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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Racial Belief Speculations & Knowings
Unity Consciousness #826


(Part 3 of 4)

Gender, religion, origin and "race" are our four biggest misunderstandings (fatal flaws).
Although the logic that follows, focuses on "race," the other three words can be substituted in most places without loss of meaning.

Belief speculations are supposed to mature as we do. We are not supposed to stop speculating believing but we are supposed to stop putting more faith in the belief speculation than in the investigation.


1. We still mostly speculate believe different "races" exist even though we mostly already know otherwise.
2. Based on scholars, experts, media, school, religion, etc., we conclude "race" equates to "a huge difference" when "race" simply means "variation." Furthermore, "race" means "variation from one origination."
Racial differentiation does not mean different "races". It means differences within one "race". The word "race" and the word "species" are synonyms. Understand species, understand "race".
If there is such a thing as "race" it should be based on the fundamental level of each creation where separation takes place that prevents each creation from being able to exchange genetic information. To procreate is to handshake and cooperate to recreate. Procreation cannot take place among members of a different "race" or different creation. By these two determinants of "race," we should know we are not even a different "race" from plants. How fundamental can you go before both sides of the logical, equation, equals, and before degrees of separation reach zero?

3. We ignore the human genome which says Africa is every human's home. In other words, every human's genetic database has its foundation in Africa. In other words the oldest human Ancestor of every human is a black woman and man. Black people are the prototypical original humans out of which all other "racial variations" developed.

4. We ignore clear information that says homo sapiens humans were in Africa for several hundreds of thousands of years before leaving to populate the planet. In other words, every human's genetic database was formulated in Africa and then transferred to other lands to continue being formulated into variations that are now called "races." Therefore, the genetic database inside each person living today consists mostly of the genetic characteristics that came into existence in Africa. The noticeable differences among humans, whether superficial or the deeper genetic differences are still a tiny part of the total genetics within each person. In other words, no matter what "race" you claim, you are still African based on your genetic name and based on your Human Family Surname. You are Asian-African, Indonesian-African, Sioux-African and so on.

5. White people are not white because they are mostly white. No, they are white because they are whitewashed, bleached out black genetics. Yet, even with the color removed, the fabric is fundamentally the same. Genetic deviation into albinism, as an occurrence in all offspring, is a recent phenomenon. In a last ditch effort, cells had to give up some strength in order to prolong existence. (a)
Far too many people with access to tons of information, are running around acting like they don't know at least this much about themselves and their family history.

6. As a sign of the times, while staring in the mirror of truth, people still allow themselves to be played by their daily misinformation providers and also by companies who do DNA testing to tell you what your heritage is.
The Ancestors of all humans were in Africa for at least 95% of of a 400,000 year homo sapiens existence. It is not truthfully possible for any person's DNA test to tell them they came mostly from someplace that is not called Africa. Everybody is African first and foremost and foundationally. It is not possible for the content of flour to not continue to be mostly flour just because some yeast was added and changed the flavor. It is not possible for a variety of rose to be more variety than it is rose.

7. There is only one family tree that has multiple branches.
You do not have a family tree if you are not fully connected to the trunk in Africa and the roots in Africa. If you have not firmly and fully attached your heritage to Africa, all you have is a branch attached to other branches that are floating in falsehood.

8. Every day we stare "race" in the face when we look at ourselves in comparison to others and yet we choose reasoning that does not match reality. We also trust more in old manuscripts, rather than trusting what is obvious. We trample over the goose displaying truths just so we can hold on to ghosts of lies.

9. Everything must come full circle. Soon everyone will be trying to publicly proclaim their Africanness in order to be saved from Universal Karma reparations coming by way of stage and Age.

10. Speculate believe all you will about "race," It is not possible to live structurally safe and sound when logic is not. With science blocked and critical thinking stopped, you will be caught.

11. Humans are supposed to culturally differentiate by choice and physically differentiate by genetic response to conditions. The most significant differences regarding"race" are human-created. These cannot be honestly claimed to constitute a basis for "races," especially when those claims are biblically biased based.

12. The problem is not "race." The problem is lost human connection to core commonalities of being. Rhythm is way off. Momentum is way off. Resource attainment and usage comes at enormous cost. With more problems than "race" to face, humans worldwide ignore what is easily understandable due to lack of nutrition that supports the healthy development of science desire to correct broken links of understandings. This leaves the Final Say So with no choice but to initiate greater changes within Earth so everyone will receive what is being bargained for.
Within most groups, even though people might feel in a safe place behind "race," they know they are not. Within most groups who are unified based on one thing, they are also divided based on dozens of other things. Humans have taken the potential to use evil discrimination, and have been running rampant with it. Due to culture, humans are currently calibrated and programmed to use Destroyer Deceiver Logic to find any type of difference among themselves and highlight it in a harmful way. Thus, in the whittled worlds of many hollowed out countries. (b) idi-ot-crasies are littered all over the place. The chosen way to mute the misery of this distaste, is to add more feel good flavor based on "race." (c) Reasons why have been illuminated in various ways many times before. Briefly, in order for humans to attack someone on one basis, the attackers must become good at attacking themselves, their families and their communities on several bases. Denial of truth within self is an attack on self-esteem of self. In the haven of home is where the depravity of hatred and a culture of violence starts, then spreads. Racists do not live in loving homes. Murderers are dead people. (d)
So now we have an enormous amount of people who are homesick and looking for the home to which they belong, yet they won't admit to ways that are wrong. Without confession and correction, home is a place they no longer morally fit into. Thus, this inner conflict of logic breeds outer conflict because the need is detected but the remedy is rejected, problem and solution remain disconnected thus functioning becomes more and more defective. This confounding compounding conundrum causes the classic behavior of, "if I can't be happy, then I don't want anybody to be happy!" "I'll redefine happiness based on Destroyer Deceiver Logic to make sickly look healthy." Now, with suboptimal context and definitions in place, the quest for true south home turns into the due north quest to find what is well enough and not ever leave it alone.

13. "The human race shall be reconstituted in Yima’s enclosure; and for that reason it was made in a secret place, the earth of eternity - Amenta (Avesta)." We are now in the midst of a flood of foolishness, forgetfulness and sickness. Likewise then, another flood/deluge/inundation on multiple levels is also necessary to counteract these destructive forces. Shall we recognize them when the tides are high or when they are changing moving in?
Massey, Gerald, “Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World: A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books,” (Leeds Celephais Press: 2008), (First published London, T. Fisher Unwin: 1907), Volume I, p. 445/pdf 455.

(a) See "Icicle Cell Anemia, A Positive Negative Test Of Albino Logic
Unity Consciousness #827"

(b) India, China, Europa, Arabia, Russia, Canada, Greenlandia, Oceana Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, Brazilia, Argentina, Middle of the Americas, Mexicana, Samoa, Amazonia, Polynesia, etcetera,

(c) Idiotcrasies are considered utilitarian waste because they are painted to blend in with the landscape to provide logic escapes. In countries that collectively work against others based on "race," if "race" was removed, the obviousness of their dislike for each other would have nothing to hide behind and direct its self-hatred into. All out civil war would be a frequent cycle within these vicious race card houses. This has been proven time and again by the clear example of Asians, who throughout their brief existence in the world, have and still are fighting against each other. Many groups of people desperately need "race" as a factor, because discrimination based on "race" is their main distractor and main benefactor for how they "came up" during these several second's worth of history. Criminal unity is the best environment for viruses to rise quickly, claim victory, flourish briefly, fall quickly and fade into obscurity. During the time a body succumbs to sickness and is under the oppression of sickness, the body figures out and adjusts in order to bring all things to bear during several sustained moments. Genetic perfecting has solved the problem and retaken control of logic directing. Thus the body's resources on multiple levels, used by the virus to maintain control are once again used to restore the whole. Whatever side the immune system is on, is the side most powerful. Right now the virus is thankful for what it thinks it knows. Yet its fatal flaw embedded in its own code of survival confines the virus to the temporal because a virus cannot do both - remain in power and be peaceful, truthful, Eco-sensible. Thus the downfall of the virus comes from the Universal not from the local. This is why sick people must reconnect to elemental fundamental principles. Meanwhile, this world's woes, including this last bit of painful upheaval, is part of the process of identifying and sealing the holes in logic through which the root of a virus grows. Even those who know themselves just a little, know that healing means the virus must go. Therefore, when it comes to virus people, they will fall like the cellular lives they kill. In the same way the body retakes control in order to be healthy, so also will pathogen people die suddenly, and in multiples and in various ways. (e) Not due to thinking wishful or praying hopeful or something purely mystical; but due to the primordial on all levels. As a result, all pathogens that cannot be restored via a quick fix of a few clicks, will be stripped whole. Matter will be recycled to Earth through the extracting systems of multiple plaintiff warriors to satisfy what was abused at this level of fertile. Spirit-souls will be remanded to the celestial, not for trial, because the verdict is already old. Pathogen spirit-souls will be handed over to be further decomposed. All this per metaphor as told. Look out into the ocean and you will see what's coming ashore. Don't just wait for something to wash up at your door before you can know something for sure.

(d) Murderers of all types. Those who murder fast or slow. Those who murder body, mind, emotion or spirit. Those who harm creations without necessity.

(e) Albinism is a form of acquired immune deficiency.

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