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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Creation Principles:
Oracle Reader (Nebethet) & Destroyer (Setifan)
Unity Consciousness #750


(Part 11 of 26)

Part 9 contributes significant context to this message.

Oracle Reader Female Principle

Created in the 6th Dimension out of Atum as part of the process of becoming. The Oracle Reader is a principle of each created being to assist in the completion of purpose.

An “oracle” is a message, instruction, sign or code. We have limited this definition to messages we don't understand. For instance, a sky that darkens is now understood to be a sign that it will likely rain, thus we don't call it an oracle, but it is. Oracles are omens.
“Oracle” is also used to describe a person who understands messages and signs. An “oracle” has also been used to mean temples, God, divinities, deities, priests, priestesses, prophets, prophetesses, palm readers, fortune tellers and a long list of other synonyms. (1)

Cells function based on instructions from DNA/RNA. Those instructions are oracles. An oracle is fundamental to all things in motion. Where there is motion, there is process and oracles being read.

An “oracle reader” is something or someone with the ability to read, combine and understand messages in one form of language and communicate that understanding in another form of language (a translator). Thus oracles readers of the Divine Order of life and existence must understand the fundamental keys of seen and unseen science and spirituality.
All people are oracle readers to some extent and absolutely have oracle readers within their cells, reading DNA/RNA and reading the environment and reading communications throughout the body's network.
When it comes to people we most commonly refer to as “oracle readers” we are talking about those who understand both the physical reality and spiritual reality to a greater extent than most of us. These people must master the rituals which serve as keys to open the way to these communications

Oracle readers of all types, bring forth understanding, thus resurrect understanding out of one form of language and give birth to the same understanding in another form of language.

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors: Encyclopedia Of African Religion (2009), p. 496, 206.

The Executor Male Principle

In the 6th Dimension, the complement to the Oracle Reader is the Executor.
The Executor is one who carries out the information in messages once they have been understood by the Oracle Reader and communicated to the Executor.
The Oracle Reader and Executor are a complementary pair similar to a thinker and doer or a brains and brawn or a translator and recorder. There are more analogies than these.
The Oracle Reader is the General who reads coded messages from Central Command then translates them for the troops who carry out the instructions.

Because males also represent the principle of metamorphosis, an Executor is one who transforms understanding into the physical/material reality through a combination of influencing logic and changing the physical world itself (humans included).

The Executor has been given the gift of being able to discern who the Oracle Readers are. In other words, within each person is the ability to know who to listen to based on how well their messages match the Creaor's Trueprint Ecosystem Logic within and without.

The Executor and the Oracle Reader are Principles #7 & #8 of all created beings – you, me and all else.

Note: The Executor described in this section is the Second Executor created to complement the Oracle Reader. The First Executor became the Destroyer.

The Destroyer Male Principle Is An Executor

In the 6th Dimension, the First Executor became known as the Destroyer when he did not get paired with the Oracle Reader. Thus being unpaired, this First Executor lacks understanding of the messages the Creator sends. Even so, attempts are made to carry out messages based on mixed up fragments of information and a lack of wisdom. This is the nature of the First Executor and why he became known as the Destroyer.

The Destroyer goes by many names such as Evil, Evil One, Ogo, Yurugu, Setar, Set, Setekh, Setesh, Setian, Setifan, Seth, Satan, Ares, Mars, Typhon, Devil, Ego, Snake In The Grass, Lower-self, Diablo, Angra Mainyu, Wickedness, Sin...

Points To Remember About The Destroyer
1. Exists as a male principle in females and males.
2. Is an Executor of messages (carries out the instructions of The Creator, i.e., the will of God). He has a partial, fragmented, mixed up, disconnected understanding of what the will of God is, and as it should be, he represents God according to his distorted characteristics, principles and image, thus making himself appear to be the Savior of the World. The Destroyer is a false Oracle, thus The False Prophet. He is the antithesis to the Creator, thus the anti-"Christ" his books of altered truths talks about.
3. His highest way of knowing is by use of human machines because he does not have the Oracle Reader to help bring clarity through the unity of understandings. Because he does not have the benefit of translation, the Destroyer relies solely on interpretation.
4. Is unbalanced in his femaleness, in understanding and in the resurrection principle. Thus logic is destructive to the two part Ecosystem of body, and of Spirit, mind and emotion.
5. Has no ability to do “the right thing.”
6. Has the ability to sometimes say the right thing as it seems to those at Giri So.
7. Despite DNA/RNA in the Body of the Creator changing, the Destroyer has zero ability to make the necessary adjustments to avoid climate change related crisis emergencies. He can't change his approach because he can't change his context because he is destined to be one-sided.
8. Is a master destroyer, deceiver, falsifier and illusionist because those are the only things he does well.
9. Has the ability to create since he is part of the Creator. As a result, also has hold to pieces of truth and accuracy. These are mixed in with a whole bunch of other stuff so it is always necessary to use ongoing discernment and an ongoing process of analysis when experiencing, encountering and observing information.
10. Everything he does works against harmony of family.
11. His ability to manipulate the physical world and the mental world is not any greater than any of the other principles that are resident in all people In other words, stop being amazed at what the Destroyer does using 1/9th potential.*
The Destroyer has a maximum potential of 1/9th that is able to get over on the 8/9ths because the 8/9ths lack sufficient knowledge of self. This causes the 8/9ths within ourselves to follow the logic of the 1/9th. In other words, the Destroyer gets its power, not from itself, but from that which it convinces to destroy itself.
This is accomplished by using any means necessary to remove the female from the Creator, remove female from governance, make the world seem more physical than spiritual and reduce understandings of origin. Then the Destroyer puts himself in the position of Oracle Reader and because he lacks the ability to understand, he inserts his own code into information (makes up shit) that ensures his short-term survival, thus he wreaks havoc on logic, making you think negatively about analyzing when all he does day and night is analyze you. Everything we get from a society dominated by Destroyer logic is harmful to body, spirit, mind and emotion. Many of the things we think are signs of civilization are signs of deterioration. The Destroyer is a practiced trickster. Far too many still think Destroyer Kool-Aid® is a lifesaver. All of these things limit your ability to access the correct logic inside you. This is how the Destroyer gets you to do what the Destroyer wants you to do, by systematically weakening you through all of its systems – especially the ones you think are helping you.

12. Thus the Destroyer infects the logic in your brain the same way a virus does in your computer. The prevalence of all manner of constant viral attacks on your computer is the exact metaphor for the constant attacks on the logic in your brain that has been happening since before you were born. Most people have never overhauled their thinking or maintain constant vigilance against the latest virus. We already know what happens to a computer under these conditions – it does all kinds of strange things until it self-destructs – and clearly without realizing that all that ability and functioning that it is doing benefits the lowest form of spirit.
13. Big Bad Destroyer Boy is always fearful and always a fearmonger.
14. Has corrupted and flipped the script of your logic causing you to forget your physical and spiritual genetics. Understand how a virus gets over on its subject in cells and in computers. Knowledge of self on every island and continent is untwisted, tilted and off target when your contexts come from the lower spirit.
15. To the Destroyer, self-improvement means stuff improvement. Since the Destroyer Spirit cannot function in a balanced manner spiritually, he seeks satisfaction physically while attempting to set aside the spiritual aspect of actions. However, since he is lacking in understanding, the Destroyer cannot master the knowledge necessary to continuously get physical basic needs. As a result, the Destroyer must rely on taking from the mastery of others to get the stuff he needs and wants. In order to feed the Ego that he is, the Destroyer seeks to become “Master” over everything in the physical world and all people, including his women and children. This is so because the Destroyer cannot love in the same manner as a balanced spirit.
Because there is a time (motion) delay between the spiritual and physical, the Destroyer has been able to get people's logic to give more credence to the power of the physical than the power of the spiritual – even as these same people frequently pay lip service to the Destroyer's spirit as he masquerades in various forms of God through holey textbooks. As a result, the Destroyer's manifestations and accumulations in the physical world are over-appraised, as is also the durability of his dominance. Higher spiritual energy has always been in motion and is here and more is on its way that will sway the battle over logic and in the streets.
16. The Deceiver enslaves believers, not knowers.

Some Say The Destroyer Is An Unplanned Principle

Accounts of Creation written in myth metaphor, indicate logic corrupted to yield impatience and pride as reasons for the Destroyer's existence. In other words, the Destroyer is unplanned.

Some Say The Destroyer Is A Planned Principle

Divine Order is based on opposites per Cardinal Principle #3.
In a Divine Order based on pairs of opposites, a Spirit who works towards harmony and the greater good must be paired with a Spirit who works towards disharmony and the lesser good.
Part of the Creator must create in harmony and part of the Creator must de-create in harmony.
Part of the Creator must create in disharmony and part of the Creator must de-create in disharmony.
Spirit is the main context and all twin pairs, dual natures, dynamic duos and complementary opposites must come out of this context.
If all that is beautiful in life is part of the plan, then so also, all that is ugly in life is part of the plan, otherwise there is no context.
Since this is not the first life cycle of Creation, the Creator understood at least two things in relation to Self: (1) In the process of Creation, separation from Oneness opens a window of opportunity for disconnection from the unity of One consciousness, thus the potential for a reduction in knowledge of self exists. (2) Genetic potential (power of spirit and matter) can only be used in accordance with understanding. When unbalanced understanding (misunderstanding) enters into the equation, then so does the misuse (unbalanced use) of power (genetic potential). Know yourself is of greater importance than the 42 Admonitions To Maat, the Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought and the Ten Commandments. Know yourself actually takes care of everything in these and similar lists.
All of this is in keeping with the purpose of Creation and the twin power relationship.

Destroyer Principle Is Both Planned & Unplanned

Part 9, Reason #3 supports both

The potential for the Destroyer to exist is a fixed part of the plan.
The when, where, how and who of how the Destroyer came into being was a variable part of the plan. Also, to the degree the Destroyer can manifest anywhere in anyone based on many factors is the degree to which the Destroyer is unplanned.

How The Destroyer Is Being Offset

The Destroyer started out as 1 of 8 and then became 1 of 9.*
The Destroyer is 1/9th (11%) of the Creator's Spirit.
To the degree the other 8 principles are in balance in all aspects and respects, is the degree to which they work together to offset the portion of Spirit that is the Destroyer within us. We must grow into understandings of the principles and potentials within self.
To the degree the other 8 principles are not in balance, is the degree to which the Destroyer principle will be magnified in us and will have more than a 1/9 effect in our lives.
This is not an individual percentage and an individual effect. It applies to groups of twos, threes, families, communities, institutions, and so on all way up to nations and worlds. The world is suffering from a greater than 1/9th effect from humans who are less than 1/9 of the human population. This is turning around according to the oracles emerging like the Primordial mound. Atum-Khepera is uttering words as part of the countdown. Our words and other deeds alter the momentum.

*This percentage has also been calculated using a more detailed method. The result is 18%. Both 11% and 18% are sufficient to demonstrate the relatively small portion of the total Creator that is actually the lower-self. For our purposes we will combine and average the results of both methods which yields 15% as representative of the lower-self spirit AKA, the Destroyer.

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