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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Culture Conflicts: Halloween & Other Holidays
Unity Consciousness #838


It's time for Africans to stop it already with Halloween and other cultural practices that are in no ways okay for us to celebrate or participate in.

Within the past week leading up to Halloween, I heard two children in anticipation of their participation of dressing up and going around asking strangers for candy. Parents are right there in agreement while candy or something free is a main trick for predators of children. Halloween is a very weird and sick dynamic for that reason alone, plus there is nothing healthy about candy plus there is nothing logically worthwhile about the holiday itself.

Yes I went trick-or-treating as a child and yes I helped my children do it. I hope they will forgive me.
As a people, we are awakening and learning better so also then must come the doing better.

No, we're not falling for that it's not harmful rhetoric or that it's for the children rhetoric.
Every piece of an anti-humane culture we participate in adds to loss of self-identification, thus a loss of black lives mattering.
Every day we already encounter and participate in hundreds of cultural ways of thinking. We certainly don't need to add to it by highlighting some cultural pieces (holidays) as a good thing and something to look forward to and as okay to expose our children to.
We are already allowing our children to be schooled and programmed and ingrained to think and act against their best interests.
Why teach them to go out and beg candy from strangers and then eat candy like any part of that is a good thing?
Cultures that treat Africans like shit have no holidays worthy of an African celebrating them (Dr. King's excepted).

I'm calling my momma right now and asking her why momma, why why, why!?

One of those two parents I encountered out talking about is of the type that should be expected to participate. The other parent, just the opposite.
Holidays loom large in a child's psyche. They reaffirm nationality, religion and reality.
If we need to celebrate something, let's make up a holiday. The one's we are already celebrating are made up so what would be the difference?
The difference would be to celebrate holidays in the name of Ancestors, recent, not so recent and ancient. Teach the children black history is the root and trunk of world history.
Make it a holy day to study genealogy and history and then have a feast and other events.
Make it a holy day to go plant some trees, bushes and other perennials such as herbs.
Make it a holy day to learn about healthy eating and preparing healthy food or going to a healthy restaurant.
Make it a holy day where the children can go buy things that enhance their learning and interests.
Make it a holy day where you and others participate in crafts.
Make it a holy day to go to each other's houses and help complete a project.

Turn all these unhealthy cultural holidays we are currently participating in, into something actually beneficial to Africans.

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