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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Brief World History & Current Karma Events
Unity Consciousness #834


(Part 3 of 10)

Out of a study of the Mauri Moors of Africa and Asia, comes several understandings to bring together and bring forth this message.

Human Beings Using Human Logic

If we were to examine a handful or more historical accounts, we cannot help but come to understand:
The World has gone from African rule to Asian rule under various groups.
The world has gone from black people in charge to browns, reds, yellows, semite mulattoes and whites.
The world has gone from African spirituality to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.
Africa and Asia have been responsible for invading, conquering, attacking, colonizing, empire building, imperialism and "discovering" and "helping" and "civilizing" and democratizing people to death.
If the most learned in Eastern Africa could descend and do this to any degree, what should we expect from those who never really rose past the point of their departure from Africa and are the most unlearned?
You get a Murderville Matrix Marketed As Mayberry.
This is true even of Egypt. The moment they diminished the female and went to war against each other, despite other accomplishments, they began an irreversible slide that could only be stopped by a complete total and sudden shift of all downward contributing ideologies. Egypt could not stop the self-destructive logic they promoted and neither has any other empire been able to since then. America and the current wannabes are not any different except their foundations are significantly weaker which means it really doesn't take much for all to fall down like precariously positioned dominoes. None of them have enough logical separation to avoid the consequences of the final mistake by any of them. In other words, everything America is doing is jeopardizing all of Europe and the rest of Asia and the other way around.

To a very large degree, even the bibles of these people listed above paint the same overall picture of world history. These bibles speak of what effects MUST FOLLOW which causes. What differs mostly about our nationalized understandings of world history is who did what to whom and who were the good ones and who were the bad ones.
We no longer need to be confused about those questions.

The last portion of the current cycle is coming to completion. The full circle is coming to completion. Everything must start over. Some or all fundamental aspects must repeat. There is no such thing as a "Do Not Follow" command as an avoidance technique when it comes to Universal Karma.
This cycle of descent has taken place numerous times already during human existence. The difference of previous cycles is there were only black people on the planet. This is the first cycle when the descent involved this type of color variation, religious variation, gender desecration, widespread migration and loss of sense of origination as challenges to consciousness.
True to form, Spider's got our back and has been untangling the web and solving the algebraic equation and implementing the re-balancing solution. We know the entirety of the problem has been solved by the Creator because the problem has been understood by human beings as a collective and been uploaded in bits from below to above. There must be then, a like spiritual response that manifests itself physically in multiplicity. (Every piece of understanding is significant and helps complete the puzzle.)

America & Israel, The Beautiful Illusion & The Unholy Illusion

America is a like a lame-duck president. It cannot be restored to its "make America great again" deadly status. Despite how we are measuring what is happening today, an overall analysis reveals America as no more deadlier today than it has always been. America & Company, have always been in the business of killing thousands daily and millions yearly. It's just being noticed more and televised more in order to terrorize those who are going to rise anyway. Other reasons have been discussed.

Right Now The Destroyer Deceiver Is What Goes Up & Must Come Down

All that is being manifested on Earth in the past several thousand years is because the lower self is ruling way more than it was before. Thus, because the lower spirit has become first, so also has lower self logic and behaviors become the primary way we function. Evil has become first and good has become last. America and Israel, are the most recent incarnations of the lower self - Antichrist and Antichrist, Jr.
Most bibles tell of the rise and fall of the lower self. This is what is happening in the world today. The current human powers dominating the world to death are not any more powerful than the lower energy circulating in the Universe. As the dynamic balance of the lower-self shifts towards the higher self and the Aquarian Age rises, there is absolutely nothing America, Israel and all the other United Nations can do except stand down, or if not, hasten their own removal. Every location of the most malicious destruction is being dynamically targeted and every time America adds to their already malicious madness, they remain as the prime tumorous target for the Parent, the Primordials and the Primitives to address.

I'll say this briefly another way. Since most people have some sort of bible belief and those bibles speak of miraculous things that used to happen and that someday will happen again, those same bible believes should have no problem understanding that right now is that period of time. A person believing they can die and then their spirit soul can live on and perhaps their body can be resurrected, should not have any problem understanding that, that same power exists right now to set things right in the world. Thus, events are going to take place, that are normal but so infrequent, that many generations have not experienced these occurrences and have relegated these events to miracles and myths when, if fact, all these events are scientific responses in a scientific Universe from a Creator who is the Supreme Science & Supreme Scientist.*

Africans, show no fear.
These are the times for which we are here. The times that are fading into a flurry of mutant virus viciousness are the times for which the Destroyer is here. His and Her time is running out while we are gaining momentum, thus the unstoppable downward force is becoming the unstoppable upward force, even as it seems as if it's not. The powers who used-to-be, could not stop President Obama and they could not stop Trump and they cannot stop Clinton. Who then, can stop the African aligned with the Aquarian?
We must become more fluent in knowledge of self as an Ecosystem so we can understand the Ecosystem and greatly reduce the logic of fear so we won't run around like Chicken Little when events from Above reach us below.
Gird the inner and outer with the fundamentals of basic needs.
That is all anyone should ever do.

*Case in point. In recent years, the Sun's magnetic pole (spiritual energy) has flipped. Other changes in the Sun are taking place. Earth's magnetic field (spiritual energy) is also in the process of flipping. Based on these two encompassing examples, is it reasonable then, to think those are the only two large scale scientific principles that are changing? Climate change is more than water and temperature rising. Thus, since magnetic spiritual energy fields are moving towards the south, this means south is becoming the new north and bottom is becoming the top and the last is being positioned to become first. It means the root has been renewed and is releasing creative genetic potential genius it has in store. Spiritual energy moves and then physical things move. A flipping of the logic script has happened already in the above and more is yet to come. A flipping around 180 degrees is happening in the below globally in the body of Earth. Next comes even greater manifestations in the within and the without for that which is properly aligned within the double-acting sphere of Sun-Earth's influence.

In other words, if large changes are taking place with the Sun that sustains life AND large changes are taking place with the Earth that contains our life, humans and other creatures must also undergo large changes in order to remain viable under the up and coming new normal. This is a fundamental scientific principle.

In other words, perspectives must flip around to match the energy flow. That which we view negatively in a bad way must become viewed negatively in a good way. Much of what we currently think positively about in a good way will become revealed to us that those things are far less preferable and will be for thousands of years to come. Thus since human systems are based on human logic that is going against the changing energy flow, human systems will experience major disruptions and upheaval. Shall we continue to risk our behinds for blind faith in the weakest truth or shall we recalibrate to the stronger Rennut? Shall we continue to believe or start to think? How do I and we account for all 64 of my and our basic spiritual needs?

We (as a collective, but not everyone) are moving into shifting away from believing in the di-versions of the virgin male and towards knowing the confluences and congruences of the origin female. The result will be moving from being human and returning to human beingness, which necessitates cleaning out every dimension that houses human mess. As we go through each process, we will retrieve synthesis in our senses and perceive the deepest highest level of awareness of genesis where one root produces two fruit and branches merely display many forms of two truths.
The greatest difficulty in understanding this takes place when a person mistakes their weakness for strength. The greatest difficulty in understanding this occurs when a person's thought processes are rigidly affixed to religious logic as their worldview context. This causes a person to continue to think, "I believe this" or "I don't believe that" rather than the person going through processes to achieve, knowing understanding.
The result for those who free willingly choose the way of ways, will be moving from being frayed and afraid and towards restoring prodigal people and piecemeal philosophies in that which is strongest innermost in self wherever we are and strongest in self in innermost Africa from where we all were. Inside these two plural places is all else. Besides them, there is nothing else.

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