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Monday, February 29, 2016

Religious Heaven & Paradise
Unity Consciousness #615


(Part 3 of 3)

For those of Jewish-Christian-Catholic-Islamic or similar persuasions:
How can there be such a place as paradise when:
1. God created heaven and the devil messed that up.
2. God created the Garden of Eden (paradise on Earth), yet still let the devil, who had a criminal background, run loose in paradise, and then both man and woman failed their first test. This man and woman were supposedly perfect being made in the image of God.
3. So how can there be some perfect place somewhere that God has created that will remain perfect when so far God is 0 for 2 in attempts.

Living Life To Get To Religious Heaven

This stage of life, here on Earth in physical form, is not subordinate to the stage of life we aspire to in the Heaven of Heavens. If life on Earth is supposed to be less important than life in “religious heaven”, then that would also mean childhood is less important than adulthood.

Living for the religious version of heaven is like living for the weekend. It a very imbalanced notion of delayed gratification and of life.

For Paradise To Exist, Oneness Must Exist

What makes us think we can go somewhere that is a Beulah Land, Valhalla, Gan-Eden and place of paradise where we can enjoy the pleasures of an afterlife, while at the same time, the world of Earth is imbalanced and creatures are experiencing pain and suffering?

What kind of Ancestors do we have who are in paradise just kicking back while we are kicking each other in the butt?

As long as there is an Imbalanced Heaven anywhere, do you really think the Creator has a carefree mind when the Creator's children are hurting and are prodigal and are lost and trying to find their way home?
If the Creator is not concern-free and is not focused on indulging in the pleasure principle of paradise, then neither can we, in this life or the next.
As long as there is an Imbalanced Heaven anywhere, there is no oneness within the universe and thus, the Heaven of Heavens is also Imbalanced, thus is not in a state of paradise.
The Heaven of Heavens is not only a state of oneness of mind, emotion, spirit and body for creation but also for the Creator.

Do you really think the body is in a carefree place if the foot has cancer. Can the brain be at ease? Can the heart just kick back and live La Vida Loca? Can the cell celebrate after its neighbor begins to mutate? Can trillions of cells live in paradise if one of them has something wrong with it? Paradise never lasts for long when something remains wrong.

There will be no such place as paradise until the Creator has gotten the universal house back in order and in a healthy condition, where the Parent is running the house instead of the children ruining the house.

Think about it. What kind of people are we if we think we can leave the pain and suffering downstairs behind and just go upstairs and live in peace?

In review:
Paradise is a place you create through oneness of mind, emotion, spirit and body.
You can get there without any religions or religious books. You can get there through nature. Nature, that is, in its most comprehensive context.
There is no such thing as going someplace in an afterlife where you can lay your burdens down and troubles are no more. This cannot exist until everyone and everything has returned home to oneness and are thus demonstrating the behavior of oneness.

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