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Friday, March 11, 2016

Pulsation & Impulsive Behavior
Fundamental Units Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #632


(Part 6 of 12)


Before there is a vibration wave, there is a pulsation.
A pulsation is energy moving from within its center point (core, nucleus, origin) to outside its center point, causing that energy to be distinguishable (discernible).
A pulsation is the same thing as a pulse.

We know a pulsation is much faster than vibration when we speak of electrical impulses within humans, other life forms and within Earth.
We also know, in terms of human behavior, “acting on impulse” occurs much faster than a current thought can fully form.
What we also need to know is this:
There is such a thing as impulsive behavior that occurs very slowly.
In the sense that acting on impulse means acting without thinking in the moment, many of us act impulsively without understanding it to be so.
The pulse of thought energy that eventually shows itself as our impulsive behavior started long before the moment the behavior takes place.
In other words, and as said earlier, there is a lot of slow-developing impulsive behavior taking place.
This we shall soon understand.

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