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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ham, Shem, Japheth Are Forms Of Khem
Unity Consciousness #831


"Race" is used as it appears in the references. Per UC#826, there is only one human race. All people are variations of one race and still belong to that same one human race.

Per History In Conjunction With Judaism-Christianity-Islam

The descendants of Shem (Semites, Chemites, Khemites) and Japheth lived in Asia where the land was nowhere near as productive as in Africa. This caused Shem and Japheth's descendants to live as nomadic shepherds.
On the other hand, in Africa, people naturally settled into place in the wide-ranging fertile landscape. This included the region of Egypt (Kham, Ham, Khem) where the Nile River provided water and nutrients for a very large area.
In Egypt, as also in the lands to the south, with a dependable source of food for themselves and their livestock, the descendants of Ham and others, moved on to higher and higher levels of thinking and handicraft. This was not possible for the descendants of Shem and Japheth since they did not have agriculture and were frequently on the move, busy with the immediate day-to-day stuff. This lifestyle did not provide the incentive or the opportunity to develop knowledge in other disciplines such as math, astronomy, biology, geology, etc. When we go back to only about 1000 BCE, we find the Shemetic/Semetic and Japhethic nations still did not possess signs of higher culture.(0) By 1000 BCE African high culture had been in existences for tens of thousands of years. Before the descendants of Shem and Japheth began developing higher culture, the descendants of Ham had been in possession of high culture for so long that their upward progress was slowing down and declining. Even so, the declining culture of Egypt was still more advanced than the rising culture in Asia. This is a testament to how high the culture was.
Please take note that Ham is the father of Kush, Egypt (Kham, Mizraim), Punt (Phut) and Canaan. All of these lands comprise the entire eastern portion of Africa and were recognized as part of Africa in earlier times.

Japheth Is Egyptian & Phoenician. Phoenician Is Egyptian

The Hebrew "Gev" is identical with the Egyptian "Khef" and the children of Khef. The race of Japheth is the same as the race of Kheft, Japheth is Khemite Egyptian who came out of Ethiopia. (1-2) The Khefti or Japheti moved to the north of Egypt, the islands and lands of Phoenicia. (3)

The name Japheth evolved out of Japhet, Japht, or Apht which corresponds to the Egyptian Aft, earlier Kheft. (4)

According to Egyptian Mythology

Ra had resolved to be lifted up in an ark or sanctuary. Nnu and his small number of companions who enter the ark or sanctuary are eight in number, four male, Nnu, Seb, Shu, and Taht, and four female, Sekhet, Nut, Hathor, and Tefnut. The whole world that was divided between the three sons of Nnu: Shu, Seb, and Taht, was not on our earth. It was the celestial world above and below Earth.
Shu, whose name signifies shade, was guardian of the multitudes in the night sky. Shu is Ham, the dark of colour or black.
Seb of the serpents in the cycles of time, is the father of Horus on Earth. Seb is Shem.
Taht was assigned the nations of the north. Taht was given a double portion. Ra says, “I shall give thee to raise thy hand in the presence of the gods. I shall give thee to embrace the two parts of the sky. I shall give thee to turn thyself toward the northern nations.” Taht was the prototype of Japheth. (5)
There are four parts of the sky in Egyptian mythology and only three sons of Noah in certain Bibles. Thus, since those Bibles claim a starting point in Asia, Japheth was assigned to the northwest and northeast of Earth while Ham was assigned the southwest of Earth and Shem was assigned the southeast of Earth. The southwest of Earth is Africa from an Asian Biblical perspective.

Noah (Christian) was patterned after Nnu (Egyptian). Nnu became Ausar (Egyptian) and Osiris (Greek). Ausar/Osiris became the father of Heru/Horus (Jesus).
Because certain Bibles got the Egyptian mythology all mixed up when they tried to make it fit/fake their story, Jesus displays the characteristics of several Egyptian goddesses and gods. For instance, Jesus is a form of Noah. Noah floated on water and came out of the ark. Jesus walked on water and got into the boat (ark) with the disciples. (6)

Other similarities of Ham, Shem and Japheth to Egyptian mythology are as Sons/Suns of the lower, upper and middle heavens/earths. Ham, the Son/Sun of the lower south. Shem, the Son/Sun of the middle heaven, the horizon, the halfway point, the Semi to match the Semite/Shemite. Japheth, the Son/Sun of the upper north.

Also, the three sons of Noah were patterned after the Egyptian, Ka (Blacks) Atum ("holy authority" Semites) and Hu (Whites). (7)


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