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Monday, July 25, 2016

Blackness, The Essential Goodness Of Human Beingness
Wayne Bibi & Spiritness, Meanings & Definitions
Unity Consciousness #773


(Part 2 of 8)

Spirit Defined

“...spirit is the core, animating principle and energy - the essence and substance of all matter. Spirit is described as the basis of all existence, including what we see and do not see. Spirit is the energy and life force in each human being, which acting like a Divine spark, gives humans their beingness.” (1) Even so, human beingness can be lost in varying degrees due to lack of process.

“ be a human being is to be an unfolding radiating spirit who expresses self in an ongoing process of being, belonging and becoming through the complex experiences of culture. That spiritual energy, as it interacts with our consciousness, continues to evolve in ways that allow for insights into who we are at the core of our being, who we belong to, what power we possess and what possibilities we have to assist us in becoming a fuller manifestation of our divine potential.” (2)

“Being” is the state of having the quality of a living sun. It is to have an essence or substance that is an attribute of the Divine that transforms, but is unchanged and indestructible.
“Becoming” is to fulfill one’s destiny. It is the continuous movement towards realization of higher levels of potential.
“Belonging” is the condition wherein one is conscious of the state of being one with that which is whole. It is a condition wherein one is integrally and essentially infused or blended with that which is greater.” (3)

Spiritness Defined

"Spiritness" pertains to the condition of being a spirit (energy, power). When the person and/or community experiences continuity between the above, below, within and without, then the sense of human integrity is achieved. It is only when one has a sense of their own "human integrity" that one has the “instinct” to resist dehumanization or oppression as well as the capability to even contemplate and achieve liberation/freedom and know victory is certain.” (Wade Nobles paraphrased)

Blackness Is The Essential Goodness Of Spirit

From understandings regarding the twin power relationship, we already know one of the twin pairings is black & white – a necessary duality. From understandings of several sciences we already know, in terms of human skin color, black represents the original state of humans and health. We further know white, in terms of human skin color, represents the farthest away from the original state and health. We now logically move to another level of understanding where we come to know blackness as it is in the completeness of Universe and the African Utamawazo.

“For the Songhoy people of Mali, “bibi” (bee bee) means “black.” Bibi is never used to refer to anything negative or inferior.
Original human beings understood “Bibi” (black) means the essential goodness of things.
“Wayne bibi” (Wah-nay Bee-bee) means, “black sun” and “the fullest expression of the sun” and “the fullest expression of one's being.
Wayne bibi is when the sun is the brightest, most dazzling and most radiant. It is luminous, limitless and magnificent. Each son and daughter of Africa is a black living sun. The early formation of Creation bears witness.

“Hari bibi” (hah-ree bee-bee) means “black water” pure, drinkable water from the deepest part of the river. (3)(4)
Wayne bibi is blackness and blackness is the depth, essence, clarity and purity of a flowing being, a living being: spirit-energy-power in motion.

Clearly then, it is fitting to use “wayne bibi” to represent the concept of “Spiritness” in human beings.
What wayne bibi is, is what spirit is.
Wayne bibi helps us understand ourselves as being the same as always rising, setting and resurrecting living suns who go through continuous cycles of birth and rebirth as human beings. As we do, we have the spiritual and genetic potential that is as powerful as the sun.

When a person is in tune with their wayne bibi (spiritness), there is an innate desire for what is excellent, good and right for all life.
As a living sun, a human being expresses humanity and Divinity by hearkening to the magnetic pull away from mere animal/physical/material existence and toward that which is higher and spiritual.

As an understanding of wayne bibi circulates within us, there is a sense of inner power, dignity and peace of purpose. This is what helps maintain human beingness because we are connected to our essential goodness, our blackness of spirit.” (3)

Wayne bibi-Spiritness-Blackness is potent, potency and potent-iality of the totality of the Creator that transforms reality.

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