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Friday, March 11, 2016

Atomic & Nun/Ptah/Atum Context
Fundamental Units Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #635


(Part 9 of 12)

The smallest unit of time must involve the formation of atoms and their pre-atomic component particles.

Atomic Context*

Before there is genetics, there is the atomic.
Everything is the interaction of energy at the atomic and pre-atomic levels (dimensions).
A neutron is neutral because it contains both positive and negative.
A neutron went through a chemical reaction (metamorphosis, transformation).
The energy of the motion released, resulted in the proton.
Neutron and proton interacted and electron was formed.

Nun/Ptah/Atum Context**

The atomic level of Creation is the mirror image of the metaform that came before it – Spirit.***
Metaform is metaphor.

Before there is atomic, there is Spirit.
Spirit motion is the first motion of this Creation we are in.

Everything is the interaction of Spirit.
Spirit existed before there was such a thing as dimension because there was oneness – no separation.

Then, Spirit took liquid matter**** in the form of the Waters of Nun and transformed some of it into the solid matter of the moundtain of Ptah. This was the first motion of this Creation.
The smallest, yet highest unifier and common delineator of motion must contain the essence of this Spirit motion.

This Spirit motion can be generally said to be the amount of time it takes to transform potential energy into kinetic energy and then kinetic energy into potential energy. Both took place during the making of Ptah.

1. Nun is the neutral Spirit. Nun contains female and male.
2. After Ptah was transformed, Nun and Ptah interacted and Atum came into being. The atom was named after Atum even though Atum is the electron. The neutron/proton/electron is the mirror image trinity of Nun/Ptah/Atum.

*The atomic context of motion is the physical context, matter context and material context.
**The Nun/Ptah/Atum context of motion is the Spirit context, Creator context and Oneness context.
***The atomic had to be patterned after something that came before it. Something created in the absence of logic cannot itself become logic, and even if so, could not remain logic for long.
****Spirit and matter pre-existed within the Creator as Oneness.

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