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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Early Formation Of Creation: Preexistence To Seventh Dimension
Unity Consciousness #748


(Part 9 of 26)


It is useful to review a definition of science, more in keeping with Creation's Trueprint, before proceeding.

After doing so, it is much easier to realize the story of Creation is the story of Science and the story of Science is the story of Creation. Science is not just a handful of subjects. Science is physical (matter) and spiritual (energy). So is Creation. Every subject is Science and all information in the Universe is part of Science – information both seen and unseen.

When eating a meal while keenly conscious of thankfulness, you would not rush, just to get to the end. Take your time and absorb these nutrients, contemplating the creative experience as you merge with solid, liquid and spirit energies.


As you attempt to integrate this information into your thought processes, for further consideration and comparison with information you already possess, and for comparison with the links and references included throughout this message, do not be discouraged by the differences.
“Our Ancestors used analogy, allegory and mythological story to cloak scientific principles in both the spiritual and physical portions of reality.” (Kamene: African Cosmology)

“African spiritual philosophy expresses itself in myth. African myths are the highest statements of truth for Africans. African Psychology must use African Mythology to reveal the workings of the African mind. We must use African Mythology to discover what is natural for us, what is healthy for us, what is sanity for us. African Mythology presents to us, in a systematic way, the symbols which reveal African truth. This is a multi-dimensional truth. African myths give us models for understanding the complexities of human existence and the relationships between humans and the Divine.” (Ani: African Spirituality)

Extract the understandings you can, and continue the process of becoming. Understandings will be coming. Universal Karma ensures your energy in motion will be returned.

By necessity, definitions pertaining to life and existence (all definitions) are inseparably connected to understandings of the purpose and early formation of Creation.

First Dimension – Preexistence

Preexistence is the state the Creator existed in, before creating this Creation. The Ancients called this stage, the “Primate of the Essences” (the primary or primordial state of the essences within the Creator).
Unless we think this Creation was the Creator's first time creating, then the only other possibility is that Preexistence was a transition and resting stage for the Creator. The Eternal Creator had completed another life cycle of Creation that resulted in perfection and harmony.
A clear indication of this is that both spirit (energy) and matter existed in Preexistence. Since the Creator was not just spirit, the Creator had already created. The next four dimensions explain some of the things that were already in existence during Preexistence.

Some of the Creator's energy was in motion (kinetic), but most was at rest (potential). Same is true when animals rest and sleep after completing a task or a day of living.

Purpose Of Creation

Necessity is the mother of invention (creation). Necessity is the general purpose of Creation.

Reason #1:
Not only must life remain in motion but also in a self-improving motion.
The Creator needed to create Creation again, for self-preservation of the Creator's life.
The equation: create + motion = Creation. Creation creates motion. Creation is the result of motion in the process of creation.

Life and existence is about understanding how to deal with self (self-improvement). As you move through that process, you begin understanding how to deal with more and more forms of self. As you continue to graduate into more complex dimensions of organisms, so also do you evolve in all ways. (See also, UC#415)

Reason #2:
Just as it is with humans and other animals, once rested, there is a rejuvenation of energy that builds up which the Creator needed to find a way to release out of the First Dimension. What else do you do when you have tons of energy and potential and time? Create another Creation.

The Creator had evolved spiritually (energetically), mentally and emotionally and now needed to transfer that new potential into new physical growth. (UC#639)

Reason #3:
Continuing to create newer, more complex versions of self using new understandings and new potential and still maintain perfection and eternal life is a challenge. Even so, the creative process allows for Creation to evolve out of Self in stages such that understandings gained by virtue of creating can be incorporated into the next stage. This then allows for adjustments to be made to ensure the need for understanding, the need for challenge, the need for evolution and the need for eternal life are achieved.

Reason #4:
Creation and every moment it exists is part of the continuous creative process of the Creator.
We are creative created beings created to be creative in a creative process. Not just for the sake of being creative. Rather in understanding that Creation is a stage in the evolutionary process of the Creator.
Thus, our purpose is to use our genetic potential to be creative to help us evolve into higher beings which helps the Creator evolve into a higher being. This evolution is achieved by continuously maturing in understanding and overcoming challenges. By moving through each stage of our continuous life journey in a self-improving motion, we become one with the Creator (achieve soul salvation).

In other words, life and existence is ultimately about the Creator as One. Life is not about Many individual creations.
Everything in Creation is for the purpose of regaining and reunifying understanding in order to return to the Oneness we came from so the Creator can complete this life cycle and evolve into another stage of eternal life. And in doing so, take us along on the continuous spiritual journey of eternal life and recreating us into different forms. This explains why, we ourselves, are the Creator. (UC#745, UC#748)

After absorbing nutrition up to this point (including the links), we realize the depth of the relationship we have with the Creator and the Universe. We realize that what life is about is embedded in a deeply woven reciprocal relationship of the finest, strongest and most resilient silk threads.

Second Dimension - The Creator's Creation (The Creator As One)

All things were in harmony in the waters of Nun inside the Creator: spirit (energy), matter, female, male, atoms, molecules, elements and more.
Using what was in the waters, the Creator began to create by converting some of the energy at rest (potential) to energy in motion (kinetic). This is what is called the Big Bang. It was the conversion of a large amount of creative spirit energy that manipulated matter and caused a large mound (mountain) to rise out of the waters. This moundtain is called Ptah. When we speak of mountains, we speak of Ptah. (See also, climax, UC#639)

Even though a Big Bang did occur, it did not come out of chaos. The Creator was not in chaos as Preexistence explains.

Furthermore, everything was not created at once and neither does understanding come at once. There are stages and dimensions of Creation and understanding. Why? Because Creation is an understanding process and Understanding is a creation process.
So now, whoever dares to say they are not a creative person also says they are not an understanding person and also says they do not have a fundamental understanding of Self which means healthy self-esteem is fundamentally lacking.

Since Creation is a process, Creation is not a single explosion of creative energy. (UC#5)
In order for the rest of Creation to be created, there were numerous mini-explosions. The sections that follow, represent those mini-explosions of creative spirit energy being converted - converting spirit energy and converting matter.

Epilogue To The Creator's Creation

Ptah is matter, spirit (energy), male and land. Ptah is the conversion of potential energy in the waters.
Ptah existed in the waters of Nun and is part of the Creator. The other part of the Creator is the waters of Nun.
Nun is spirit (energy), matter, female and water.

Third Dimension - Nun & Ptah's Creation (The Creator As Two)

Nun & Ptah procreated and the waters gave birth to Atum.
Atum then climbed up the mountain of Ptah and sat on his father's head.
Atum is female and male due to the combination of Nun & Ptah. Atum represents the child, the daughter and the son.
Atum is the totality of the Creator due to being the combination of Nun & Ptah.

Atum means creative utterance. This is where “The Word” comes from in some bibles and is also the source of the expression, “Word is born!.”
Atum is The Word who some call the Word of God which is true except that God is both female and male and Atum is both The Son and Daughter of God.

Atum is where the word, “atom” comes from.

Nun, Ptah, Atum are three in unity, a tri-unity, a trinity, a family in harmony.
Nun, Ptah, Atum are the original trinity.
This trinity can also be expressed as Matter, Energy (Spirit) and Creative Utterance.

Atum is the first creation who did not exist in Preexistence. There was no need since female and male existed together in Oneness in the waters.

Fourth Dimension – Atum, The Creator's First Creations

This stage of the creative process is the “Essences of Preexisting Order and Arrangement.”
Atum used creative utterance** of word to call elements, atoms, molecules and other formulas into existence out of the waters.
These things had to preexist in order for water and matter to exist in Preexistence and to allow Ptah as mountain land to be created.

Prologue To Fifth Dimension

Revelation 3:14
“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;” (Christianity)

“To the angel of the Messianic Community in Laodicea, write: ‘Here is the message from the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the Ruler of God’s creation:” (Judaism)

Fifth Dimension – Atum, The Creator's Second Creations (Neternu)

Atum calls more uncreated creations out of the waters and into Creation.
These are 4 pairs of male/female twins who are complementary opposites. They represent the 8 characteristics of everything.

1. Water (Matter) and Space
2. Infinite and Finite
3. Darkness and Light
4. Hidden (Amen) and Revealed (Amenet)

Sixth Dimension – Atum, The Creator's Third Creations (Spiritual/Physical Principles Of Created Beings)

Everything created before this dimension is still in harmony.

Atum, transforms self into Atum-Khepera. (“creative utterance” combined with “the process of becoming”)
Then, out of Self, Atum creates 4 pairs of male/female twins who are complementary opposites.
Finally, these principles are codes, instructions and blueprints that establish rules which allows for each pairing to take on different forms consistent with harmony.

1. Air and Moisture
2. Earth (Land) and Sky. This is not when any planets were created. The principle to create land was created in this dimension. Where is the Sun, Moon and rest of the Solar System and Galaxy and so on, if Earth was actually created in this dimension?
3. Giver & Protector of Life and Birther & Sustainer of Life
4. Destroyer* and Oracle Reader

All of the first principles in each pair are male and represent the metamorphosis principle.
All of the second principles in each pair are female and represent the resurrection principle.

*To be explained in greater detail in another message; however, due to the Destroyer, disharmony now exists for the first time in Creation.
In one sense, this can be called the beginning of chaos. In another sense this is not chaos if the Destroyer was part of the Trueprint plan.

Seventh Dimension – Giver of Life & Birther of Life, Create

The third twin pair of the Sixth Dimension were named Ausar and Auset. They gave birth to Heru who is both female and male. Heru represents the principles of the Sun and the resurrection of blackness due to being the embodiment of Auset/Ausar.
The physical Sun was not created in this dimension for the same reasons Earth and none of the other physical aspects were created in the Sixth Dimension.

Heru is Ra.
Heru is Hero and Heroine.
Heru is Horus is the Horizon.
Heru/Sekhmet (Sekhmet-Ra) is one of several Deities, characteristics and principles and Created Beings who Yeshua (Jesus) was modeled after by taking bits and pieces of each.
Heru is Jeru is Jerusalem is Herusalem.
Heru is Jeru is Jesus is Hesus.

Throughout the entire creative process of the early formation of Creation, both metamorphosis and resurrection are taking place.
Metamorphosis is needed in order to resurrect.
Resurrection is needed in order to metamorph.

**Creative Utterance by Atum is Divine Speech (Mdw Ntr).

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