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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, October 16, 2016

How Divide and Conquer and Divide, Survives Or Dies
Unity Consciousness #828

In societies, as children, we are attacked by the divide and conquer strategy. Simply put, in many ways, we are mostly intentionally and sometimes unintentionally kept from knowing ourselves, thus from developing healthy self-esteem, thus from becoming oneness with self, all else and the Creator, thus from a sense of wholeness.

As we begin maturing in our thinking, we learn to think more comprehensively, then divide and conquer no longer works. Maturing children begin to reason with a more thorough thought process that continues to evolve.

Not to be outdone, the Destroyer Deceiver, in person, switches the strategy as our improved level of understanding makes us less vulnerable to divide and conquer.

The new strategy becomes conquer and divide. As older children, teenagers and young adults, we are taught that our improved level of understanding gives us the right to make decisions for ourselves. We are taught individualism.
To embrace individualism is to embrace conquer and divide which is simply divide and conquer in disguise.
The ecosystem is not based on individualism. There is no such thing as individual choice that only affects the individual. Life is a collective process for a collective purpose. This is why we were granted gifted life in this form. We have life because there is a collective of lives inside us that make life possible. There is no individual cell that can just do its own thang. We have life because there is a collective of lives outside of us that make life possible. There is no individual creation from the micro to the macro that can function independently without impacting all else.
Individualism as a God-given right only exists when collective work and responsibility exists.

Conquered By Force, Then Choice, Then Force

When we are young, we are conquered by force, because we are not given choice as to what we learn. Thus we are divided according to information and instructions forced upon us.
When we are older, we are conquered by choice. We decide to be divided. We do not make the grown-up decision to self-correct broken logic. We keep making decisions on our own, based on logic we did not decide to learn.

Conquered By Lack Of Understanding

A child can only be divided and conquered when the cunning of adults exceeds the understanding of the child.
On the other hand, an older person, can only be conquered and divided when understanding is lacking. Call it what you want - naive, gullible, faith, belief, education, miseducation, matrix, amnesia, nobody told me, I didn't know...The phrasing doesn't change the lack of understanding.

In other words, it is not possible to divide and conquer and divide mature people.

Status Detected

Our current status is more conquered because we are more divided.
Our current strategy is not, "to be unified.". Unity is a byproduct of other behaviors. Unity is a goal, not a means or method or plan.
It is not possible to jump into unity from disunity. It ain't ever gonna happen. So quit talking about unity that way as in, "We're not unified!" Instead, say,
"We need to adjust our processes so we can achieve unity within self.
In other words, we can't be unified with each other until we begin unifying within self such that spirit, emotion, mind and behind are all working together for the greater good (health) within self. We must engage in the process of becoming one which is a process that Ancestors and Creator help us custom design once we decide to Ecosystem align.

In our current state of mind, we cannot change our status unless our basis of logic changes.
Logic is strategy. Logic tells us what to think and do. Isn't that strategy?
Thus the strategy is to use free will to become free by getting different information which leads to understanding which changes the basis of logic which changes the thought processes of our lives which changes conclusions and decisions which changes behaviors which changes how much we are divided which changes how much we are unified which changes how much we are conquered which changes everything.

I repeat: Logic cannot be changed by simply making a decision to think differently.* No. Logic is changed by adjusting information and instructions existing as millions of pieces of information in our minds. This is a process. In addition to new understandings, there are many understandings we already have which only require a little more understanding to make them more optimal and then more understanding to make them more optimal....

Beating The Life Out Of Guaranteed Individual Rights Absent of Collective Responsibility

Individualism causes societies to perpetrate and perpetuate crimes against the consciousness of children. Once the child can no longer be fooled this way, individualism is passed into the hands of the growing child as an unalienable guaranteed right for which the child is taught they must fight with all their might to maintain during this lifetime. When and where is communalism, collectivism and socialism taught to us in the same, non-stop, everywhere you turn, "this is the way it must be," manner? No wonder we are in psychological defeat. Right now, the United Nations and America are sanctioning countries that are trying to practice collective benefit, yet most of think our countries and cultures are good for the world. We maintain this logic while enduring many insane logical pains within those countries and cultures.

The contradictory part of our logic is that many of us who are outside the discomfort zone of the status quo, want peace, love, harmony, abundance, reciprocity, justice, happiness, freedom, etc., yet we allow ourselves to think negatively about the only way to achieve those things. That way being the opposite of individualism. Collective benefit guarantees individual rights and expression that does not destroy the unity of the group. This is only achievable when the collective is the primary perspective and prime objective. We are conquered and divided when we do not realize that the notion of "being independent" is also the same thing as individualism. Think about it three times. Independence is a false notion. It does not exist that one person or one anything can "make it on their own." Being independent is conquer and divide in disguise.

The whole story about how Lucifer fell from grace in certain biblical texts, is about the effects of individualism and thinking you can behave independently. Heaven became divided. Individual me-ism and independent me-ism is the mentality of Lucifer and his Destroyer Logic which is a pleasant sounding deceiving logic that is more alluring than the siren's song but not less deadly. This logic of "being independent," thus disconnected from consideration and responsibility to others, is prevalent in societies and must be conquered with higher, more non-individualistic, logic.

Think about it yet even another way.
If it is not possible to love by practicing individualism, then what worthwhile can be achieved via individualism?

Growing Out Of Excuses

Children do not choose individualism, they are taught individualism even as they are taught to "share and respect others." We grow up confused as to which one applies and when. As children, we have multiple excuses for being divided and conquered and conflicted. However, the older and older we get, the less and less of an excuse we have. The first time we make a full grown decision on our own, the excuse to lean on is completely gone. Even so, the higher calling is always pointing out right from wrong. It is during those moments, when we listen or don't listen, we de-side which side of the divide we will be on.

*The main decision that creates significant change is the decision as to which spirit to follow, the higher-self or lower-self. It is unlikely we will decide to follow a different spirit today and then tomorrow, follow that spirit the rest of the way. It takes practice. It takes situation confrontation. When the moment arises again, will we make a different choice? As each situation arises, we must reaffirm our overall decision on a case-by-case basis. Thankfully, it is possible to change quickly but this only happens when we understand the need for urgency and that there is no other acceptable alternative. Thus we have identified a secondary reason for our current situation.
If all that we know has happened historically in the world and all that we know is still going on right now and the recent televising of brutalities and murders is not enough to create a sense of urgency and a significant shift from current logic, then what the hell, let us die without crying because no change amounts to dying without trying.
All our tools, weapons, resources, power, advantages and genetic potential have already been explained. So why waste time marching up to murderers to complain when their only truth is the trueness of their deadly global aim?
Meanwhile we remain individual and dependent on these same psycho-sociopath people and their sick systems for our sustenance. Even though we've heard, "the Devil is a lie," we have not understood the fullness of what it means as the Devil manifests in human form.

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