit Relationship, Spirit Know Thy Self To Exit The Matrix and Key Definitions | What Is Science. We have also come back around to the Ten Cardinal Principles of Deep African Thought. Revisiting information is required to fully understand it. Reviewing information allows for the gleaning of more understanding due to the additional experience and study that has taken place since the last review. This allows another opportunity to update current conclusions and decisions.

As Initiates, we are obtaining a fuller understanding of what it means that everything is one spirit divided into two forces. These two forces are given many names such as higher/lower, energy/matter, kinetic/potential, good/evil, God/Devil, Supreme Being/Ogo, female/male, infinity/finity, revealed/hidden, visible/invisible, strong/weak, black/white, truth/lie, electron/proton, air/moisture, earth/sky, restore/destroy, compose/decompose, positive/negative, life birth/death, health/sickness, melanin/chlorophyll, conscience/ego, producer/consumer, optimal/suboptimal, helpful/harmful, love/hate, give/take, desirable/undesirable, necessary/unnecessary, beneficial/non-beneficial, strengthening/weakening, useful/not useful, healing/killing, healthy/unhealthy just/unjust, spirituality/religion, nutrition/toxin, DNA/RNA, hot/cold, natural/unnatural, logical/ill-logical, sane/insane, proper/improper, advantageous/disadvantageous, complete/incomplete, family oriented/family disoriented, unified/fragmented, collective/individual, friend/foe, knowledge/information, dominant/recessive, yin/yang, angel/demon, abundance/scarcity, correct/incorrect, altruism/avarice, blessing/sacrifice, hope/despair, human being/human, civilized/socialized, stable/unstable, civilization/society, undeveloped/developed, equal/unequal, superior/inferior, winning/losing, left/right, happy/sad, bliss/terror, pleasure/pain, virtue/vice, fair/unfair, right/wrong, rights/privileges, true/false, peace/war, new/old, first/last, primary/secondary, 0/1, balanced/imbalanced, light/darkness, power/understanding, fixed/variable, night/day, condensed/expansive, One/Many, singular/plural, unspoken/spoken, security/insecurity, certainty/uncertainty, science/science fiction...

There are many more names we give these two forces. Though this list is long, this list contains only one set of twin forces (power) that manifests itself in many ways. Out of One comes Many. This is a basic context for what Creation is. Out of One Creator comes Many Creations. Out of one twin power relationship comes many twin pairings.

Thus, because out of one comes many is necessary for this iteration of Creation, so also then, one twin power relationship in many forms is necessary during this iteration of Creation. Creation was created using the twin power relationship already existing in the One. The One Creator separated the twin relationship within self by extension into another dimension in order to continue creating Creation. The twin power relationship is a core condition necessary so the Creator can remain on an eternal evolutionary trajectory. So it is also for us, who are mirror images.**
Now for a little more about the twin power relationship. These two twin forces are necessary in order to help the Creator as One, evolve through the process of overcoming challenges. Understanding aids in the overcoming of challenges because challenges exist due to imbalance due to the absence of understanding. This lack of understanding causes the twin power relationship to function antagonistically self-destructively rather than complementary self-constructively. As understanding is obtained, maturity* takes place and balance is restored resulting in re-unification within self, resulting in evolution.***
This understanding has been foretold in our genetic code by the Ancestral Cardinal Principle which states:
Learn to be free from resentment under the experience of wrong.
We must not judge by appearances, rather, we must look beyond appearances. Looking with only the physical eye, it may appear the universe is not just. The universe is governed by the law of opposites, and all life processes are conducted based on the principle of duality. In other words, in order to know good, we must also know what is not quite as good. To know life, we must know death, to know male, we must know female and so on. When challenges, which may involve struggle or sacrifice, come, we must not be resentful, but consider them as special opportunities for the exact growth we need to achieve mastery and the highest good.
So, again, as we can now begin to understand, the twin power relationship is one where we may prefer one or the other, but both are necessary. Understanding how to navigate experiencing the effects of both sides of the relationship, is part of the challenge to consciousness and becoming one with the Creator who is both twin powers.

*Maturity is the optimal use of power. Power is the manipulation of resources. Optimal requires unifying understanding of self in order to satisfy the need incentive(s).
**Because Creation exists as many forms of the Creator. Each creation is a mirror for all other creations. Everything reflects everything. In order for something to be a mirror, it must reflect what is before it. Reflection cannot take place unless the mirror and that which is before it share the same essence. That which shares the same essence must also share the same evolution because essence is one thing only, thus there is only one evolution and one Creator. Everything else is a form of this Oneness.

***Thus, the absence of understanding is a necessary condition for this iteration of Creation. Also necessary is the means to regain understanding and grow in understanding of what happens due to the lack of understanding and how to overcome all resulting challenges, adversities and obstacles coursing through the universe such that oneness with everything in Creation is again achieved – not just humans with humans and humans with the Creator but everything with everything.

Expanded Definition | Bi-Polar Thoughts, Normal Behaviors

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