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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, November 25, 2016

Africans & Aliens - Best Friends
Unity Consciousness #871


Africans, the reason you are scared of aliens (from another planet) is because Asians are scared of aliens. You are African but you think like an Asian. Trying to get paid and saved and getting played - by the logic you own up to as if its been good to you since the day you met in Khemet.

European Asians are scared of everything that is not them.
The main reason you fear them and their Wizard of Oziddry, is because they fear you. But they attempt to hide their fear behind a curtain and use smoke and other special effects to create a partial, weak reality that makes them look good wearing make-up.

This then causes you to fear them, yet prefer their logic to live your life by. Huh?

Of course there are humans on other planets. Aren't there other Earths? Aren't there other Suns and Solar Systems? There must be other births in the Universe. Does it not function based on the same principles? It must, otherwise it would not be a Universe and it would not be an Ecosystem? This was explained way back in December 2012.
The only people who "believe" there is not life on other planets are those who don't "know" enough about self.

Based on understandings of the Universe within each person, the likelihood of humans on this Earth encountering humans from another Earth, is extremely high.
The only people on this sick-ridden Earth, who believe there are aliens who want to harm us, are those who are harming themselves and Earth and other creations.
The only people who don't know what to think are those who swallow other people's logic based on the weakest reasons and without chewing or picking out the bones, thus those people do not digest information very well. They just take medication and distraction to deal with the sick feeling as the information passes through their system. It is an unsatisfying feeling despite being full.

All of this leads to an extremely common symptom: humans who are confident in their beliefs yet don't know what to think.
When life is based on belief, you are programming yourself not to think. Then, when it comes time to think, of course you don't know what to think because you don't know how. You've been skipping over thought process all your life and must now go back to "context" in order to self-correct logic so you can stop allowing the superhuman in you to be scared by humans outside you.

All of us are or have been guilty of this because all of us have been living in a weak reality designed by the Second Truth. There's no shame, just claim the recognition and change the condition.
The only thing SecondHand, Second Truth Logic is going to get you is a one way ticket to the Second Death.

Our problem is, we are friends with the wrong aliens and their motherless religions.
The reason you are afraid of the same aliens as the Asian worldview is because you are afraid of what you don't understand, just like them who kill Africans for profit. This is the European Way which has become the Asian Continent Way.

Anyone who combines all the understandings in their possession, no matter how much or how little they know, can't help but realize, it is more likely there is life outside Earth than it is unlikely.

It is inconsistent to believe you can die physically and live again spiritually as some kind of spirit that you've never seen, yet you do not believe that the same Power that makes life possible in physical and spiritual forms, only put humans in one place in the entire Universe. Come on now!

You don't have to know everything to understand a lot. You only have to understand fundamentals, elementals and primordials. As you come to understand these and make sure what you already believe, think and know fits, then you will understand a whole lot more than you know.

This is true because everything seen and unseen is a duplication, repetition and transformation of the same thing. Life is a continuous journey to solve the puzzle and it comes with a key - knowledge of your own self - fundamentally, elementally and primordially, as you were originally. This applies to your spiritual birth and your Earth birth. Know a little more of this and you will be a little less afraid of what you are alienated from. Know a lot more and stop being afraid completely.

Any aliens (humans from outside or inside Earth) or any natural event that causes those following Asian Logic to be scared to death - is a good thing because that logic is weak and destructive.
Earth was a Black Planet for almost the entire time of human history. All these groups now are recent. Based on the overwhelming history of this planet and of the rest of the Universe and a multitude of over evidences, the likelihood, that other humans outside this planet are also African Black, is extremely high. The same fundamental principles are at work. Therefore, what I'm saying to you black folks by whatever name you currently claim, is that Asians, by any name and location, are scared of aliens because they are scared to death of the black folks already on this planet who they can't stop despite pulling out all the stops. They are "schizo" when they realize there are more of us out there who are in their right mind and thus, in all likelihood, are not trying to be friends with them.

If you have any feel for what's real, you know spirit is real, but falsely understood. This causes some to say there is no such thing as spirit or soul.
Humans and other life forms from other planets are real, but falsely understood, which causes humans on this here Earth to come up with all kind of things including fears.
This is an essential difference between the African Utamawazo of the First Truth and other Utamawazos around the world of The Second Truth who believe Africans in America or on this Planet or in this Universe, don't got juice.

The only way to overcome the energy motion (emotion) of fear is to change the energy of the motion.
If despite all the energy you put in your current logic, you know you are one glitch away from being helpless, that's scary. Whatcha gone do? If you apply that energy to climbing out of the logic that's got you hard working yet still sinking, and you are optimizing what you've already been given, that leaves no room for fear.

You gotta change your logic by changing your information by changing your decision as to the primary use of free will.

Before the First Truth can set you free from fear. Your free will must set you free from following logic that you already know is inconsistent and goes against what you inherently know spiritually.
Africans, if you are going to be afraid of something, at least be afraid of the aliens you know exist right here on this planet. Be afraid of their thinking causing you to act against the best interests of your family and friends and kin, aka Africans.

If I was going to be afraid, I would be more afraid of living unawares, by the logic of "Logan's Run" and "The Dark Crystal" than I would be about a "Mars Attacks."
I would be more afraid of living an entire lifetime and not knowing that logic is a program and every human and every creation must be programmed in order to function in any way at all. Earth is programmed. The Sun is programmed. Every creature on Earth is programmed. Atoms are programmed. It's scary to be programmed and not know you are programmed, because then you never realize which Truth you've been programmed to follow? (Get Over Your-Self-Programmed Logic, UC#855). It took being called a stupid nigga' by a black person to remind me of what I already knew long before that. I hope calling you black people, African, has the same effect.

If you're going to be afraid, fear not knowing.
Fear not trying everything you can to understand.
Fear not using what you already have in your hands that can never be taken, only given away by your own hands by your decisions.
Fear not doing the easiest thing - changing how you use your free will.

Fear love your enemy's way of thinking and being afraid of your friends.
Fear those bibles which are all culpable and liable.
Do not fear your best friends from other planets.

Government Psychic Spies and Extraterrestrials

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