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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spiritual Genetics Basis Of Communicating
Unity Consciousness #714


(Part 8 of 15)

Since you are a part of the Spirit Web network, you have the genetic potential to also communicate with all Creation using the Spirit Web.

The Logic Behind Why This Is Possible

If any person can communicate with the Supreme Being spiritually, then so can you.
If any person can communicate with other animals without speaking, so can you.
If any person can communicate with plants, the wind or larger or smaller portions of the ecosystem, so can you.
Since you are old enough to read and understand this web message, by now you should have had personal experience that at least one of the above is possible.

A Broad Example

When you commune with the natural world long enough, seeking conversation and/or seeking to understand your relationship, your spirit sends what you see, feel, hear and think into the Spirit Web using the language of the spiritual genetics that this information is already in, inside you. Everything you do comes out of and goes into your genetics. The language of your genetics is always being used. The information is then translated into the language you speak. So simultaneously your thoughts are already in at least two languages. This is why, as you are communing with nature, your spirit is automatically able to transmit your thoughts and feelings to the Spirit Web in the language of spiritual genetics that all Creation has the genetic potential to understand. Your communion, your meditation and your intentions make it so. (Based on UC#229)

How Spiritual Communication Is Possible

There is a scientific explanation.
Spiritual genetics makes this possible.
Your mental, emotional and spiritual genetics are located in the same place as your physical genetics – throughout the body in every cell. They are intertwined and layered with your physical DNA. Where else could they be? You are alive throughout on every level because your DNA is alive throughout on every level. Each cell has a mind, memory, emotion, spirit and physical traits.
Because Creation contains Spirit Web infrastructure, communication between creations that speak different surface languages or who live in different dimensions is possible over the Spirit Web that connects everything.

There is an even simpler explanation.
Can't children born of the same parents raised in the same household communicate using the same language?
We are all creations of the Creator living in the same Universe. The Creator is Spirit and so are we.
Why wouldn't spirit communication be a natural part of who we are, especially since spirit is our natural language and spirit is what our genetic potential is?

Human To Human Spiritual Communication

If humans can communicate spiritually with any aspect of the natural world, then humans can communicate with many aspects of the natural world outside self and inside self.
Likewise, by the same reasoning, since humans are part of the natural world, humans can communicate with each other spiritually over any distance.

Haven't you received a message of some sort through a dream or though everyday human channels of communication or that enters into your thoughts that lets you know that something or someone is trying to communicate with you? Do you think it's possible to communicate with humans before they are “born” or after “death?”
If you do, how do you think this communication is possible? How does the information get from Point A to Point B?


Spirit Beings must commune-icate in the primary language by which they came into existence in order to know self.
That primary language is spirit.
Communicate in the language of your birth more and more so you can get information and understand which needs no translation.

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