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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Toxic Algae (Algal) Blooms Crisis Emergency
Unity Consciousness #620


Although humans are the biggest X factor in the ecosystem, some people still insist on completely ignoring this fact when talking about why the ecosystem is out of balance.
A recent article in 2016 states harmful toxic algae blooms aka algal blooms, are killing marine life. An algae bloom means a lot more algae is present in the Water.
The article states climate change and El Nino are melting the ice that covers the ocean (this part is true). The article goes on to say, due to the absence of ice cover, more Sunlight can penetrate deeper into the Water (this part is true).

The article then says additional Sunlight causes an overabundance of algae (this part is not true).
What is true is that additional Sunlight helps allow more algae to grow. More does not mean overabundance.
By now we should know the ecosystem is self-correcting and self-balancing.
When more algae (food) grows, then the organisms that feed on algae and that feed on algae byproducts will thrive and reproduce in greater numbers. This will offset the growth in both algae and algae byproducts until equilibrium (balance) of all organisms is re-established.

If there is not a corresponding increase in organisms that feed on algae and its byproducts that follows closely on the heels of an increase in algae itself, then something has interfered and/or is still interfering with the ecosystem's ability to self-correct and self-balance.
What is that something?
X is that something.
X equals humans.
Humans are the X factor.

Humans have interfered and are still interfering with the ecosystem to the point that the ecosystem in the Water cannot re-balance itself quickly enough.

Humans have over-fished and over-harvested marine life and also have polluted the Water, Land and Air to the point that the organisms that eat algae and the organisms that eat the organisms that eat algae are all out of balance. Also out of balance are the organisms that eat the byproducts of algae.

What organisms eat algae?
Fish, shrimp, other crustaceans, frogs, tadpoles, salamanders, snails, crabs, urchins, turtles, lobster, conch, sea cucumbers, manatees, dugongs, insects, krill, blue whales...

Adding to the imbalance is human decimation of coral reefs and other Water habitats through various non-Eco-sensible practices.

When it comes to harmful toxic algae blooms, the problem extends beyond marine life, algae, Sunlight, melting ice and climate change/global warming.
Climate change's global warming effects is the ecosystem's larger response to a multitude of imbalances within Earth.
Even so, all life within an ecosystem is designed to be able to adapt to the changing conditions within the ecosystem. However, this process can take longer when an organism is already weakened and still being kept in a weakened state. This is what is going on in Water where algae is blooming. The Waters, as an organism, is way of of balance and being kept out of balance – due to human influence. If this were not true, all life in the Water would adapt as each other adapted. Re-balancing would be a short time in coming.

The climate doesn't change overnight. It does not warm up overnight. Ice does not melt overnight. Sunlight does not penetrate the Water overnight. Algae doesn't bloom overnight. Their byproducts don't accumulate overnight. Marine life does not die overnight. The ecosystem understands better than to do something overnight. In order to maintain system integrity (balance/health), the entire ecosystem must adjust gradually or at least all beings must be able to keep pace with the pace of change. When this does not happen, we know some Xtra factor is taking place.

When organisms within an ecosystem are not able to adapt, these organisms are on their way to extinction. Meanwhile, their influence on the ecosystem is magnified. This magnification remains until the ecosystem accounts for the waning presence of the organism and reconfigures the ecosystem for the lower and lower numbers and eventual extinction.
This is what happened when dinosaurs disappeared. Their absence had to be accounted for and adjusted for. This is true for all other organisms that have been here and gone or whose numbers have dwindled.
Something has caused organisms in the Water to become so weakened and so few in number, they cannot keep the Waters in balance. That something is humans.
Don't blame climate change overall or its El Nino global warming effects.
So don't blame algae either for killing marine life. Algae is just a plant doing what plants do. If the Waters were in balance, the byproduct of algae life that we call toxic would not accumulate. Humans produce a lot of toxins. What is our toxins killing?
When humans try to place the blame of crisis emergencies on the Creator by blaming them on one or more aspects of the ecosystem the Creator created, humans are shirking responsibility and shifting the blame for the human contribution to the problem.
Even though current post-modern thinking exists in fragmented vacuums, the rest of the ecosystem does not operate that way.

Under the harmonic Maatic rule of “all for one and one for all,” universal karma requires that more than the cause of a problem must suffer before a problem is re-solved. Marine life dying is yet another dimension of cascading damage due to a problem that started long before algae bloomed and “scientists assumed” algae and/or climate change is the problem.

See Emergence To Emergency To Crisis Emergency: Definitions, Unity Consciousness #584In review:
The problem associated with algae blooms is not mainly caused by climate change global warming. Climate change global warming just exposed a problem that already existed. That problem is a marine ecosystem out of balance. The main cause of this problem is the human component of the ecosystem being way out of balance.

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