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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Living In States Of Emergency & Crisis Emergency
Unity Consciousness #585


See, Emergence To Emergency To Crisis Emergency: Definitions, Unity Consciousness #584

It's kinda weird, kinda funny, kinda sad and completely foolish for you to believe a state of (crisis) emergency does not exist until declared by some human with a job to say a state of (crisis) emergency exists. In other words, you've decided you don't have the ability to know until you're told what to know.
1. It never was, never is and never will be anyone's call to exclusively determine when a state of (crisis) emergency exists. It is within every human's capability and duty to be aware of, understand and respond to both emergency and crisis emergency.

2. You have been told (sent message after message) by the Creator in various ways through various aspects of creation within, without, above and below. Yet and still, you, and many other people, are still waiting on the memo, the text message, the viral video, the breaking newsflash, the emergency broadcast system and for the Great Pumpkin to appear.
Messengers & Messages Keep Rising Above Challenges
Messages & Messengers| Ways of Knowing

Despite living in a culture that speaks of cures and solutions, this is the last thing your culture wants.
To make matters worse, most of the time, the know-how does not exist nor the conscience to pursue cures and achieve solutions.
Meanwhile, research and studies are a few of many things used as stalling tactics to avoid admitting “we don't want to do it, don't ever intend to do it, don't know how, don't care and even if we did know how, we wouldn't tell you because we like it the way it is because cures and solutions would take away our power over you – which is mainly based on your willingness to believe us.”

Societies are founded on, and focused on, the temporal, temporary, corruptible and perishable rather than the eternal and renewable; thus, so will be their fate and so must be their fate. Nothing lasting and enduring can be established by societies because:
What is lasting and enduring must be in sync with the lasting and enduring higher spiritual female nature of the universe (Nun, Maat, Hapi, Auset, Het-Heru, Aquaria...).
Since you are reading this and have the technology to do so, you are more than likely living in a nation that is in various stages and states of crisis emergency. But it feels normal.

Your fate, which you have gladly tied to your nation, is this:
Most nations, since they are used to:
(1) resisting and denying truth, thus Rights of Creation, and
(2) cannot remember who they are or even the lessons of their own recent history and
(2) do not know how to count or reckon rhythms
as a result, will wait until imbalance overwhelms the ability to hide it or do anything about it.
If you think you've got all your basic needs covered, yet you are not directly connected (zero degrees of separation) to the primary sources of those basic needs, you are living in a state of crisis emergency that feels normal. This is why you act the way you do about jobs and money. All you are doing is providing your energy so the virus can continue to live. In exchange, the virus breaks you off a little bit by giving you stuff so you can get more stuff. You always got to keep going back to the virus and depending on the virus, even in retirement and all your live long days, the virus takes back what you worked for so you and your descendants are forever tied to it and come to feel beholden to it, even to the point of tossing the virus accolades like a meritorioulsy manumitted slave. The virus gives you status and other intangible stuff that translates into tangible stuff and other intangible stuff such as identity and pride, and respect and self-worth, etc. That virus is the society and all its thinkings and doings. We know it's a virus by the way it harms, cheats and sickens people. We know it's a super-virus by the way it does the same to Earth and all its inhabitants, thus also, it sickens the universe.****

Fundamental building principles teach: it is not possible to progress higher until the basic needed foundation, is established.
These same principles teach; whatever is built on a shaky base, shaky foundation, will crumble because everyone and everything is changing and what was once sufficient to get off the ground soon becomes clearly insufficient to remain standing. In other words, the current means of securing basic needs, via jobs, money, stores, products and services, has felt solid but never has had good footing. Nations built this way have always been in various stages and states of crisis emergency, yet, if you only know one way of living, why wouldn't you think this degree of craziness is normal and has longevity?

How hard is it to realize (at least after you've been clearly told) that if a society is essentially saying to you, 'to hell with you, even when you are a model citizen for the cause,” that the society sure as hell will also leave you low and sucked dry when the rest of the stuff hits the fan as the final phase of the crisis emergency begins?

How many times must municipal water problems and prices impact your life as it pertains to your basic needs?
How many times must food problems ( a long list) and prices continue to impact your life as it pertains to your basic needs?
How many times must gas, heat, oil and electrical problems and prices impact your life as it pertains to your basic needs?
The only reason these things are ongoing and worsening problems, despite your education and working, is because you have allowed others to control your basic needs and your basic senses. You have allowed others to come between you and the primary source of your basic needs (the ecosystem, your understanding of it and your direct usage of both to obtain these and all other basic needs)***.

If you believe this is only about food, shelter, clothing, heating, cooling, cooking, washing, etc., you also need to realize that all aspects of self (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) are also most likely in a state of crisis emergency. This must be so because each aspect affects the others and the virus can't do anything do one aspect over the long-term, without the cooperation of the other aspects. This is why you (and most of us) are way off center of the way we need to go. This is why you feel desperate at the slightest bit of upheaval or uncertainty to what you currently think is normal. You are living on a normalized edge, one paycheck away from rose-colored-shades-off disaster. This is why you will continue to have panic attacks** as emergency continues to fulfill itself and you've been trained to remain disconnected from your senses and just make a living and wait for someone more expert than you and with more authority over you to tell you when the waiting is over and the crisis emergency has arrived. You then continue to depend on systems ran by the virus for basic needs.

Different Dimension Of Disaster Coming To America, Unity Consciousness #220
Progress Report On Most Nations, When A FIX Is Not Making Progress, Unity Consciousness #577
The World Is Not A Better Place Since European Domination, Unity Consciousness #44

** A panic attack is the maturation of desperation that has been kept under wraps by “making a living” the societal way. Once the wraps come off the society, so does the wraps on desperation, which allows desperation to show itself for what it is - panic. This panic, attacks, the sensibilities with all the energy that has been pent up for years behind a desperate dam. All this happens in the last few moments or minutes of crisis emergency. This is a lot of change to deal with when dealt with this way. This creates panic because everything seems to have happened all of a sudden with no warning, no time to prepare, no time to understand it, no time to adjust, no time to transition and no time to even believe survival is likely. Aieee! Yikes! Oh my God!

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 9, Blues To Blacks & Blues To Ballyhooed To Boohooed Skies, When Chicken Little Cries Crisis, Unity Consciousness #562

***Look at the list of 64 Basic Needs That Are Spiritual, and ask which ones you directly control. You do not control them if your context for these needs have been given to you by those who seek to control you by interfering with your Rights Of Creation and offering you suboptimal substitutes. When you choose to accept context, worldview, utamawazo, asili, definitions and meanings from those who have ill-intentions, though you have a choice and you choose, you only have chosen from a list of suboptimal choices rather than optimal choices. In other words, an optimal choice is among fresh, homegrown, naturally grown, fruits and vegetables. A suboptimal choice is among items purchased at most stores.
A second example is choosing from a list of given career choices and dreams generated by what you've been taught rather than choosing what you're intended to do with your life resources based on understanding your destinies and knowledge of self -without this context, it is likely you are living large, largely in various stages and states of crisis emergency – without fully knowing it but absolutely feeling, something ain't right in many places.

If you are still prone to denial, consider this: For crisis emergency to exist there must be significant imbalance – between human behavior and the behavior of the rest of the ecosystem. Whenever there is this much imbalance between humans and the world around them, somewhere within humans and within you, in your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual selves, somewhere, in one of these four inseparable aspects of self, the message and notification that something is out of balance, is being communicated to you. Quit looking everywhere else and start listening to your SELF. This self is you and the Creator. Use any mirror image and begin listening.

*** Even so, a virus that messes with the Creator must go down in flames and water, otherwise none of us will ever rise and the Creator, who can't help self, will come to demise. Seek to understand this: this is why a virus-structured and virus-behaving society is at odds with emergences. The society treats most emergences as crisis emergency because the Creator is doing things to offset and correct what the virus is doing. Of course, the virus doesn't like this. The only thing the virus can do is convince you to use your energy to help delay the inevitable universal nutritional/medicinal immunological response.

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