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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Creator Was The First To Have Sex & Make Love
Unity Consciousness #640


Sex is for the fundamental continuation of life by joining of complementary energies so energies can recreate themselves in another form (dimension) and mirror image.

Through sexual reproduction within self (asexual reproduction*), the Creator conceived (conception) the spirit-soul of female and male. This took place in the womb of the Creator. The female aspect of the Creator then gave birth to the male aspect in physical form. This birth was the transformation and transition of the male from within Oneness to a state of matter outside of Oneness. This matter was in the form of the moundtain that rose up erect out of the creative waters. Nun and Ptah then combined their energies and produced Atum. Atum is the Word. The Word spoke and combined this energy with other energy and brought the rest of creation into being (development). Each of these creations is sexual reproduction because it is the combining of complementary energies.

Sex is mainly for the purpose of procreation. Procreation is the process of creation
Thus, sex by two aspects of creation is the recreation and mirror image of what the Creator has already done - spirit combining the energies of self through a creative process to create another form of self.
Sex is supposed to be a marriage, union, bonding, creative, nutritional, healing, strengthening, balancing process.
The culmination of a creative process results in the accumulation of energy that is then passed on. This accumulation of energy is what we experience, in one sense, as climax (orgasm). See UC#639. This is not totally different from a movie climax where all things come to a head or not at all different from a volcanic eruption. The former is an interpretation of the logical process** of sex while the latter is a translation.

Sex at the metaphysical level (spiritual) is the principles of the feminine and masculine energies coming together. Through their interaction and exchange of energies, the Universe keeps going and energy is also created. It keeps the Universe in equilibrium and harmony is reinforced. Sex is life giving. Sex, in this context, is a ritual to strengthen life force (spirit). It is understood as a re-creation of being and imitation of divine forces. If not understood as such, then sex weakens and depletes. Once understood then, sex becomes sacred and special and is to be shared only during sacred circumstances and times.
Quoted and paraphrased from, ”Dr. Marimba Ani - Cleansing Ourselves Of European Concepts” (Sex at 1:52:00 but must be understood in context of the entire teaching)
Handmaids, Wives & Wombs: Bilhah, Zilpah & Jacob Israel, Unity Consciousness #488

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*The Creator as One contains both sex genes. Both are functional. When the One created the Many (us), the sex genetics were divided just as Creation was divided. Females and males both have within them the sex genes to be male OR female. One set of these genes is turned on and the other set is turned off.

**Logical is spiritual.

If you've made it this far and are still convinced the Creator did not and does not have sex in the sacred sense described above, then just how far does being created in the image of God go – in appearance only? Of course not because appearance is based on genetics and more than appearance comes from genetics. We know then, we are created also in the spiritual image of God. Why did the Spirit of God get Mary pregnant with Jesus? (See UC#518). Now use this reminder of understanding you already had, as additional context to reassess this message. Then if that doesn't help, consider the fact that we know sex has an emotional component and a mental component, so it must also have a spiritual component and an associated spiritual understanding. We often call the spiritual component of sex -making love. Well, why wouldn't the Creator also make love in creating the universe. If we are capable of something, so is the Creator.

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