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Friday, February 26, 2016

Understanding Why Death & Birth Do Not Exist
Unity Consciousness #609


Part 1 of 3

Beginning By Understanding Life

Life is a spiritual journey through dimensions of understanding.
This spiritual journey is circular, not linear.
It is a return journey home to oneness of understanding.

Life is a spiritual journey from One understanding to Many understandings and then again to One understanding, which is where we were before we came to this Earthly place of not fully understanding. This process brings about evolution. Evolution and understanding are the need incentive and destiny for each and every being in the universe.

The Living Spirit (Supreme Being) transformed its spiritual nature into matter (physical). This created the twin pairing of spirit and matter. We call this Creation.
Matter is the physical portion of the universe and the physical portion of us. Matter is for the purpose of creating dimensions so the spiritual nature can gain understanding through different forms of itself. Are we not spirit beings?

Based on the enormity of the achievable task to gain all understandings and based on current life spans of the human body, it is unlikely a human could or can obtain all understandings and make it all the way back home in a single physical lifetime.

All knowledge in our possession and awareness tells us then, that life must be continuous. Life must be something that transcends dimensions of matter. Life does not start or stop when matter takes form or changes form.
Knowing this, then we also know that the spiritual journey of our lives must take place over many lifetimes. It must take place over as many lifetimes as necessary for each being to make it back home. This must be so.
If every being did not make it back home to one understanding, then the evolution of the Creator would remain incomplete because understanding would be incomplete in the universe.
Consider this: if a human cannot gain all understanding in one lifetime and then every human had to start over from scratch on their own each time a human was “born,” then no one would ever make it back home to one understanding. In addition, if humans could not pass on every bit of their understanding, then, when a human 'died,” understanding would be lost and humanity would have to wait until someone else gained the understanding and passed it on while they were “alive.” None of this can be what is happening.
From this then, we now know that life transcends the physical and continues beyond the physical and also must be continuous in order for understanding to accumulate into one understanding. Understand builds and grows over many lifetimes. Spirit is the steward for understanding as understanding builds and grows. This same spirit life accompanies that understanding through many lifetimes and forms (dimensions) of matter until all understanding is completed and the spirit life becomes one with the Creator.

Life cannot begin when a person is physically born and life cannot end when a person physically dies.
Life is not generated by matter. Life is not animated by matter.
Life must begin and end when the spiritual begins and ends.

Matter is a symbiotic host for spirit. Matter provides a vehicle and means for gaining understanding.
Life is spirit.
Spirit makes matter possible. Matter does not make spirit possible.
Spirit is and was, with or without matter.
Thus, life exists exclusive of matter and inclusive of matter.

Right now, we don't need to know when the spiritual began or when, or if, the spiritual will end.
All we need to understand is that life began before the physical began and life will remain after the physical ends because life is spirit and spirit remains.

Before and after the human body exists, life exists and persists.

Even if the whole world ended and ceased to exist in its current physical form and was no longer a planet, none of the life within Earth would cease to exist because all life within Earth existed before Earth.

If matter (physical stuff) can continue on and on through many forms and be recycled and still be considered matter, then how much more so can life, that is spirit, continue on and on, through many forms of itself and be considered life?

Life is a continuous circular spiritual journey. All of us have lived before many times and will continue to live many more times.
This is why many people, such as Marcus Garvey said, they will return.
Through it all, we are gifted more opportunities to gain understanding to help us return home to oneness of understanding. This is the savior, salvation and saving grace of life and existence. - life itself and understanding life.

Note: Be certain to understand, that even though humans are spoken of, this pertains to all life and all creation.

Ashe, Heka, Hiao Nun/Ptah/Atum-Ra, Sš3t (Seshat)/Tšw8t (Tehuti), Nsamanfo, Asante Sana

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