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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Intro To Fairness, Reintro To Twin Power
Unity Consciousness #740


(Part 1 of 26)

Cardinal Principle #3 states, “The universe is governed by the law of opposites... in order to know good, we must also know what is not quite as good...”

This then means, in order for fairness to exist, what is not quite as fair (unfairness) must also exist in the Universe, at least for some portion of time.
By this we know, unfairness is a necessary twin power pairing to fairness.
Unfairness helps us understand and define fairness just as fairness helps us define and understand unfairness. They need each other.
It would not be possible to comprehend fairness if there was no unfairness to show what fairness is not.
All opposites are necessary. Enemies are necessary to help us understand what friends are. Haters help us identify lovers. This logic applies to all things because all things have opposites.

Because all things have opposites within themselves. These dual aspects exist as pairs and are inseparable. Where one twin exists and is being manifested, the potential for the other twin exists. Often, both twins are being manifested. For example, hate for one person and love for another person.
Likewise, a person can give both fairness and unfairness.
A person can receive both fairness and unfairness.

To Coin An Example

Unfairness is “the other side of the coin” of fairness.
When fairness is the side facing up, fairness is being given or received. At the same time, the potential for unfairness exists close by on the flip side. The full potential of unfairness is still there but its expression is muted, suppressed, absent and hidden due to the logic of fairness being in a position to be the fuller, more dominant expression. This example also applies when unfairness is the side facing up.
However, we know some coins can stand on edge such that both sides of a coin are equally exposed. This means both fairness and unfairness can be equally present in a person's life either through giving or receiving.
However, we know a coin can't stand on edge for long. A person cannot remain in a state of equal amounts of fairness and unfairness. There are too many changing dynamics for this to be so. Sooner or later, a coin on edge will move to one side.

Yes, more coins standing on edge would support each other but it is unlikely for any person to be able to maintain a group of twin pairings on edge such that several sets of twin pairs are equal in a person's life.

Yes, a coin can be titled to one side creating more exposure on one side than the other.

In order for fairness or unfairness to exist they must be practiced. They must be put into motion. They must stay in motion and continue to be practiced in order to continue to exist. This is good and not quite as good.
When coins are in use and being moved around and changing places and being exchanged between people, the potential for the coin to start out on the fair side and end up on the unfair side is great. It's easy for a coin to get flipped over as daily and constant decisions are being made about where, where and how to use fairness. Though this is not quite as good when fairness flips to unfairness, it is a good thing because when unfairness is the starting point, it could be flipped to fairness as people continue to make decisions as to what to do with what they've been handed.
Despite this example, I hope the decision to give fairness or unfairness is not left up to a coin toss.

Twin Power Pairings In Each Person

Some of us think we are not capable of certain things. The reasons for this thinking is explained in the following two messages:
Amen (Hidden) & Amenet (Revealed) Meanings
Everything Unknown Remains Hidden In Plain Sight

The only way you can be incapable of one thing and not incapable of the other thing is if you are incapable of both.
If you can love deeply, you can hate deeply.
If you can love with little to no reason, you can hate with little to no reason.
If you can be happy and experience the wonderful, you can be sad and experience the terrible.
If you can save a life, you can take a life.
If Yeshua (Jesus) could be without sin, he could be with sin.

Every person has the potential to do what they think they would not do and every person has the potential to not do what they think they would do.
Everyday moments of truth provide all proof.

Consider what you are capable of from a different perspective. If it is possible to do the things of those you admire most, it is also possible for you to do the things of those you despise the most. It doesn't matter how long ago the person lived.

Everyone can be both fair and unfair. Everyone likely has been both. Everyone is likely still giving both fairness and unfairness and receiving both fairness and unfairness.

Consider yet another perspective. If everything that exists is within the Creator, everything is possible within the Creator.
If everything is possible within the Creator, everything is possible within the Creator's creations (children) – because we have the same spirit.

Growing into knowing yourself through the continuous process of unifying understandings removes doubts about what you are capable and incapable of because you will be understanding the genetic potential of your spirit, mind, emotion and body.
You will begin understanding you are a manifestation, replication, transformation and formula-tion of the entirety of the Universe and all its potentials.

This includes the potential to be fair and the potential to be unfair (not quite as fair).

Since unfairness is necessary in the world in order to understand what fairness is, then if you want to give and receive fairness, you must also want the potential to give and receive unfairness. It is true, you should be careful what you ask for when you say I want fairness! I wish people were fair. Why can't everyone be fair?

Note #1: After all this, those who are used to seeking every possible escape route from natural law will say, “Even though I have the potential to be unfair doesn't mean I have to be unfair.”
I say, “Someone has to be unfair. Who should it be? If you hope it's someone else or glad it's someone else, is that fair?”

The person will then say, “Even though there's the potential for me to be treated unfairly doesn't mean I need to be treated unfairly!”
I say, “Someone has to be treated unfairly. Who should it be? Why not you?”

Both fairness and unfairness go where they have to go to fulfill the spiritual.

Note #2: Those who think they should not receive unfairness are using the same logic as those who think they are above human law. Universal Karma is natural law that sends unfairness your way in the form of "not quite as good vibrations" for something you ain't done right.
For those who don't want unfairness to exist at all, this means they also don't want Universal Karma to exist which means many humans would get away with a lot of crimes against the Rights of Creation because the only way to be punished would be by humans. (UC#161 and UC#726)

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