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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Melanin Matters In Spirit & Matter
Unity Consciousness #779


(Part 6 of 8)

Melanin & Human Beingness

We now know melanin absorbs more energy and produces more energy. Therefore melanin raises vibrations and frequencies which allows you to use your genetic potential to a fuller degree.

Anything nutritious exponentially enhances melanin functioning. Exponential is more powerful than simply increasing.
When you eat healthier, you raise abilities multiple times more than the energy it took to perform the healthy act. For instance, getting Sun may seem like a small thing, but it is an exponential thing. Drinking water, eating plants and growing in knowing yourself will return to you much more than you put into it. This is nothing new under Herosunra. Does not the act of putting a seed in the ground always give you back more? Replant the seeds of your strength and watch what happens.
What melanated people have achieved in the past three thousand years alone since the sickening of humanity under Asian continent bred regimes is nothing short of spectacular. Without those contributions, the world would be much worse off.
Now when you consider what was achieved prior to the last three thousand years, you understand how the power of melanin goes far deeper than skin color.
Most melanated people don't understand their power. Most barely-melanated people are scared to death of this power because they can't figure it out and have tried everything and still can't do anything about it. For instance, they kill one hundred and one thousand are born.
For instance, two huge white male cop-outs weighing a total of over 400 pounds, having to use unnecessary force, and legal approval to assault a black female weighing 130 pounds, just to show how powerful they are, yet being so sick-spirited, admitting they were scared of the black female, yet making it seem like it's her fault for being fundamentally more powerful than the two of them put together with their laws and their other weapons.
Make no mistake. Many people experience many challenges. They endure and rise above those challenges.
Now, accumulate all those challenges and then multiply by them by some factor more than thrice and you will have what goes beyond beatdowns, Genocides and Holocausts combined. This is what African Blackness has experienced. And why not? Isn't blackness the absorber of all energy and all light and darkness, thus all misery and all plights. Doesn't the Mother go through all pains her children go through? Why wouldn't Africa suffer the pains of the world at the hands of her own children – the continents and islands that have broken off from Africa? This alone magnifies the pain because it is not so easy for the Mother Principle to tear herself away from the worst of her children in order to save the rest of her children who can be saved.

Human Beingness As it Manifests Through African Blackness Must Be Properly Understood

Because matter (the human form) is vibrating at a lower frequency than spirit, spirit must help matter return to a higher state of vibration in order for matter and spirit to function at their highest level of oneness. When spirit and matter are functioning at their highest levels of oneness, moundtains rise out of waters, per-neters rise out of deserts and Africans rise no matter where they are.
Innerstand blackness and her metaphors.
Understand that the greatness of Kemet is a very small amount of greatness compared to what was achieved in Africa before Kemet even existed.
Understand that the Kemites were not a new group of black people, they were the descendants of those who flowed up the Hapi River Valley from the foothills of the Mountains Of the Moon. The Kemites were the best of the best because they came from an ever-improving best of the best.
We are the descendants of all the Africans who flowed from that starting point. We are not just from West Africa and Ghana.

Africa Is The Nucleus Of Human Beingness

You must overstand that Africa is the genetic nucleus of knowledge for planet Earth. Africa and Africans hold the instructions for how the human species is supposed to be living. There is only one nucleus and Africa is it!
This is why, once we embrace our melanin and other powers, we will go ahead and complete the overcoming process that started from Day One.

The odds are tremendous but not as powerful as the Heru & Sekhmet within the healthy African. No human or human creation can stand that stands in opposition, though they stand together with whatever type of ammunition.

Health of the planet (peace on Earth and human beingness) has been once achieved. It has been re-conceived and the powers that will always be, are helping us re-achieve health by fueling us with all forms of energy that we are designed to absorb and decipher and reformulate. Us. We, the micro and macro image of the Divine Essence Of The Creator.


A little bit of focus goes a long way. A lot of focus takes us all the way.
Melanin is part of your African Blackness Inheritance. Use it collectively for Family who want to be their inherent best. Quit helping the patriarchal-led enemy groups bring their sick logic into reality.

It is the Spirit of blackness, melanin of blackness and female of blackness who will restore human beingness to this planet. It is those three, that trinity and that triple blackness who will bring forth within each person who embraces them, the full spectrum of knowledge necessary to do what we are still alive to do - restore civilizations from the deplorable state caused by the rapers of Ra's energy.

Closing In Again On Melanin

Skin color is the least of what melanin is, yet melanated skin is extremely powerful in maintaining and restoring health.
Understand that your melanin goes from your skin all the way through your body and exists on every level and is everywhere all the way to the inside of your bones and in your stem cells.
You are melanin in motion, blackness in motion, sun in motion, power in motion, energy in motion and spirit in motion.
This is true for every part of you spiritually, genetically, physically, molecularlly, cellularly, emotionally and mentally.

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