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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Who Are The Moors, Blacks? Africans? Egyptians? Asians?
Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #832


(Part 1 of 10)

1. What Their Name Says:

Name Variations For The People: Moor, Mor, Moros, Morros, Moore, Mohr, Maur, Maure, Mauri, Mauru, Mauer, Maurusii, Ethiopians...

Names & Variations For Some Of The Lands Occupied By Them: Mauritania, Mauretania, Maurusia, Mauritus, Moreland, Morocco, Maracco, Numidia, Algiers, Tangiers, Fez, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Spain...

Although present-day Mauritania is located on the northwest coast of Africa, in the earlier part of the first century CE (AD), Strabo said above Mauretania, was a country of western Ethiopians, (1) This is exactly what Egypt was, a country of Ethiopians, except it was all the way on the other side on the east coast.
Strabo also said next to Mauretania is the country of the Masaesylii.
Strabo goes on to say that in west Africa, "dwell a people called Maurusii by the Greeks, and Mauri, by the natives and by the Romans. This nation was located opposite to Spain." (2)

According to an 1819 geography book, Romans called Morocco, Mauritania or Maurusia. (3)

In other words, Morocco is Mauretania is Maurusia and was inhabited by the Mauri on the north and northwest coasts of Africa. These Mauri also naturally inhabited the inner lands not on the coast.

Who were these Maurusii, Mauri, Masaesylii?
Clearly the name of the people, Mauer, and the name of the place, Mauritania, are forms of each other.

Strabo says, The frontier between Morocco and Algeria is the same frontier that was between Mauretania and Numidia. [Thus, present-day Morocco was part of ancient Mauretania.]

Strabo also says, Numidia formed the largest part of what is nowadays called Algeria. (4)

Per other historians, "The Maurusia of the Greeks is the Mauritania of the Latins and is now known as Algiers and Fez in Africa. (5) Thus the people of Morocco (Mauretania) and Algiers (Numidia) and Fez are the same people.

Strabo says Numidia was occupied by a race of people consisting of many tribes, who spoke a language once know from the Fortunate Islands in the west to the cataracts of the Nile [Egypt, in the east].
Strabo then says, "...whites as well as blacks (though not negroes), were called by the Romans, Numidæ; Afterwards Numida and Numidia became the name of the nation and the country. Sometimes they were called Maurusii Numidæ, while the later writers always speak of them under the general name of Mauri. The most powerful among these tribes were the Massyli." (6)
Thus the people of Numidia (Algiers) were called Mauri (the Greek version of the word) and the people of Mauretania were called Marusii (the Roman version of the word).

To put this in present-day terms, the Moors of Asia are originally the same people as the Mauretanians, Masaesylii, Moroccans and Numidians (Algerians) of Africa.

Just for extra measure, we find the earliest inhabitants of Mauritania referred to as the Misraim from Egypt. Since we know Misraim is an Arabic version of an Egyptian word, we take one more step and we are told that in Jewish scriptures the Misraim are called Mauretani. (7)

We also learn that the traditions of the Keltæ and the Kymry of Europe state, Tuatha brought the ancient wisdom out of Lower Egypt (the Tuat). “The oasis of Tuaut” is another bit of ancient Egypt still surviving in the country of Morocco, where it testifies, like some strange boulder on the surface, to the buried past. (8)

2. What The Language Of Moors Says:

Moors are Arabic-speaking. (9)

African language indicates most words have multiple meanings and often dual meanings.
Thus we now add that understanding to what we learned about the Mauri above.
Due to the wide ranging and inescapable connection of western Africans to Eastern Inner Africa and Egypt, we are able to extract more meaning from Mauri/Mauru. These are two forms of the same word. By taking into consideration Massey's many references, we understand these words are from the root "Mer" and "Mr," which suggests a general meaning of "people of great waters of birth who came out of birth and death in Eastern Africa in large numbers, to be reborn in western Africa. These Mauri were Egyptian-Ethiopian-Kushites who spread out of eastern Africa just as the first four mighty rivers did also. The great rivers flowed from the same birthplace to spread their fertilizing influence across Africa, then flowed into the oceans and then diffused across the world, just as the people have done the same thing, bringing with them their fertilizing cultures. The Mauri Moors are another remix of the mixture from the originating, nucleus, human birthplace of the Great Lakes."

3. What Their Physiognomy Says:

Moors are similar in physiognomy to Europeans and Western Asians and only differ due to tanned skin due to climate. (10) Here Diop speaks of the eastern Mauri who first went to Asia and became mixed with the albino and Semite Mulatto. Diop speaks of the Moors in terms of their separate identity whereas I intend to show that the Moors only had a brief separate identity in Asia, but prior to that they were one with the Mauri and Egyptians and after their separation period, they came back together with Africans in Africa and can in no ways be considered different people, despite how they look, except in terms of their current behavior-producing ideologies.

4. What Skin Color Says:

Most references indicate Moor, Moros, Morros and Maure mean black. In England, during the 16th and 17th centuries, blacks were called blackamoors (black as a Moor) and the mulattoes were called tawny Moors [orange-brown or yellowish-brown]. During this time, "Maure" meant the same thing as Negro [black]. (11)
Thus, Moors used to be considered as black people because they were black in color just like an Ethiopian and just like an Egyptian and just like a Kushite and just like a Chaldean. Nowadays Moors claim they are not black people or black in color. They claim to be copper in color. Present-day Moors are still trying to distance themselves from their blackness, a fatal mistake that a lot of people are making.

A great many nations, different and distant from one another, are comprised under the name of Ethiopian. All those who were strikingly distinguished from Europeans by a very dark, or completely black skin, received the general appellation of Ethiopians. (12a)

The Mauri of western Africa came into the name Mauri via their choice as it pertained to their originating culture. These Mauri were later lumped together with the Moors because the Moors invaded the Mauri and the two people became remixed.
The Moors (the Mauri of western Asia) came into the name Moors as assigned to the remixed group by the Spaniards they conquered. And of course as co-assigned by writers of history.
Yet, there is a dissenting view that states the name Moor comes from Mauritania because the Spaniards knew that is where their invaders came from. (12b)

It is quite interesting that both Mauri and Moors, are words arrived at quite differently, yet still both words have "black" as one of their meanings.
What this indicates, as touched upon in UC#822, is that proper use of language as part of an ecosystem of culture, is as an ever-blossoming being. Each bloom brings with it the genetics of previous meanings, thus, multiple dimensions of meanings, that take turns in prominence based on the desired effect, are able to be expressed without diminishing or confusing.

Lastly, despite the attempts of many writers to divide Africans into many groups of fictitious "races," it is futile. Everywhere we historically turn as we move backwards towards ancient times and towards origins, despite the names and categorization of these people, in their true identity, the African, the blackness, the negro, the negus, the naga, the nga, the word N shows up, not just a little but in the mother of totality.
As Massey explains in 1881 in his "A Book of the Beginnings," a negro is still known as a "Morien" in English which is clear indication of being a member of the black race. (12c) Thus there is no Moor escape for the Moors from their originating blackness and neither is it anymore possible for anyone because the truth rises with the waters.

5. What The Moor's Chosen Religion Says:

Moors are Moslems/Muslims believers of Islam. (13a)
Islam is mostly a version of Judaism and Christianity, but has other teachings borrowed, cut, pasted, edited and added in.
Muhammad/Mahomet started Islam in 622 CE (AD). When he died in 632 CE, Islam, in its prepubescent, not-yet-a-toddler, infancy, split into Sunni and Shiite. This was to be expected due to there being two lines of authority under Mahomet - one group of caliphs ruled Persia and one group of caliphs ruled Egypt. (13b) When Mahomet died, these two groups became a torso without a head and split from each other in terms of leadership, not beliefs. This is what happens when you start with a shaky philosophy in the first place and then before learning to walk, Muhammad, the combiner of the religion dies. Now all of a sudden the religion must learn to walk without being taught and instead, the religion tries to run before getting the hang of walking, thus the followers keep falling down and into things and into each other and many others. This is the current status. (see an explanation of what this means at "Nyanja ya Tanganyika | Location Found, Zanzibar History Lost, Unity Consciousness #815)

In my belief speculation, this religious breakup contributed to an already increasingly separating psyche within those Africans.
They were gender-imbalanced due to patriarchy.
They were "racially" imbalanced because these darker Semite Mulattoes were discriminated against by the lighter Semite Mulattoes and the Albinos.
They were origin-imbalanced due to accepting the teachings of a religion that claims human origin outside of Africa.
They were religiously-imbalanced to start out with and this mindset became further unstable when they were left to think for themselves when Muhammad died just 10 years after the creation of Islam from the substance of Yeshua Jesus' Hell-raising stories. Of course the Moors were going to fight each other and separate into different groups of Muslims just like Judaism and Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism.
The Arabic-speaking, Islam-believing Asian Moors, have taken all this imbalance, just like Christianity and Judaism and other religions and have ran around the world dividing the world based on gender, origin, skin color, religion and multiple false identifiers of who they really are, such as language and traditions. The world has been unmade out of the image of the Creator's Ecosystem and has been remade into the image of religion's fragmented logic that hides behind nationality, ethnicity and culture. In doing so, these religious people have divided, decimated and desecrated the world.
Note: Just as the female is the throne and supposed to be the power behind throne, religion became the human source of authority and is the power behind all that is wrong in the world. It is not simply males gone mad, it is their religion that underlies all of their logic that is screwed up. This is how we know that until these religions fall, humanity will continue to fall. The fate of religions is confirmed by the undeniable sounds every falling tree makes even before it hits the ground. Religions are now holding pep rallies trying to recruit new members and hold on to sold members because all the basic statistics indicate more people are no longer believing clearly provable lies and are beginning to try to reconcile contradictions of science. (Listen to this video for added perspective: "Who are the Moors?" by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.

Writing in 1838, Heeren said Arab-speaking people from Asia invaded north and western Africa. These Arab-speaking Moors outnumbered the African Mauri. These Moors from Asia wandered over the vast area between the Mediterranean Sea and Senegal and Joliba. They were notorious for their savage barbarity and religious fanaticism. (14)

6. Based On Secondary Origin:

The Mauri are Egyptians who went westward in Africa. The Moors are Egyptians who went eastward into Asia and settled in western Asia (the misnamed Middle East.)
Per Diop, the Western Asian Moors are from Yemen. (15) Again here, Diop speaks of their most recent origin, not their Ancient origin.
These Moors had not yet rejoined with the western African Mauri until between 711 CE and 723 CE. This is when the eastern Mauri (Moors) invaded the western Mauri and then went on to take over Spain from the western Mauri who had invaded Spain in 711 CE.

According to many sources, Moors didn't get the current name spelled as "Moor" until they were called Moros/Morros in Spain. This is when both the western and eastern Mauri were collectively called Moors (English spelling). The two groups of Mauri had become a forced collective based on a conqueror/conquered relationship. The conquered western group was forced to adopt the Islam religion of the eastern group or else be killed. All that has transpired in the history of the Mauri has confused current day Mauri who think they are Moors who are Asian in origin and Arabic speaking in origin and Islamic in religion. All three of these are false notions.

Summary Of Mixtures

There are two main branches of people with similar sounding names who produced multiple subgroups.

1. Mauri (west branch out of Egypt). These Mauri later became Moors.
2. Moors (east branch out of Egypt). These Moors started out as Mauri.

3. Mixture of Moors and other Asians (Semites, Whites, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Persians, Indians, etc.).
4. Mixture of Mauri with Whites from the European peninsula of Asia. This was likely nowhere near as significant as the Asian mixture with the Moors.
5. Mixture of the Moor mixture with Africans in general.
6. Mixture of Mauri and Moors in Africa.
7. Mixture of Mauri Moors and Spaniards and others groups in Spain and in the surrounding area and in Africa.
8. Mixture of Moors and Mauri with the people of the Caribbean Island, Hispaniola (Haiti & Santa Domingo).
9. Mixture of Moors and Mauri with the people of Caribbean Islands and America.
10. There are certain to be other mixtures.

Three Big Ole' Final Points To Remember:

First of all, people who today, call themselves Moors have the same mindset of all other Asians and all religions followed by Asians. It is not their language that speaks for them, rather it is their logic. These Moors are not friends of Africa. They are doing what many other groups, religions and cultures are doing. They are being wolves in sheep clothing trying to maintain or gain the trust of Africans/Black People - the established throne of greater power on Earth.

Second of all, these Mauri-Moors were only able to display higher degrees of understanding in terms of contributions because they were Egyptians who were Ethiopians who were Negroes from Punt who were Punt-drunk from drinking from the well of wisdom. Likewise, these Moor-Mauri have only been able to display lower degrees of understanding in terms of uncivilized behavior due to the rising potential within them that stems from the same lineage as does their greatness.
There is no such thing as Moorish science. The belief that the Moors created some kind of special science is the same kind of origin falsehood as Chinese medicine and Greek philosophy and Monotheism and the list is long and goes on. All of these things are exact Egyptian reproductions or versions under different names.
During the time of Moorish contributions, they had conquered Egypt and many other African lands and were feeding off the genius of the conquered just as America and other nations rose and remain afloat on the blood, backs and brains of those they enslave, including feeding off the many papyri, tablets and other documents stolen out of Egypt.

Thirdly, black people, African people will not ever never ain't no way gonna regain the birthright of our power and strength and retake first place until we clean religious logic out of our mental closets and return to healing and harmonizing African spiritual understandings.


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