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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, June 27, 2016

Higher-Self Is Increasing Offense In The Spiritual War
Unity Consciousness #737


(Part 4 of 6)

“This process also helps me understand why it is not necessary to hate someone I disagree with or declare war or sanction them or vilify them.” From Part 3

Sizing Up The Combatants

The size of the human component of this Earth is a dust speck compared to Earth.
The human component of this Earth is a nanoparticle on a Universal scale.
Some of these humans are at odds with a greater portion of Earth and Universe than they are at odds with other humans.
Though many humans have been harmed by humans, so also has the extremely larger non-human portion of Earth & Universe.
All of this then means, if a physical battle is necessary to stop the damage humans are causing, then those with the greater grief have the biggest “beef” and will be the majority to provide relief in the physical army against humans.

The Command Of The Higher-Self

The higher-self has not yet given the command for a full physical offensive using all resources.
Based on the section above and what we have experienced, witnessed and read about, Earth and Universe could very easily annihilate humans if necessary.
Many humans have the makings of this understanding in the logic of their beliefs. Many believe massive dinosaurs of Land, Water and Air were annihilated instantly by one dinosaur-seeking meteor from the Universe that was able to penetrate multiple dimensions with extinction power and only kill dinosaurs. How many meteors are still out there?
Many also believe all but a few lives were annihilated in less than 40 days by nonstop rain that flooded Earth. Who hasn't noticed water is again rising?
In addition to these beliefs, we should know the Ecosystem is constantly changing because we see it every day all around us and we see it in ourselves. Ecosystem changes includes constant human influences on each other and everything else.
By linking this logic to the extinction of species, we gain a greater understanding of the fundamental cause of extinction. Extinction is caused by loss of (sur)viability. Viability is the genetic ability to adjust quickly enough and appropriately enough to changing conditions.
When we then further understand genetics are not only physical, but are also spiritual, mental and emotional, then we understand how vulnerable human genetics are to succumbing to the ever-changing genetics of Earth & Universe.

By extension of understanding, this means, there is really no need for the higher-self to launch a full physical attack because the physical war is being won through attrition. Humans whose logic is lower-self dominated are becoming weaker and wackier by the minute.

The higher-self could just wait humans out and win the war but this war is relatively “long in the tooth” and the higher-self is also taking into consideration the bigger plan it has for Earth & Universe and everything within them as the new Age of the Great Year approaches full position.

The Plan Of The Higher-Self

The pace of preparations is quickening in this continuous physical war. The higher-self is maturing in understanding, thus is improving the infrastructure of the growing offensive.
Since humans are not numerically a significant portion of the main offensive, do not look at humans only to get most of your understanding regarding the status of the spiritual war and physical war. The genetic infrastructure of the higher-self is being upgraded from Above, Below, Without and Within even as the genetic infrastructure of the lower-self is being attacked from Air, Land, Water and Sun by the higher-self. Also being deployed are a legion of microorganisms, insects and other lifeforms to soften the enemy.

Once lower-self driven humans and their beloved weapons, tools, technologies and fortifications are decimated and their supposed advantages and know-how exposed for the illusions they are, then the higher-self will call humans into action against these humans.
Those being called into action will have the upper-hand due to the command of the higher-self and due to more optimized genetics and due to the loss of lower-self humans of all their security, including significant loss of genetic viability.
Under these conditions, there will be no need for “sophisticated” weaponry. The physical war will be finished quickly and societies will be replaced with civilizations.

Because the Creator, Earth, Universe and Universal Karma are going to reduce the lower-self down to size, there is no need for humans to get emotionally ill dealing with the sadistic egotistic logic of the lower-self. Even so, this does not mean humans can just chill. In no way does this mean humans can sit back and wait for heroines, heroes and calvary. No, humans must continue preparing the entire self for the current and ongoing physical battle and, in the meantime, also continue to battle in other ways. Ancestors are already calling you to know yourself so you can know through yourself what you need to do.
Once enough people get their spirits, minds, emotions and bodies logically right, then it will be time to physically fight.

Aftermath Of The Physical War

Nowhere will the lower-self remain in control, not in government, not in business, not in any institution, not in land ownership and not in control of any resources beyond what is needed for self.
This must be so because the return to evolution is re-evolution is revolution.
A purpose of the spiritual war and physical war is to liberate Earth & Universe from lower-self control and with new understandings, also eliminate the ability of the lower-self to retake control of the same things in the same way.
The rest then, will be up to a new era of evolved humans and evolved Ecosystem to put their genetic potential to the test.

None of this is mystery. Spiritual energy must manifest through the physical. Sickness follows health, health follows sickness and redistribution of nutrient wealth throughout the body is a part of health.

As it is spiritual, so it is to be physical.
First spiritual, then physical.
Haven't many sensed a spiritual shift?
Spiritual victory of the higher-self guarantees physical victory.

Even if humans content with the lower-self fueled/fooled status quo on Earth, attempt to make some improvements to logic and yet remain intent to stick mostly with the lower-self, the higher-self will flesh/flush them out from under their virus-like cloaking, by using an already self-updating, pre-programmed scanning system that searches deeper into logic.

None of this is far from what many humans already think because many who believe in a Higher Power also believe there are spiritual powers to assist in daily life, including any and all battles.

Annihilate The Lower-Self??

Experience proves, killing leaders and killing every person who possess an ideology does nothing but kill people. It does not defeat an ideology. That would be too easy. (UC#563)
Therefore, the genetic potential of the lower-self leader must remain but the size of this potential and its manifestations must be reduced to a much smaller degree than what currently exists, as part of the Creator's twin power balancing act.* The size of the lower-self must be reduced through transformation and reabsorption into the higher-self. So also must a lot of mutated logic be fixed with more complete information and so also must many humans return to their original African selves. For those who do not, only one fate and option will remain because the lower-self will not “stand down” and this war will not end in surrender.

*Another simultaneous possibility is the kinetic energy of the lower-self must be returned to its non-moving potential energy state. This seems likely since understanding of the changes in black matter and black energy indicate this potential (stored energy) is being transformed and put into motion (kinetic). The direction of spiritual momentum indicates this potential is higher-self.

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